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Summery: Lady Catherine always wanted Darcy to Marry Lady Anne right keep the money in the family, What if instead he married another cousin. Lady Elizabeth Fitzwilliam the Colonel Fitzwilliams younger sister. Charles Bingley has just rented an estate in Hertfordshire and everyone is headed their for the year. What happens when they chance upon Miss Jane Bennet. Pairings. Jane/Bingley Darcy/Elizabeth Fitzwilliam/Georgiana and Charlotte/Mr. Collins. Yes there are two cousin's pairings if you don't approve please don't read. Please remember the time period this would be quite normal.

"Now Charles what could possess you to make us go all the way to Hertfordshire couldn't you find a place closer to Pemberley?" she pouted and Darcy had to chuckle at the look on his cousin's face. Lady Elizabeth Fitzwilliam was a playful women she loved to tease all of her friends and acquaintances.

"Well now Lady Elizabeth I could have always went to Kent, I heard there was a place for rent in close distance to Rosings. His blue eyes were alight with mirth.

Elizabeth shivered at the very thought. "Now Mr. Bingley don't tease my dear Cousin," Georgiana chided playfully.

"Yes Charles don't be ridiculous who'd ever want to be around that women," Caroline Bingley snapped her fan shut. Georgiana and Elizabeth locked eyes and tried to hide their smiles at the irony of that statement. Colonel Fitzwilliam wasn't as successful and let out a small chuckle trying to cover it with a cough.

"Now dear brother would you like some water," Elizabeth teased getting ready to grab the chilled container that contained the water for their journey.

"No sister dear I'm quite fine thank you," he sat back his lips still quirked slightly.

Darcy hide his own mirth behind the book he'd been pursuing on the long journey.

"Charles how much longer until we get to this new place you decided upon," Caroline practically wined much to the amusement of the other occupants of the carriage.

"Caroline we'll be there within the hour," Charles sighed and repressed the urge to roll his eyes at his sister, ever the impatient one.

"So Georgie what do you think we'll be able to do in this place?" Elizabeth asked her favorite cousin well besides William but no one could know of the fervor she carried for her elder cousin.

"Well I'm hoping they'll have some quaint little shops I do need some new sheet music and a new ribbon or two wouldn't be remiss. She fingered her green shot silk dress.

"Yes, I'm looking for a new shawl and maybe some fabric for a new dress maybe they have a dress maker," Elizabeth got excited.

"Oh I wouldn't let Madame Lovin hear you say that she'd be scandalized and she's the best seamstress in London." Georgiana giggled.

"Well you guys can have your country seamstress I'll stick with Madame Lovin thank you very much." Caroline stuck her noes up at the conversation.

"we didn't invite you anyway," Elizabeth muttered under her breath so low that Caroline couldn't hear but Darcy who had been sitting beside her heard and wasn't sure whether to laugh or scold her. But out loud she said, "That's fine Miss. Bingley we can do just fine on our own."

This stopped Caroline in her tracks she'd just been called her Miss Bingley in an informal setting this wasn't good Elizabeth was a lady the daughter of an Earl it wouldn't do to upset her.

"Well I'm sure you can, Lady Elizabeth," Caroline bowed her head slightly.

Colonel Fitzwilliam leaned over slightly and whispered into his sisters ear, "Elizabeth stop intimidating Miss. Bingley," Elizabeth looked over at her brother bashfully but she could also hear the laughter in his tone.

"I mean Charles why couldn't we go to Ramsgate like a normal person, "Caroline lamented. Everyone except for the women that spoke the question stiffened at the mention of the seaside town.

"Caroline its to crowded now be quite," Charles snapped looking over at Georgiana who had stiffened herself. Colonel Fitzwilliam had been sitting beside her and grabbed her hand gently. Caroline seemed oblivious to the turmoil her question had caused with in the small carriage. Just as she was about to answer back the carriage came to a stop and they all looked out at the place they'd call home for a while Netherfield.

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