Disclaimer: The Tomorrow People is the property of Roger Damon Price, Nickelodeon, and Tetra Films. The only characters that are mine are Brooke, Bevin, Haley, Nathan, Becca, and Chad. Yeah, it's going to be slightly like The Tomorrow People meets One Tree Hill.

AN: I'm also exploring the possibility of an Adam/Jade romance in this series of stories. And that's why I've aged her to sixteen and Adam is nineteen, a few months away from twenty. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

May, 1996

The girl woke up in a field, disoriented. She was also very aware of the pain and discomfort going through her entire body.

What happened to me?

In the middle of the night in a rural village in Wiltshire, England, Jade Weston sat upright in her bed, startling her dog Jessie. The dog whined as if she could sense her mistress's distress.

"It's all right, Jessie," she soothed her pet as she patted her on the head.

At 16, Jade was part of a group of special children known as the Tomorrow People, the next stage of human evolution. She'd broken out almost a year ago, during a situation where her mother had been endangered by what looked like an extra-terrestrial invasion of meteors. When it was all said and done, the mysterious pods had been destroyed and her mother recovered quickly.

Jade smiled as she recalled her mother's reaction to what had happened. According to one of her other friends, Megabyte Damon, she'd taken it better than most. But Penny Weston had extracted a solemn promise from him and their other friend, the unofficial "leader" of the Tomorrow People, Adam Newman, that if there were any "adventures", that they would keep an eye on Jade and do their best to keep her out of harm's way.

One of Jade's talents as a Tomorrow Person was that she could sense a breakout before it happened. Another was that she was an empath. She couldn't heal like Adam could; it was more emotional and mental than anything else. She could especially sense the emotional distress when it was coming from another person who was getting ready to "break out".

She shook her head to clear it so she could concentrate on what she'd sensed just now. Whatever it was, it had woken her from her sleep. As she recalled it, she shuddered. Whoever it was had been hurt, and hurt badly.

Making a quick decision, she closed her eyes and began to concentrate on where the vibes were coming from. To her dismay, the signal was vague and very faint, and she couldn't get a focus on where it was coming from. She knew she needed to teleport somewhere and help the person, but she didn't know how she was going to get there or where she was going.

/Jade, don't!/ Adam 'pathed firmly. /It's too risky./

/But they need my help,/ she protested. /I can't find them./

/It's too risky for you, especially if the mental signals we're getting are too cloudy,/ he 'pathed back. /I don't want you getting lost in a void, or somewhere else you can't come back from./

Jade reluctantly pulled up her mental shields as tightly as she could, knowing that Adam was right. She knew she should try to get some sleep, because of her final exam that was to be the next day. She'd studied hard, and she had a good feeling. At least I will pass it if I can get some decent sleep, she thought to herself. Pulling the covers over her body, she finally let herself drift off to sleep, hoping that the person she was sensing vaguely was okay.

Across the ocean, Brooke Hansen was being wheeled into an emergency room. She'd been found in a field, unconscious and unresponsive. She was being admitted as a possible victim of sexual assault.

Tests were run and a blood sample had been taken. Brooke's parents were called and they met with the doctor.

"How is she?" Victoria Damon-Hansen asked.

"We have her resting comfortably," the doctor told her. "We've run a tox screen and it came back positive for rohypnol, commonly known as roofies. It's also known as the date rape drug."

"Do you think she was…?" Victoria's voice trailed off.

"We won't know until we run a rape kit on her, and we'd like to do that when she's awake. We've administered narcan to counteract the drug she was given, so she should be regaining consciousness in a few hours." The doctor smiled tensely. "We'll do all we can for your daughter. But the fact that she was found in a field unconscious bothers me."

Robert and Victoria Hansen nodded, knowing what he was referring to. There had been a small handful of drug rapes in the area recently. But Brooke was always careful. When she went out at night, she always went with friends, and she always made sure she didn't drink any alcohol. And, she rarely went to any school "keggar" parties. If she did, she was usually the designated driver and was there to keep her friends from getting out of hand. She wasn't a "goody-two-shoes" by any stretch of the imagination; she just liked to be in control of herself at all times.

The couple was startled out of their reverie by Bevin Lewis, one of Brooke's friends, running down the hall to meet them.

"Mrs. Hansen, I'm so sorry," she panted. "I didn't see anything out of the ordinary at the party tonight. But Brooke and I got separated; I don't know how it happened."

"Bevin, it's all right," Victoria told her. "Did you drink anything out of the ordinary?"

"No, I just had some Sprite, and Brooke had some root beer." Bevin's eyes widened as she searched her memory of the party. "It was after she drank the root beer that she said she was feeling woozy. I tried to get her out of there, but one of those stupid jocks pushed me…" Her voice trailed off.

"At least you weren't harmed." Robert smiled tensely.

The young girl's eyes filled with tears. "But Brooke was, and I wasn't able to help her."

Victoria hugged the girl close. Bevin and Brooke had been friends since elementary school, and she knew that Bevin wouldn't purposely lead Brooke into harm's way. "Bevin, why don't you go home and get some rest. You can come back and visit with Brooke tomorrow. We'll call you if there's any change, I promise."

After Bevin left, Brooke regained consciousness long enough for the doctor to run a rape kit. "Mom, I'm so sorry…" she slurred, still affected by the drug in her system.

"Honey, what happened to you wasn't your fault," Victoria told her daughter as she slipped back into unconsciousness.

After Brooke recovered, she went back to school. To her surprise and relief, no one was talking about what had happened to her, at least not too much. In fact, her friends were concerned and became protective of her if any gossip began.

"What are your plans for the summer?" Bevin asked her on the last day of school.

"Oh, I'm heading off to England to visit my uncle Bill." Brooke grinned. "He said I could bring along a friend. You want to come?"

"Let me ask my parents, but since they're probably going to Europe for the summer, I'm sure they won't mind."

Within a few days, everything was set. The girls had their passports and visas that would be good for three months give or take. Brooke was looking forward to this trip; she needed to get away from the memories of her ordeal, and spending time with her cousin and his new friends would be a good way to do it.

Little did she know that this summer trip was about to change her life in ways she never imagined.