Summary: I don't own Pacific Blue, do own the characters I made up in this story.

Meet Kristen James-who is 8 years old in this story-she get's rescued by the Santa Monica Police officers who were on duty-by doing a raid.

Chapter 1: The Rescue: Part I

Cory McNamara and Victor Del Toro were raiding at a drug dealers-they were undercover-since T:C Callaway and Bobby Cruz were also undercover too-as part of the drug dealers.

Kristen James had no idea what was happening at the moment. She couldn't take any more of the beatings that the other members of the gang had inflicted on her. Since the death of her parents-who were killed in front of her.

T:C Callway first started to noticed that the young girl was injured-when meeting her the first time. He had knelt down near Kristen and whispered something into her ear-when she was left beaten by the gang leader. "It's ok everything will be ok, Help will arrive"whispered T:C standing up and walking away from the girl.

(Back at the Police Headquarters) T.C. Callaway was more worried about the girl he met like 4 months ago.

"Lt. Palermo we have to do something, there's a young girl whose in the middle of this undercover stuff we are doing"said Victor who saw the girl-who was dragged out in front of bystanders on the beach.

T:C Callaway turns towards Victor Del Toro and the rest of his team mates. "I'm not going to let anything happen to that girl while we are undercover. Lt. I don't care-I want custody of her"answered T:C glaring at his boss in the face.

Lt. Anthony Palermo nods his head-understanding what the girl was in at the moment.

Monica Harper waves her hand up in the air. "Hello, How do we know this young girl isn't part of the gang-whose dealing with drugs?"asked Monica.

Her team mates just stood there in shocked of course.

(Now back to the raiding) a little bit too late to rescue Kristen through at the moment.

Undercovered didn't go that well-they were discovered by one of the other members of the group.

"We shouldn't have trusted them boss"said Paul pointing his gun at the Cory and Bobby who were gagged- and tied on chairs.

The boss of the drug dealers was sitting down on a huge couch. She stands up and walks over to the cops. "Tell me who else is helping you two out"demanding to know the answer.

Kristen James had dial 911 to let them know what was going on with the situation at the moment. Knowing she would be caught maybe.

Seeing T:C, Chris and some other officers were hidng somewhere else on the property-when hell broke loose of course.

"Hey! Boss guess who I caught calling the police"said Health dragging Kristen by the arm.

The boss turns towards Kristen who was already injured earlier during the week. "Guess, You haven't learn your lesson by not obeying me"said Zelda walking towards Kristen who was scared now.

Kristen fought back against Zelda-by kicking her in the stomach and racing towards the two officers tied up.

Paul grabs Kristen before she could even finish the job with Bobby and Cory at the moment. "Don't think your getting away with that"said Paul-shooting his gun at Kristen in the leg.

Blood pouring out of Kristen's leg.

That's when hell broke loose, officers came swaring into the building and arrestted the drug dealers.

Bobby grabs a blanket to cover Kristen shaking form. "Hey! A little help over here"shouted Bobby.

T:C racing over to Kristen James of course. "Hold on, honey we are going to get you to the hospital"whispered T:C.

EMT'S racing over to Kristen had her in the ambulance. Cory and Bobby were the ones who ended up going to-get check out.

(2 Hours later) racing towards the hospital building.

EMT'S working on Kristen who wasn't doing so good at the moment.

"Man, Who knows how long this girl has been without food or water"whispered Gregory.

Cory and Bobby watching them work on Kristen who was pale looking.

"We should have just pulled her out of there"said Cory.