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Chapter 1: The Clash of Two Blades

"A fighter who fights for his heart is the one who truly wins, regardless of the of the battle's outcome."

Those were his master's words, yet Talon had nothing. He remembers no family, warmth, or kindness. His only purpose was to follow his master's orders, like a good dog of the state.

Shadowed and concealed by the many trees of the Noxian outskirts, he peered out of his dark purple cloak to skim the surrounding area. On his right arm was his closest ally: a large, double sided blade that had feasted on the blood of many - and it was never content.

Within minutes, he had caught sight of his target: a red haired woman, clad in leather that exposed her fit body. Each of her hands was occupied with a dagger and wrapped around her thighs were throwing knives. She was fast and soon passed his hiding spot, as if she was blind to his presence in the trees. He began to run after her, but to his careless misfortune, met with one of her flyaway blades.

"She knows I'm around." The assassin sighed to himself as he yanked out the blade. It had given him a deep stab to his left breast, rather close to his heart, but the assassin paid no attention to it. After all, since his life on the cold streets of Noxus, he had learned to endure anything.

The woman ran deeper into the woods and the assassin had lost sight of her, yet his intuition knew she was around somewhere. Trained to hear the almost inaudible sound of breathing, the assassin threw a barrage of daggers into a nearby bush, forcing the red haired woman to emerge from her hiding spot. She had caught a dagger between her fingers and tossed it back to the assassin.

"Great, you found me, now what?" she stared at him with marvelous green eyes and a sinister , no matter how much his blade begged for the woman's blood, he knew he couldn't draw it.

"You're a rather useless training partner. Won't even try to finish me off?" Her voice had no hint of fear, as she assertively approached him. "You're letting my aim get very dull." With a gloved hand, she gave a hard pat to Talon's wound as he cringed in pain. It was only then he knew how severe the stab was.

"Katarina." the name itself boiled his blood.

Just because the girl was his master's favorite daughter, it didn't necessarily warrant a damn from Talon. It was only his loyalty and debt to General Marcus DuCouteau that prevented him from hurting her any further. Any less than that would've guaranteed her death by now. Simply, Talon thought, Katarina was on the good side of Noxian inequality - a brat raised by money. Even her training was purchased from elite assassins, some famed throughout Valorian..She was a proud and patriotic idiot of the state because her daddy, a general and member of the high council, would take care of it all for her as if it was just small bump in the road. All this, while people like Talon himself were on the streets starving and dying.

She lived a good life, but Talon was sure that she didn't deserve one bit of it.

Never once did she have to steal food; just for enough strength to endure the next gruesome day.

Never once did she have to crawl in sewers to escape angry merchants; only to be covered in cold filth for the rest of the night.

Never once did she have to fight to survive.

That lucky bitch.

The muscles on Talon's face became tense and his fist tightened as if her skull was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand. He could only dream of the day that Katarina's blood could flow between his fingers.

"I don't need you to train, so why do you need me?".

Her pink lips uttered a small, cruel laugh. "Of course you do. You're just a dirty dog that my father found and felt bad for, " Her eyes daggered into his, showing intimidation of his sudden anger. "Yet, you don't know any tricks. You're pretty much useless."

"Says the arrogant brat," he muttered. In a jolt of fury, Talon forcibly wrapped his arm around her stomach and hovered his blade over her left breast. At this point, he wanted more than revenge for the wound.

"Eventually, my blades will find their way into your heart."

Katarina gave off a smirk and playfully rubbed Talon's hardened face. Despite the efforts of war thickening her skin, Talon had found her touch unexpectedly soft. He could feel the pulse of her blood from inside her palm and wisps of red hair tickled his chin. But in an abrupt movement, the body he had grabbed was standing quite a distance away from him – he had greatly underestimated her dexterity. Katarina turned back to him, letting out a sinister laugh. She was obviously pleased with his irritation.

Shunpo. He cursed to himself.

"If you insist, Talon."

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