*emerges from the ashes of the ME3 ending*

Hello, mastesargent here, and I say hello to the community once again!

Sorry it took me so long. A human named Shepard stopped one of my agents from allowing me easy access, then proceeded destroy the Collectors and the Alpha Relay, making it even harder to return! But at long last, I have resurfaced once more in the FanFiction community.

Anyhow, I think you all know what time it is! If you've read How to Train Your Dragon: Film, you may recall me promising a companion story to it. Well, here it is, with a couple of improvements, most notably the eradication of those pesky POV changes. *dodges battle-axe* Oh, you…

Anyhow, here it is! How to Train Your Dragon: Film, told from the eyes of Toothless!

Chapter One

The Island

It was a peaceful night. The water below me would have reflected the sky perfectly were it not for the flock of dragons blocking it out. In the distance, I saw the island. Bleak looking from a distance, but upon closer inspection, had the potential to support life. And it did. About three centuries ago, a group of mammals called humans came and colonized the island. When She took notice of their presence, She saw their livestock as a viable food source, so we began to raid the island periodically. The rest is three centuries of bloodshed.

I was about fifty at the time. That may seem old for a mammal, but for a creature with a three-century natural lifespan, I was only in my mid to late adolescence.

I surveyed the area of we were attacking. The only settlement on the island was on the costal cliffs overlooking the west side of the island. Foolishly, the mammals, called humans, insisted on making their shelters out of wood, which we easily burnt down tie and time again. My task, as always, was to cover the others by destroying the human's catapults.

One of the larger dragons, which the humans had dubbed 'Monstrous Nightmare,' swept down and snatched up a sheep. The attack had begun.

I circled above, watching as humans poured out of their dens, screaming battle cries and attempting to defend their homes. Many of which had already begun to burn. "Idiots," I muttered to myself. "If they thought with anything but their weapons they would clear out." I watched as one threw himself after his livestock. "They are a tenacious bunch, I will give them that," I chuckled to myself.

I circled for what seemed like an eternity, watching comical displays of humans attempting to fight us with their numerous melee weapons. Only a few had the correct idea of throwing weighted ropes at us, and even that was challenging. I even noticed some of the smaller ones attempt to extinguish fires, only to have new ones spring up moments later.


I spun around in midair to see the two headed Dragon that the humans called a Zippleback destroy a human structure with their gassy explosions. Behind them, I could see the lumpy ones called 'Gronckles' and the spined ones called 'Nadders' make off with even more human livestock. 'A good haul tonight,' I thought, though I had no particular respect for these dragons. 'This should keep her please, for a while, I think.'

This amusing display came to an abrupt end when I noticed dragons being picked out of the sky with boulders, a signal that the humans had manned their catapults. I banked to the side and took up position.

A Monstrous Nightmare had already begun assaulting the weapon when I arrived. Its flaming body was taking a beating from a rather large human atop the catapult. I began my rapid descent from the sky, my wings piercing the night with an ear-splitting scream. "NIGHT FURY!" screamed a human. "Get down!" The Nightmare lifted off of the tower just in time, as I spat my blue-white bolt of flame and swooped upwards. The result was a terrific explosion that weakened the supports of the tower.

The humans had dubbed my species 'Night Fury,' and for good reason. My aerodynamic form and black scales made me all but invisible in the darkness, and my fire was rivaled only by Her.

I came around for another pass. My scream pierced the air yet again as I spat at the tower once again, causing it to collapse as the humans leapt off.

No human had ever killed a Night Fury before. I intended to keep it that way.

Well, that's the first of many chapters done. Just a few fine details before I wrap this little session up. I don't plan on regular updates, just whenever I feel like it. This first chapter might be a little shaky, but don't worry. I can bloody well edit it. The main purpose of this chapter was just so I could figure out how to write Toothless as a character. I'm know to start off shakily and finish strongly, anyways.