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By Techno Skittles

She was immune to the cold.

As a native southern water tribe gal however, that much was to be expected. Down there, the definition for "cold" and "cool" were very flexible. Or, in some cases, just non-existent altogether. They were used to it to the point where the below-freezing weather didn't faze them in the slightest. It was their mild weather, just as a sunny day with a light breeze in Republic City was considered a nice day.

So it didn't take much to adjust to Mako's attitude.

He was distant and guarded and seemed to consider brooding an excellent pastime. He wasn't hesitant to point out any flaws she had or mistakes she made, but when he did manage to compliment her it seemed empty and meaningless. Forced even. Being subtle and encouraging wasn't his best element contrary to his state-of-the-art firebending and extreme tendency to scold and berate.

He was always silently watching from the sides, waiting for even the tiniest opening. His attack would immediately follow with such ferocity and power that it left the enemy stunned and resulted in third-degree burns or hurt prides (it would depend on his weapon of choice). As soon as he found his opponent's weak spot, he made sure to exploit it, leaving them exposed and defenseless. It was a technique he picked up on the streets, using anything that proved to be successful. His entire life was based on survival of the fittest and it was just a knee-jerk reaction.

He did this to everyone he came across, with the exception of his brother. And at times, it seemed he targeted the young Avatar the most. Everyone expected so much of her, to live up to Avatar Aang's legacy, so why did he have to be any different? She was the Avatar: bridge between worlds, master of all four elements (well, technically three), the destined one to keep balance and peace throughout the nations. She was the very symbol of hope across the globe and much responsibility fell on her shoulders, so he knew she could handle it.

So it was natural to expect a lot from her. His harshness towards was justified. Everyone else did it, so he would too. He counted on her. They all counted on her. No one was expected to sympathize with what she was going through, as long as she produced satisfactory outcomes.

And as much as it pissed her off – the world's high expectations along with Mako's higher ones accompanied with a chilled and distant personality – Korra took it all in stride.

Water tribe natives were used to the cold.

They were immune to it.

She was immune to him.

To all of it.

Author's Comments:

This came out a bit darker than I intended…Ah well.

So I wanted to write a quick oneshot for LoK before it premiered on television because I know that as soon as it airs, the fanfics will start FLOODING in. And while that will be cool, I can imagine the younger audience with less experience filling up the archives as well. =_= Nothing against them, you know, since they're young. But still…

Anywho~ I wrote this quickly (I'd say 15 minutes?) in my French class, completely ignoring the work I had to get done unless I wanted to end up with zeros in the class. ._.

Meh. I'll be writing more LoK later. And hopefully something more…romantic? Fluffier? Something in that category.

Sorry for any OOC-ness. This is some of what I picked up from what I watched of the first two episodes.

Until next time~!