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The Prince's Rebirth

Chapter 6: Real Life Selves

Feng Xiao Lan / Zero POV

"Are you sure you want to do this, sis?" Feng Yang Ming asked me nervously. I stood at the doorway of our house, nervous. I hadn't stepped through this door at all for the last 5 weeks…I hadn't seen everyone for the past 5 weeks other than Yang Ming or my parents…and now here I was, about to go to school. I can't show any emotion! I … can't let Gui realize me!

I nodded slowly, afraid to speak. "I'll go. I'm not Prince anymore. He died. But I'll always remember what it was like to be Prince." With that I hesitantly stepped over the doorway, out of the apartment. "I can't let Prince's death keep weighing on me. I am Zero now. But I will become the Reborn Prince eventually, so at that time…" with every word, I strode towards the bus that I hadn't stepped on for 5 weeks. "…at that time, I'll let them know that I was Prince!" Yang Ming rolled his eyes, hiding a smirk.

"Geez, sis, no need to be so melodramatic," he commented. "Although I really am glad you're back to normal now." He muttered to himself. I boarded the bus, focusing on every step. I can't be a shut-in. I cannot let my "death" affect my life. I need to live Second Life as Zero and reclaim my place so I can fill this hole in my life. I miss everyone, but I'm going to wait.

When we got the university, I took a deep breath and hurried to my class, Yang Ming following me. When we arrived, I slid open the door, tentatively. How are they going to react? Did they forget me?

"LAN! LAN, YOU'RE BACK!" Lu Jing cried, jumping an impossible 13 meters from her desk to glomp me. Yu did the same, and both of them tackled me to the hard linoleum. Professor Min looked up from the book he had been reading aloud.

All of a sudden, the whole class swarmed out at me, all asking things like, "Lan, where were you?" and, "Feng Lan, are you feeling better now?" The clamor was so loud, but it only took a single clap from Gui to quiet them down. Making his way towards me, he extended a hand.

"Hello, Student Feng Lan. Welcome back to class." He said warmly. I froze, all the memories of our times together…me meeting him for the first time, fighting in the Adventurer's Tournament, going against the Four Heavenly Kings… the tears threatened to leak out. You fool! You've already come all this way; cry later! Resume your normal life now! I bit my lip and bowed.

"I'm glad to be back in class, Professor." I said formally, not meeting his eyes while shaking his hand. "I am sorry for my absence."

Gui opened his mouth to say something, but 2 eerily familiar voices yelled to my right, "Zero!" I froze. "That's Zero!" Everyone looked down the hall to see two "guys", one with black hair tied in a short ponytail and even darker eyes, and a redhead with brown eyes. The way that they stood and stared at me made me want to go into a shame corner. That's…EXILE AND FAI?

"What the heck is with today?" Exile asked in bewilderment. "First I run into Fai, and then you too?" My jaw dropped at the sound of "his" voice. She- she sounds like a man!

"Are you really Zero? Because if you are, then the fact that not only I run into Exile, but you too…is this a dream?" Fai questioned, looking at me intently. My classmates looked at the "bishies" with either hearts in their eyes or evil glares. Gui was staring at us with much amusement.

"Zero?" he said in a friendly manner, "Who is that?"

"My Second Life username." I mumbled. "I've only started playing again recently." Yun, Ling, Yang Ming, and Fai gave me warning glances.

"Playing again? What do you mean?" Gui asked. "Also, I thought that your username was Princess Xiao Xiao last time we talked about the game." I shook my head rapidly as Fai started snickering. Shut up, you XXX! I didn't know what else to suggest at the time!

"Um…my character was destroyed by the HD virus several weeks ago," I said quickly, "and so I recreated one a few weeks ago and started playing again. These two are my new teammates."

"It's nice to meet you, Professor Min." Fai said suavely, bowing. "I am one of your new students this semester. Please take care of me." Gui looked at Fai appraisingly and nodded as well.

"We can reminisce later," he said. "What's important is to start the class." We all filed into the classroom, many of the girls staring at the "guys" lustfully. Exile, why do I feel sorry for you..? "Please introduce yourselves."

Exile bowed, "My name is Hitoride Ryuukei. I go by Rei for short. Please take of me." All at once the row of girls near the back (Yang Ming referred to them as "Gui's Fangirls") started whispering amongst themselves, "I am 22 years old, transferred here from Tokyo University, and am majoring in Creative Writing. My birthday is August 13th. Any questions?" One of the girls near the back raised their hand, sparkles in her eyes.

"Are you single?" she blurted. The class grew silent, and Rei blinked several times before shaking "his" head adamantly.

"Hitoride, please take the empty seat near Yang Ming, please." My brother waved his hand to point out the seat, and Rei sat down. Then Fai stood up. The background noise grew even louder. It was rare for two bishies to transfer in on the same day, after all.

"My name is Teritsukeru Kaen. I am 24, and I'm majoring in Journalism. I've been attending, but I just transferred from the Business major. My birthday is July 10th. Please take care of me." When the same girl as before raised her hand, he quickly added, "And yes, I'm single." There were now sparkles glimmering throughout the classroom, and I facetabled.

I wonder how they'll react when it's revealed that Rei is a girl?

"My name is Cao Cai Sen, and I'm 22. Pleased to meet you." The short blond man said, bowing to Zhuo Bin Lin. "I'll be working here for my graduate studies." Zhuo blinked several times, pondering things to himself.

How is it possible to be conducting graduate studies at such a young age? We're 8 years apart! And how in the world is he so short? Lin Bin examined Sen from all angles, trying to demystify him before asking, "How tall are you, exactly?"

Sen went red with anger. "Excuse me for being 156 centimeters! It's not my fault that I inherited my mother's shortness!" Lin Bin stepped back.

"I'm sorry. I simply haven't seen anyone at your age that is only 156 centimeters tall," he explained honestly. Sen scowled and stepped swiftly around the large desk. "What are you studying?"

"Affect on different forms of calcium on growth of spongy bone." Sen said curtly. "I'll be testing nut-produced milks against conventional cow or goat milk." Lin Bin raised an eyebrow.

It seems that he's rather… touchy about his height. He laughed to himself, Sen sending him poisonous glares the whole time.

The moment Gui's class ended, I staggered out, backpack full of notes from my other classmates. Half of them were how-are-you's and the other half was questions about the "bishies". I prayed that someone would figure out Rei's gender soon… before she suffered. I lifted my head up and my jaw nearly dropped again. Down the corridor, Len and Zhuo-gege walked by, Len apparently was fuming mad and Zhuo-gege looking around anxiously. I stopped in mid-step.

My head can't stand meeting Gui and Wicked in the same day! I screamed, the memory flood once again assailing me. Meeting him on the bus, falling off the cliff and being recognized, the battle in Adventurer's Tournament, fighting Inferno… the tears threatened to well out, so I spun on my heel and dashed for the infirmary.

"Wait, sis, where are you going?" Yang Ming called.

"Infirmary!" I yelled back, turning the corner and running towards the room. Wait…Wolf-dage works in the infirmary! Noooooooo! Too late, as I was already at the door. It was either turn back and possibly run into Zhuo-gege, who was sure to be looking for me if Yang Ming had told him that I was here today, or run into Wolf-dage in the clinic.

"Student, are you 'kay?" another familiar female voice asked around a mouthful noodles.

I turned my head, jaw dropping.

The woman gaped as well, the noodles dropping from her mouth back to swim in the bowl, "ZERO?" she shrieked incredulously.

"KUROTENSHI?" The bowl of noodles were placed on a table and I was promptly glomped by a woman with dark blue hair, gray eyes, and was as least 20 centimeters shorter than me, wearing a white coat. "What- what the heck?"

"It's really you, Zero?" she asked excitedly, and jumped when I nodded.

"I thought that you live in B city…" I stammered, mouth going dry. "Why are you here?"

"I moved for work!" she explained, tugging me into the infirmary. "I work as a doctor in the school system, and I just got transferred over here!"

"What about the other doctor?" I questioned, fear of running into yet another Odd Squad member disappearing slowly. "And exactly how old are you?"

Kurotenshi shook her head with a sigh and folded her arms. "Zero, I'm 35. My name is Wu Jin An. So don't be surprised that I already have graduated from university with my doctorate degree."

One second, you're telling me that the eat-and-runner is 35? That's crazy! She looks exactly like she does in-game but still fangirls like a little girl? I thought adults are supposed to responsible! "Isn't Jin An a guy's name?" I commented weakly, still trying to process that our priest was far older than me and yet acted like a teen. She nodded, an annoyed expression appearing.

"My parents decided that they're first child would be named Jin An no matter what, because her name is Wu Jin Lan and his is Wu Xue An. They put their names together to name me Wu Jin An. What's your name?" she explained slowly. I was flabbergasted.

"You- My name is Feng Xiao Lan. I'm a student here…" I said. "So you and the other doctor switch shifts?" she nodded.

"Why… oh, are you interested in him?" she asked coyly. I shook my head promptly, a disgusted look coming across my face.

"Wolf-dage is like a brother to me! And he's already married to YuLian-dasao!" I said quickly. Jin An's eyebrows practically rocketed to her forehead.

"Seriously? Oh wait…so that guy is also the one and only Ugly Wolf from Odd Squad?" she shrieked, fangirl mode on. I paled.

Forgive me, Wolf-dage. I thought apologetically. "Yeah, why? He was our priest, and he's the best priest in Second Life!" I declared. Her eyes widened even more.

"Do you think he would give me advice on healing more efficiently?" she whispered. I nearly fell over. "He's one of the most famous priests ever! There's a statue of him in the starter priest temple! There are statues of all the Odd Squad members near the class NPCs! He's known as "The Strongest Priest", too! He's like the role model for all priests!"

In the university's café, Doctor Li Tian Lang sneezed loudly. Is someone talking about me? He thought while blowing his nose.

Ryuukei Hitoride / Exile Wrath POV

"So Kaen, why haven't you been on lately? My cousin and I joined your team a few days ago." I inquired the redhead next to me, who currently was chewing a mouthful of French baguette. He stopped chewing and his face turned a slight shade of blue. "Are you okay! Do you need to Heimlich? I know the Heimlich if you need! Oh and CPR." When he didn't answer, I curled my hand into a fist and hit his upper back with a medium amount of force, and he suddenly started coughing. "Are you okay?" he nodded rapidly.

"I'm fine." He answered in a shaky voice. It was lunch time, and we had gone to the University's most famous hangout, Black Order Café. The coffee was top-notch and the sandwiches were the best, not to mention that the chef's were all renowned…in the education industry. They were the cooking instructors from the Culinary Arts section of XXX University. Kaen had decided to give me a campus tour while I looked around for Sen, who was highly prone to being glomped by fangirls. "Wait… you joined our team?" I nodded, a smile appearing.

"Yeah. And we registered it, even though we don't have a 6th member yet. Don't worry; it's not a lame name or anything." I said whilst eyeing the sandwich a waitress was carrying to our table.

"I'm almost afraid to ask." Kaen muttered. I cocked my head to the side, seeing Sen sitting with another guy a few tables away, sipping coffee he knew wouldn't help him grow any taller while looking around anxiously. "Rei?" Kaen asked, craning his head around to see who I was staring at.

"Sen, Sen, I'm over heeeeeere!" I hollered, turning several heads to me. I winced, Kaen grimaced at the volume, and Sen spat out his coffee, turning towards me and scrambling over. "Sen, Kaen. Kaen, this is my cousin Sen!" I introduced. Sen put down his food at our table and I could have sworn that he glared death at Kaen. "This guy is the thief I told you about. He's on the team too!" Meanwhile, the guy that had been with Sen picked up his tray and came over to our table, "Oh, hi, who are you?"

"How much sugar have you had?" Sen interrupted. I blinked and shrugged.

"I think Rei put about 5 teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of creamer into his coffee." Kaen commented. I opened my mouth to correct him, but Sen's glare abruptly disappeared and he suspiciously smiled broadly at Kaen.

"Oh. Rei, stop eating so much sugar!" he chided, then turned to the taller guy, "this is Zhuo Lin Bin, and I'm working with him on my graduate studies. Zhuo, this is my cousin Ryuukei." I nodded respectfully, but when this Zhuo person sat down, my neck hairs raised.

Why is he staring at me with a confused expression? And why do I feel like we're surrounded by a bunch of wolves? I thought frantically looking around us. I barely stopped myself from screaming like a little girl at the hungry expressions of the women that were packed into the café. "Uh…Sen…we might want to move somewhere else…"

Zhuo Lin Bin verbally ran me over. "May I ask if you are a guy or a girl? I'm unable to tell." My right eye twitched with annoyance, but when I opened my mouth to answer, Sen ran me over.

"Rei's a guy," he declared.


"Rei, what were you saying?" Kaen interrupted. I was on the verge of fuming. "Something about moving?" I blinked.

I'll get revenge later, Sen. I vowed darkly. Turning back to the matter of imminent doom by fangirls, I repeated, "We should move. I'm afraid that we're attracting too much attention." When Kaen and Zhuo wore confused expressions, I lowered my voice and added, "We. Are. Surrounded. By. Hormone. Driven. Fan. Girls."

Simultaneously, we stood up and dashed away from the café, me carrying the food and the other three with absolutely frightened expressions. Huh, so that Zhuo guy seems to have bad memories with fangirls as well. Oh wait…now that I think about it, isn't that WICKED FROM INFINITE BAND! I realized when we had sprinted through half the campus to evacuate to a safer spot. Suddenly, the guy veered away from us, calling someone's name.

"Lan? Xiao Lan?" he yelled. Lan looked up from the conversation she was absorbed in with a slightly-familiar-looking person. Said person perked up, looked straight at Kaen, Sen, and I, stood up and sprinted past Zhuo, tackling Sen to the ground.

"KAGAMINE SAMAAAAAA!" she squealed into his ear.

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