My dearest Hazel Grace,

Three days ago, you were admitted into the ICU. They said you had been admitted for an extreme headache caused by poor oxygenation caused by your lungs having a liter and a half fluid in them. When I heard this, it felt like I was struck by lightning. My mom was the one who told me. I collapsed onto my bed and just cried. I wasn't sure I'd ever get to see you again. So I did what any logical person would do: I snuck into your hospital room while you were asleep. I sat on the chair beside your head and held your hand. I even laid in your bed with you for a bit just holding you to me. I'm surprised my relentless sobbing didn't wake you. Let's just say if Max Mayhem had been there to see me, he would have slapped me clear across the room. But I didn't care what anyone thought of me crying. I couldn't control my thoughts from thinking what if I lost you, Hazel Grace. I really don't know what I would do. Now that I have you in my life, I never want to experience life without you. Where am I right now, you may wonder? I'm actually sitting beside you. You're asleep still. The nurse said you could go home in a few days. I'll be with you to help you as long as you want me.

Okay. I love you, Hazel Grace. Forever.

Augustus Waters