Kitsune X:Defier of Fate
Naruto x Yuna x Harem
Wakka x Lulu
''Normal Speech''
Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls
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(Dark over lapping echoes)
''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''

Author's Note

Man, I did like four different versions of chapter 2 to 4. This was part of the second revision, Naruto meeting Rikku early and bonding. There was a fic that inspired this, but I don't remember its name, but it definitely inspired segments seen in this.

Story Start

The first thing that Naruto could tell when he approached consciousness was that he was lying on something soft. When he came too he noticed it was in some sort of make-shift room made out of scrap room.

''Rammu,'' A blond girl greeted him. She could hardly be older then fourteen or fifteen with very short green shorts and an orange colored tank top. What covered her legs consisted of light yellow boots that were accented with dark brown leather. The girl's hair was a dark shade of blonde that was tied up in a short pony tail and had two tiny braids dropping down her neck along with a pouch of sorts on here right side.

''Uum, Hello!" he greeted her. "You don't even understand me do you?" he asked as he moved up into a sitting position. He felt extremely nauseous and light headed.

"Yeah, you said hello right." the girl replied as Naruto's eyes lit up.

"Oh thank kami!" he exclaimed. This made things so much easier.

''Kami! What's a kami?'' The girl asked in all seriousness. ''Do you mean Yevon? Don't let the other Al bhed hear you say that.'' she cautioned him.

"So you're an Al Bhed?" he asked. He had never met an Al Bhed under what one would say, was good circumstances. "I've been curious, what makes Al Bhed different besides the whole machina thing."

"You mean you can't tell?" the girl asked, genuinely mystified as she scratched her cheek and titled her head to the side, wondering just how to explain it to this strange blond. Considering he had bright blue eyes he couldn't have been an Al Bhed, so what was he? She shook her head, she would ask him later.

''Well we have bright these green eyes with spiral-patterned irises and blonde hair see,'' She showed him with a sweep of her hand. ''We don't follow the teachings of Yevon and we use Machina…some forms of Machina are forbidden my Yevon so were not liked much.''

Naruto wasn't all that surprised. "Tell me, am I hold prisoner or am I free to go?" he was sure he could fight his way out if it was necessary, but he didn't want to make enemies in a region he knew next to nothing about.

"Well, that's not up to me, that's up to.."

''NEGGJ!'' A rather deep and angry voice shouted.

'''Aaw man now I'm in trouble…again!'' The girl gasped and started to run off. She turned around said. ''My name is Rikku by the way…see you later,'' She said with a wave and left.

Soon after she left a man entered the room. He was bald with a goatee, a green and yellow sleeveless jumpsuit with deep blue gloves and boots held together with black straps. The way he was built he was a man who did a lot of physical labor. "You're lucky we found you boy. You would have been worm food if my man haven't found you."

"You have my thanks. My name is Naruto Uzumaki, where am I? "

"First thing first, are you a follower of Yevon?" he asked as Naruto shook his head. "Then, you're at a place where we Al Bhed call Home. My name is Cid and I run this place. Do you happen to know any Al Bhed?" he asked as Naruto shook his head. "Well I'll tell you what, we happen to be a little short-handed at the moment. You work and exchange you get food and shelter and
my daughter will teach you, since she couldn't help but ease drop." Naruto could hear the certain change of heart beat from the little eavesdropper.

As Cid went to explain the situation to his daughter, Naruto was having a conversation of his own. "Kurama, what happened?"

"Those Al Bhed as they were called found you in the desert. Really, you have the devil's luck."

"Regardless, all that matters is finding clues about my father. It shouldn't be difficult finding clues about my father's whereabouts."

Though this mental conversation was quickly interrupted when he was suddenly yanked to his feed by Rikku. She excitedly yammered as she showed him around town. The majority of the structure seemed rust colored and from what Naruto can see there were dozens upon dozens of families that had to make do with two story makeshift shafts.

Considering its location, the installation was rather cool. The whirring sounds he was hearing must have been the result of the Machina. The cooling stations, or what he assumed was cooling stations were doing their job. As Naruto looked around, the other Al Bhed wore jump suits with dark colored for the men and bright colors for the women, not to mention they all seemed to favor the use of goggles.

"Tu oui vekrd?" she asked as Naruto's attention suddenly focused on her.


"Tu oui vekrd?" she repeated. "Do you fight? Can you fight fiends?"

"Yeah," he answered with a nod. "I'm a combat specialist type you can say."

"You should tell my dad that. We could use more Fiend hunters."

Eventually Naruto was brought to his room, or should he say closet. It wasn't all that large, it contained a bed and room for a table or something a small bathroom and kitchen. It was among the size of the smallest apartments. "Is this a room or a closet?"

"We really can't afford the luxury." Rikku spoke in a low voice.

"I see." The implication of their situation was finally sinking in. "I guess I can't complain. Better than sleeping in the desert."

"I'm in the room right across from you." she pointed out.

Naruto continued to look around the room. There was a window at least. The room looked to have been constructed by amateur hand. The Al Bhed might have been mechanist, but carpentry was another matter. "You know where we can get something to eat? I'll worry about moving in later."

"Good idea," Rikku remarked as she grabbed his wrist and began leading him to the nearest food stand. One thing for sure, this Rikku girl definitely wasn't the shy type.