"John? John there's been a call for you, a Mr. Holmes? Said he wanted me to give you a message for him." Laura said as she walked into my office. Gods, I shuddered to think of what Sherlock had left her to tell me. "I see, what was the message?" She looked confused, "He said…he said to tell you he was sorry…" I stopped filling out the form that was on my desk, "Did…did he say anything else? Anything at all?" She shook her head. "No, that's all he said. John, is everything all right?"

Well, that's the same thing I was wondering. "I'm not really sure Laur." I knew that Sherlock would never call my place of work if it weren't urgent. Grabbing my jacket I walked out the door, Laura trailing behind me. "John, would you like me to take care of everything while you're gone? You've shown me how, and I think I can handle it." I nodded my head and she practically beamed with excitement.

"I'll be back as soon as I can." And with that I wasted no time hurrying out the door and was ready to start walking to 221B when I spotted the black car waiting for me on the side of the street.

"Hello Anthea." I said as I got in, for a brief moment the young girl spared a glance away from her mobile to acknowledge my presence. "John." Was all she said. We sat in silence for a while, finally arriving at 221B Baker Street. As I was about to get out, Anthea looked up once more. "Mr. Holmes said there was something you needed to see in there." She said, tilting her head towards the building. That only added to the questions I had growing inside of my mind. "Why would Mycroft be snooping around our flat?" I asked. She looked at me as if I were daft. "Not Mr. Holmes, the /other/ Mr. Holmes, Sherlock. He came by with a set of instructions in a sealed envelope, said something about opening it and doing what it said when Mycroft called. Said that it was important to tell you there was something in the flat, said you couldn't miss it, he also said it was a goodbye…" She trailed off, looking at me as if I knew something that she didn't. Her words having chilled me, I nodded thanks to her and practically ran up to the flat. Upon entering and opening the door there was a red letter waiting on the coffee table, next to the skull.

I looked at it, it read "To my dearest friend"

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