Sorry for not updating last week guys! There were a whole bunch of people using the computer on my end, along with me discovering the greatness that is Firefly, so I decided to take a break, you know? Recharge my mental batteries.

Anyways, I'd like to make a little rant that's completely off-topic (Flood was here). This rant pertains to the timeline of Halo's Fall of Reach. You see, the timeline of the book and the game make no real sense when you put them together. For instance, in the book, John (aka Master Chief) is on Reach to be debriefed about a recent mission, and musing about how the planet would be difficult for the Covenant to take. This is on August 12. However, according to the game, at about the same time, the Battle of Viery is going on. You know, the level Tip of the Spear? What?

Anyways, this has been a long intro. Let's get to the story.

Chapter Eighteen

The Unholy Offspring of Lighting and Death

It didn't take long for Her to become airborne. Frankly, I was surprised that her wings were even able to lift her body off of the ground.

"You think that did it?" Hiccup wondered, looking back to see if She was following. She was. "Well, it can fly!" he needlessly pointed out.

"No, really?" I replied with dry sarcasm.

We weaved through the labyrinth of seastacks that had once sheltered the nest, trying to throw Her aim off. The growing crowd of humans cheered below us, but silenced when She flew straight through the solid rock like they weren't even there.

Seeing that the rocks were having to effect, Hiccup searched for a new plan. He quickly formulated a new one. "Okay, Toothless!" he said. "Time to disappear!"

Seeing the swirling black clouds above us, I caught on to his plan, and began to ascend.

"Clever, Little Shadow," She said. "Let's hope you can make it in time!" At that, moment, She le loose a stream of flame, which I easily dodged. She never accounted for my speed. And so up into my domain we went.

"Ah, so now you bring me to your domain," She said. "But what will you do with—AGH!"

Just then, with Hiccup's direction and my marksmanship, we began hitting Her wings with blasts of fire, burning holes. She wasn't all too hard to hit, really, and she made it all the easier. Whenever we hit Her, She would spin about to face us, which presented a new target to us, already safely out of sight.

"I grow tired of this game," She growled. "You may be lightning, but I. AM. DEATH!"

She had finally lost it, casting aide her sinisterly calm manner and revealing her savage, brutal side. She let out a hellfire, spewing all around. Hiccup and I did our best to maneuver around it, but alas, the artificial tail caught fire.

"Okay, time's up!" Hiccup realized. "Let's see if this works." He sent us into a dive, bringing us out of the clouds, with her in hot pursuit.

The ground was approaching fast, but I still didn't see what Hiccup was getti"ng at. So long as we were in this straight dive, we were vulnerable. "Come on, buddy, just a little longer!" Hiccup assured me. I heard the hiss of Her building fire.

Hiccup's plan finally clicked. I was brilliant, if not damned insane.

"Hold, Toothless," he said, the hissing growing ever louder.


"Maybe you are invincible," I replied. "But you obviously don't know anything about dragons. You see—"

"Now!" souted Hiccup.

We spun around to face Her.

"—we're not so fireproof on the inside."

I spat my own fire into Her's, causing it to backfire.

"NO!" She screamed in pain as Her insides were roasted in her still living body, mouth still on fire.

We then shot up her back as she attempted to slow down, but the still smoldering saw that she crashed into the ground at terminal velocity, releasing the flaming gasses within.

We sped up the Her quickly burning back, trying to clear her before we were engulfed in flame. The artificial tail fin finally fell off, burnt and useless, but it was no matter. St out speed, we could still clear Her and glide down.

Suddenly, Her clubbed tail swung around. "No!" Hiccup shouted in despair. "NO!"

We tried to turn out of it, but it was no use. Her tail hit us with a sickening crunch. I felt my ribs crack, and Hiccup was thrown off of my back, unconscious.

"No!" I screamed, and dove into the Hellish inferno after him.

Okay! Well, one or two more chapters and we'll be done. In the meantime, if any of you have Netflix, go watch Firefly!