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"Majesty?" Cooper removed his helmet and bowed before Snow's throne.

"Have you word of their whereabouts? Are they here?!" Snow stood and hurriedly raced down the stairs to stand before her guard.

"Princess Emma and Prince Henry were spotted at the floating market," Cooper hunched his shoulders and lowered his head. All of the palace guards had been searching tirelessly for Emma and Henry for days.

Snow exhaled in relief, "Where are they now?"

"Um..well, Mike and Bill were tailing them, but they decided to stop at 'Jurassic Hut' for a quick Brontosaurus burger, and then sort of lost track of them again…" Cooper didn't dare to look up for Snow's reaction.

"They lost them? They had them in sight and they lost them!?" Snow clenched her fists and tried to calm her breathing. She hadn't been able to sleep or eat since Emma had been taken by Regina. She missed Henry's laughter and she even missed his snarky cat. She had to get them back.

"I'm sorry, Queen Snow. We will continue looking…double our efforts, we have a BOLO out on Emma's horse, and Henry's sketch is on all the mead cartons."

"Just bring them to me," Snow's voice broke as she raised her hand and dismissed her guard, turning back to her throne.

It was time to resort to drastic measures.

Regina took Emma's hand and they stepped out of the house. They had landed on the roof of a huge castle, although it looked more like a skyscraper than a palace. After Regina checked on her tree, two guards quickly escorted them inside and down an elevator. The doors opened into a lobby.

"Where are we?" Emma dropped Regina's hand, unsure if it would anyone would frown upon seeing two women together.

"This is Elphaba and Glinda's western palace. It's a center of commerce. They live in the penthouse, and we're about to enter Elphaba's office," Regina explained, once more taking Emma's hand and giving a squeeze.

The sleek stone grey walls showcased contemporary art work, and the floors were made of a slick marble swirl. The guards held open the huge wrought iron doors leading into the office for Regina and Emma to step through.

"Regina!" Elphaba exclaimed, throwing off her reading glasses and coming around her desk. She wore a silk raspberry colored blouse, with a black vest and a long black pencil skirt. For a woman so green she was so beautiful.

"Elphaba, you look well!"Regina embraced her and they gave each other double cheek air kisses.

"This must be Princess Emma, come here, dear, let me get a look at you. Oh, Regina she's stunning," Elphaba energetically embraced Emma, and she returned the hug finding she felt at ease.

"What kind of perfume is that? It smells awesome," Emma asked, indulging in the smell again.

"Black raspberry green tea. My life advisor, Pablo, says my scent should match my colors. It's this whole new age balance thing," Elphaba waved her hand and motioned them to follow through the office and out onto the balcony. The view from the 100th story balcony overlooked a bright red sea of poppies. The land of OZ was mostly bright green and yellow, and Emma could see on forever, and the skyline of the city in the distance almost reminded her of Boston.

A tiny fluffy dog with three little heads started yapping and wagging its tail as they walked across the balcony.

"Cerby stop! These are our guests. Be nice," A bubbly blonde woman dressed in a pink Chanel suit, scolded the pups (pup?) in a high-pitched sing-songy voice as she came barreling up to Emma. Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde!

"Hi," Emma squeaked as she was once again hugged enthusiastically, as Glinda started swinging her back and forth.

"Let me see your rock!" Glinda screamed, taking Emma's hand, she popped a little magnifying glass out of thin air and inspected Emma's ring, turning her hand and catching the light at different angles.

"Oh, my God- Hearts on Fire! I'd know that cut anywhere! Glinda held her own hand to her chest and gave a coy smile, showing on her heavily iced fingers.

"Glinda, you look beautiful as always," Regina stepped up and took her turn in greeting.

"Oh, Regina you've got yourself quite a hotty totty Princess," Glinda squealed joyfully, as she pulled them to the table where a spread of fruit, cheese and crackers was waiting. A servant came around and set a drink in front of each woman as they took their seats.

Elphaba picked up her martini glass and raised it to toast, "Thank you Regina and Emma for coming to visit us. Congratulations on your engagement!"

"To good times and good friends!" Glinda added with a nod, and they each took a sip of their green appletini's.


It was late when Henry finally bounced into his cool new quarters in the Forbidden Fortress. Maleficent supervised as her servants carried in his suitcase and unpacked his things. The roomed was themed with maps of the Enchanted Forest and greater Fairytale Land area. The ceiling was painted like the night sky; complete with magic glowing stars.

Mr. Bigglesworth jumped onto the bed and stretched out to nap. He was still grumbling on about how no one had better take over his body while he was sleeping...until he drifted off and started to snourrrrr.

"Cool, I love my room! This is going to be so much fun! When can I start playing with my wand?"

"Well, Henry you're 11, right? I suspect you'll start playing with your wand very soon. That is, if you haven't already. Hasn't one of your mothers gone over this with you?" Maleficent asked with amusement. She'd have to remind her maid to make sure Henry had a stockpile of extra sheets handy. Leave it to Aunty Mal to educate the poor pubescent boy.


Maleficent shrugged and left Henry to settle in to his new room. Just as she got to the door she turned back and added with a wicked smirk, "Just remember, any more than 3 shakes and you're definitely playing with it."

"So Emma is it true that before Regina swept you off your feet you were engaged to that Harry Potter Fucker Baelocchio?" Elphaba asked sloshing her 3rd appletini over the side of the glass.

"There was some misunderstanding that got out of hand, he was just after me for our fairies anyway," Emma tried to explain, as Regina scooted her chair closer and placed a hand on her thigh possessively.

"Well, he did the same shit to Glinda! He's a predator. He was sore that I wouldn't give him the Wizard of Oz appointment. I'd rather have no Wizard than another corrupt one. He was just after our poppy fields for his sordid underground opium trade with Wonderland. He made an inappropriate drunken pass at my wife!" Elphaba seemed to turn even greener and her eyes went wide.

"Disgusting!" Regina chimed in, taking a long swallow from her glass.

"He grabbed me at the annual animal rights fundraising ball and slurred with his nasty pig breath, 'a good witch needs a gooooood wizard'!" Glinda shivered, traumatized and indignant.

"Pff, even if he had no chance, no one gets away with that. I was so fucking jealous, I sent my two brawniest Winkies after that sleazebag to bring him back for punishment…."

Was she green with jealousy? Haha

"My Winkies never returned, and 2 weeks later my mail monkey flew in a postcard with a sketch of Baelochio sipping a pina colada, sandwiched between my two shirtless Winkies on Captain Hook's pleasure yacht!"

"I had the chance to kill him once, but Emma stopped me," Regina clutched her glass, her eyes were dark and murderous.

"Let's talk about something happier," Glinda tried to change the conversation, "How about the wedding?"

Happier indeed.

"We can't get the necessary blessing from any of our parent's so the wedding is not looking likely," Emma said glumly. She didn't need anything official to be Regina's wife, and maybe it was just her ingrained princess nature, but she felt herself inexplicably longing for a big wedding.

"The Enchanted forest still has those outdated, archaic, misogynist homophobic laws on the books?" Elphaba asked with disgust.

"Unfortunately, yes, I should have changed those laws when I was Queen….but that stupid cowface Snow White…" Regina hiccupped and seethed and slurred. She was getting drunk and leaning heavily on Emma's shoulder, her eyes kept wandering down to Emma's cleavage. They were going to need to excuse themselves soon.

"OMG! O-h M-y G-o-d! I just had the best idea evveeerrrrrr!" Glinda shrieked, jumping up from the table and flitting around the balcony.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Elphaba stood up to and smiled at Glinda, and then they both turned their grins on Emma and Regina.

"Get married here! In Oz we have no prohibitions or statutes on same-sex marriage. We are the most progressive realm in all of Fairytale Land. Of course, for the marriage to stand you'd have be citizens, but even still- you shouldn't be denied a wedding just because your parents don't approve."

"Yes!" Regina stood up, she was practically trembling. "Emma, my love, how do you feel about it?"

"Sounds like a great idea," Emma was stunned and happy. She flung herself in Regina's arms, hugging her dearly.

"We have a whole army of men who just adore you, Regina- they worship you, seriously, your curse was like a blessing: opening their eyes to new fashion trends and the joys of manscaping. They would love to help with your wedding, and frankly they are getting tired of organizing munchkin drag parades down the yellow brick road." Everyone loves an oversized rainbow lollipop!

Glinda twirled happily, "We could have you married Gangnam style in less than a week! It's your life, dance through it!"