The Mysterious Girl

Chapter 1

Lorelle woke up from her nightmare. She was sweating a lot. She looked at the clock. 3:44 AM. She walked to the bathroom, avoiding the mirror and wiped her face with a tissue. She breathed deeply, in and out. "It was just a dream", she told herself. Her sister Amber came into the bathroom. "Are you okay Lorelle?" Amber asked, worried that she had that nightmare again. "I- I don't know why I keep having that nightmare, Amber. It's scaring me..." She looked at her with watery eyes. Amber was Lorelle's older sister. She's the one that was always there for her. "Do you want me to take you to go see Dr. Marteen again?" Amber asked, combing Lorelle's hair with her fingers. Lorelle looked at her and shook her head. "I'm going back to sleep" Lorelle walked back to her bedroom, worried she would have that nightmare again. She got back into her bed and thought for a little before closing her eyes. Why does she keep having this dream? With this creepy tone?

Lorelle woke up about 2 hours later. She got up and got ready for school. She couldn't remember if she had that dream again. But she was glad. She went downstairs to eat some breakfast. When she got down there she saw Amber and her mom both smiling. Lorelle smiled, "MOM!" she greeted, running up to her and giving her a hug. "Lorelle! I missed you so much!" Mrs. Aydraun smiled. Lorelle's parents have divorced 2 years ago. Her dad was an extreme alcoholic and her mom was poor. Her dad didn't seem to like her mom because she was poor, so he divorced her and kept drinking. Both the daughters, Amber and Lorelle had to live with their dad because their mom didn't have that much money. Even though she was working for this Ice Cream parlor. But they didn't pay her much.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Lorelle asked. She was worried that her mom was going to get caught again by her dad. The last time that happened, her dad beat her up and yelled, "GET OUT OF HERE!". He also said some other words. "Well he's not home right now, so I texted mom to come over" Amber told me. Lorelle gave her one of those wide-eyed looks. "AMBER, Are you crazy! Dad could be here any minute now!" Lorelle became scared. Amber giggled. Lorelle looked at her with a serious a face. "LORELLE. He told me he was going to go to the bar and hang out with his friends for a couple hours. Don't worry!" Amber laughed. Her mom laughed too. Lorelle sat back on her chair. Rolling her eyes. "Well I got to go to school..." Lorelle got up from her seat, picked up her bag and left.

She walked down the sidewalk. She was already too late for the bus. She just decided to walk down to the school. When she walked about 2 miles, a car came up behind her. Was it one of her friends, that decided to give her a lift? She turned around. The car was a red colored small car. The person that was in the car looked unfamiliar. She had blonde hair. But that's kind of all I could see. She was kind of looking straight. Not bothering to look at me. I waved at her. She just kept staring straight. I rolled my eyes and shrugged. I just kept walking. I was almost to school anyways. Once I started walking, the girl drifted off. She was going to the direction I was going to. Was she a new kid at the school? She shook her head.

Lorelle finally got to school. It was a few minutes till the bell rang to 1st period. She skipped homeroom because all you ever do in homeroom is read and its boring. Lorelle got to her first period class. When she got into her class. She couldn't believe who she saw. She started freaking out. She was hoping it was just a dream.