Author's Notes: Written for Shira Lansys' Speed of Lightning Competition.

For this one you only have to write a hundred words. The challenge is that you have to write EXACTLY 100 words (once again, don't use the word count). There's no prompt for this one.

Also for Prompt #003 on 100_women on Livejournal – "Ends".

100 words exactly.


Andromeda's bag was packed with her wand, cloak, all the things she'd need, and she sat on her bed, watching Narcissa sleep while she waited for the tap on her window that would indicate Ted was there.

It hurt to think how abruptly life as she knew it was ending. She was afraid; she did not want to leave, she loved her life…

But, she reminded herself, this ending meant a new beginning; a better life to come.

Or at least, she thought when a pebble clacked against her window, indicating Ted's presence, that was what she hoped it meant.