Yep, we're at the end. I'm going to try a songfic next in this universe. We shall see what my mind comes up with. Enjoy!


Two weeks later, Adam, Jade, Ami, Megabyte, Milly, Becca, and Nathan were at Hyde Park to see Haley perform in the finals of the talent contest. She would be performing three songs for the three rounds as she qualified.

"Third place is the opportunity to record a demo in the home studio of Byron Lucifer," Nathan was saying. "Hales and I have heard some of his stuff; it would be interesting for her to have that opportunity."

"He's actually pretty good," Megabyte said.

Haley made it to the second round, and she took to the stage with her acoustic guitar. Adam already knew what she'd picked for the second round.

"Jade, you want to dance off to the side?" he asked with a cheeky grin.

She grinned back and took his hand. He led her off to the side and they began to dance to Haley's song. They both knew that she did some songwriting on the side; that she'd been writing this one during the time she and Nathan had been here.

Haley had seen them go off to the side of the stage and she could see them slow dancing together.

"But I could never leave you, even if you asked me to," she sang. "I could never say goodbye, or make you cry…"

Adam smiled as he held Jade close. He would never walk away from her, if he could help it. And he knew she felt the same.