Rocket's POV

I found myself in the Center of Time after using the Chaos Emeralds to open the Boss Gate. I saw Time Eater right in front of me. "So you decided to show up," Modern Eggman said. "You bet your ass I did. I'm gonna give you the ass-kicking of a lifetime," I replied. "Just try to come close," Modern Eggman said before pressing a button. Time Eater started shooting plasma orbs, so I had to employ some quick footwork to avoid them. I weaved around the blasts with my Air Shoes. "Move all you want. I'm still going to stomp you into a black jelly," Modern Eggman said before pressing another button. One of the arms of Time Eater detached and disappeared after going through a time hole. I launched myself into a spin to attack Time Eater head-on only to be swatted away. I got up right at the moment the detached arm reappeared. "What the...," I started before being crushed by the arm. The arm lifted up to reveal my defeated form. "That was just to soften you up. Now it's time to meet your doom," Modern Eggman said. Just when Eggman was about to end it, Mighty's voice rang out. "Come on, Rocky! Get up," he said. "You can't give up now, Rocket," Sally said. "Ugh, not you," Modern Eggman said. "You've got this, Rocket," Shadow said. "You can win, Rocket," Rouge said. "Who are they," Classic Eggman asked. "They are insignificant," Modern Eggman said. "You got the power, Rocket," Vector said. "Focus your spirit," Espio said. "We're with you guys," Charmy said. "I believe in you, Rocket," Cream said. "Don't give in, Rocket," Blaze said. "I know you can do this, Rocket," Silver said. "Come on, Rocket. You can't let Eggman win. You never do," Sonic said. "That's right. Keep fighting no matter what," Tails said. The Chaos Emeralds I've collected encircled me and lifted my unconscious form. My left hand started twitching then clenched into a fist. "You're going down, Eggman! Now to put a spin on an old line of Sonic's. Let's do it to it, SUPER ROCKET STYLE," I said before using the power of the emeralds. My usual jet black fur was replaced with yellow fur. I flew ahead to start the final battle.

T.E. started out with a warping arm attack. Luckily, I avoided it and aimed straight for the core after trying not to be crushed. The next tactic Time Eater used was a homing shot, then exiting the wormhole. I did the same and was met by two homing shots and a warping arm attack. T.E. then went back into the wormhole and I followed it. Time Eater then launched a homing shot attack at me followed by a crushing attack. I rammed into the core once again, causing Time Eater to lose an arm. Once more, a homing shot was launched and T.E. exited the wormhole. I followed and was met with another warping arm attack. Time Eater then slowed down the flow of time, causing me to go slow-mo. Luckily, it only lasted for a while and I was back to full speed once more. T.E. used the same attacks from that point on. "We'll end it! Burn! Burn to ashes," Modern Eggman cried out before Time Eater created a fireball that was too massive for me to avoid. I had to use all my power to pierce it and destroy the core. I did so and T.E. was defeated.

Sally, Rouge, Amy, Blaze, Shadow, Silver, Sonic, Knux, and I all reappeared back in my apartment just moments after we had been brought inside Sonic Generations. "Man, that was one hell of an adventure," Silv said. "Got that right," I replied. "Now are you going to stop playing those games," Sally asked. "Not really. But I'm done with Sonic Generations," I replied. "Why," Rouge asked. "Because I lived that adventure today," I replied as I put the game back in its case. "You can't argue with that logic," Sally said. "No, you can't," Amy said. "That's my Rocket," Blaze said. Today, all of us were sent into Sonic Generations and almost didn't make it out. Today, it was almost Game Over for us.