Huddling at the intersection waiting for the pedestrian crossing light to come on, Ichigo stood on the side walk shivering as the rain pelted down around him. He had just bought Karin the soup she had asked for, because she had a cold, and their mother always used to say that soup helps when you have a cold. His dad had a meeting out of town so he couldn't get it, and Ichigo's twin brother, Hichigo, positively refused to go, so Ichigo had finally given into his younger sister's pleas and walked to the store. Now, he was in the rain, waiting for the damn pedestrian crossing sign to light up. It finally lit up and without wasting time, Ichigo shot across the road, the bag containing the can of soup swishing around in the thin plastic bag of the convenience store. Turning the corner to take the short cut to his house, Ichigo saw a flash of red. Then his body was being forcefully pushed into the wall, strong, vise grip like hands pinning him there.

"What the hell!" Ichigo exclaimed, stunned. He heard a series of low chuckles and struggled rapidly against his attacker.

"Don't struggle. It'll only make it worse for you." Said a husky, but strained voice as something warm and wet touched Ichigo's neck.

"Yo! What are you-"he felt it again, "Freak! Get off me!" Ichigo yelled, squirming against the man pinning him to the wall. The man laughed.

"It'll be over soon, Ichigo…" the man said, before Ichigo felt a prick in his neck and blacked out.

It had been 2 years since Ichigo had been turned into a vampire, and he still hadn't found the one who'd turned him. He kept himself sated with blood baggies that he'd get from his families clinic or from his 'blood dealer', Kisuke Urahara. He thought that blood would taste horrible, but he'd gotten used to its bitter coppery taste over time. His younger sister Karin was the only one that knew what he was because that night 2 years ago, Ichigo had come home and tried to drink her blood. At school the first few months… it wasn't easy when you wanted to drink everyone around you dry. But he'd come up with a system to deal with his thirst. Drink a little from a human each week, but be gentle. It had all worked out until Rukia Kuchiki had come along. She was beautiful with her short black hair and dark colored eyes. He had swooned over her even though she was so innocent…so pure. He had even drunk from her once, but her memories of it had been wiped, another skill Ichigo had found out vampires possessed. Then just a few weeks ago, a strange boy came to Karakura town. Well, him and his sister Momo. The strange boy's name is Toshiro Hitsugaya.