Chapter 4:

"Great, We have no idea where Kristen went off too"said T:C worried about his adopted daughter- whose been living with him for the past 8 days now.

What the police officers didn't know was that-Violet was the adopted daughter to Steve McGarrett-she was ordered to go undercover-and protect Kristen James.

Name:Violet (McGarrett)

Age: 21




Adopted Father: Steve McGarrett.



Height: 5"9

Weight: 100 pounds

"Do we have any places kristen would go back too?"asked Chris.

Monica waves her hand up in the air. "Or should check it out-could have gone back-where you rescue her in the first place"said Monica.

Police Officers-Frozed of course.

"Kristen wouldn't go back to that place ever. Think before you start talking, Officer Harper"said Violet McGarrett walking into the building with two other young people following her.

T:C Callway, Chris Kelly, Cory McNamera they frozed in what they were doing at the moment.

"Wait a minute your the young girl we arrested 4 days ago"said Victor pointing it.

"Yes"said Violet smiling at the group.

"What gives you the right to walk into our headquarters? You almost gotten my daughter killed"shouted T:C walking towards Violet about to grab her.

"Hey, There no need to yell at my partner-Lt. Violet McGarrett-of the Hawaii Five 0-task force"yelled Sasha Kelly-adopted cousin to Chin Kelly and Kono Kelly.

"Wait your a police officer from Hawaii?"asked Cory.

"Yes, Violet was under orders to protect Kristen"said Courtney Williams.

"How old are you 3 little too young to be officers"said Chris.

Lt. Palermo-stood his ground. "I would have been told if there was another police officer undercover from another state"said Lt. Palermo.

"Both Violet and Sasha are legal age-they are 21 years old. I'm 18 years old"said Courtney smiling at them.

"Is Kristen here? We have some things of hers that should be brought to attention"said Sasha.

"No, You just missed her like 20 minutes ago. Kristen left on her bike a few minutes ago and we have no idea where she would have gone off too"yelled Monica loudy.

Earning looks from her co-workers.

Violet, Sasha and Courtney glared at each other in the face.

Violet and Sasha raced out of the headquarters in a flash.

"Wait, Where are those two going?"asked Bobby who was curious.

Courtney was on her phone at the moment. "Just letting you know we are in California"said Courtney who ever she was speaking too on her cell.

Hanging up the phone.

Courtney sees the strange looks she's getting from the police officers. "Is there a reason why your staring at me in a strange way?"asked Courtney.

"Is there a reason why Officer McGarrett and Officer Kelly raced out of our headquarters?"asked Cory this time.

"Actually it's Agent Kelly to you-Officer McNamera. They went to look for Kristen on their bikes"said Courtney heading outside of the headquarters.

2 seconds later, T:C, Lt. Palermo, Victor, Cory, Chris, Russ, Bobby and some other officers came out with their bikes.

They were in shocked when Courtney gotten on hers really fast.

"Wait, Do you know where our kid sister is at?"asked Victor, Bobby and Russ said at once.

"When did you have a bike here?"asked Jamie pointing it.

Courtney glares at the police officers in the face. "We are used to riding bikes, where we come from"said Courtney sitting on hers and leaving the officers.

T:C stopping her in time. "Hey, Do you know where my daughter went off too?"asked T:C.

Courtney shakes her head. "Sorry, I really couldn't help you there."said Courtney her-cell-phones rings.

T:C and the others followed suit, when Courtney hangs up the phone.

Courtney looks over to the police officers. "Violet and Sasha found Kristen she is find"said Courtney riding away from the group.

"That doesn't give us an answer where kristen would be"answered Monica at once.

(4 hours later) they split into pairs.

Victor and Bobby as a team

Cory and Chris

Russ and T:C

Lt. Anthony Palermo stayed behind at the headquarters at the moment.

It was Bobby and Victor that spotted Kristen with Violet McGarrett, Sasha Kelly and 3 other people they didn't know-but did noticed they were wearing some kind of badges on their waist.

(1 hour later)

T:C came racing into the headquarters with his bike of course.

Jamie points upstairs. "Everyone is upstairs"answered Jamie sipping on some water.

Monica laughs. "Your in a surprised yourself, Violet and Sasha have returned with 3 other people with them"said Monica.

T:C, Chris, Cory, Victor, Russ and Bobby were shocked when Lt. Palermo explained who the other 3 people were in his office.

Lt. Palermo was shocked in learning that Kristen James-parents-were wealthy. So where the other officers who were at the raided like 3 months ago.

T.C, Cory, Victor, Russ and Chris were shocked in learning information from the other 3 young people standing there with badges around their waist.

Sasha Kelly turns towards the Santa Monica Police Officers. "Would like you officers to meet-Special Agent-Erin Callen of NCIS, Ashley Deeks-NCIS and Detective Aaron Carson of the Hawaii Five-O Task Force"said Sasha Kelly turning towards the shocked looks on the police officers faces.