Diaspro never suspected that this would happen.

That she, the Princess of Isis would suffer a disgrace of this level. She had brought shame onto herself, her family and the few real friends she had by doing what she did.

But then again, she never did treat those friends very well, yet they still hung around until the end…

And she had been so desperate!

Desperate for Sky to love her and treat her like the queen she should have been…

One minute you're on course to achieving your lifelong hopes and dreams that you had been spending years training for.

And the next minute?

Everything all goes wrong…

All because of one silly little redhead with hair brighter than Solaria's many suns or the gems Diaspro controlled showing up out of nowhere.

And not just anywhere, but Earth too. Earth, the magic-less planet of all places!

Most people she knew thought she was just some silly commoner that got lucky and was the first in many years to be an Earth fairy but it turned out to be more than that…

Just her luck.

Bloom turned out to be the long lost Princess of Domino and keeper of the most powerful magic in the universe: The Dragon's Flame.

She certainly didn't act like a real princess should, attacking her out of nowhere at the Day of the Royals and accusing her both of being a witch- one of the infamous Trix witches she later learned- and wanting to harm Sky…

Prince Sky even stayed in the war that happened shortly after that to fight at Bloom's side!

A war that had been started all because Bloom didn't fight well enough to keep her powers!

Sky brushed her off when she came to save him from fighting! How ungrateful!

To think that Sky was cheating on her for months with that tramp and broke off their engagement to be with her!

The press had a field day with that when they found out.

The Trix should have finished her off…

He was still with her when she was kidnapped and he came to rescue her- with Bloom's help…

The final straw that led to her disgrace came soon after.

She had heard that Sky was taking Bloom to Eraklyon and was going to introduce that redheaded tramp as "the love of his life".

Oh please! It should have been her, Princess Diaspro of Isis on his side. Her!

She took desperate measures, accepting that love potion from Valtor so she could get Sky back. He had loved her and treated her as he should have but she should have realized it wasn't real.

She should have realized it wouldn't last.

Bloom and her friends the Winx Club had discovered that she aligned herself with Valtor.

Both Sky's parents Erendor and Samera and her parents Midas and Vashti were beyond furious. His parents demanded the harshest punishment possible for her.

Normally the punishment for a crime like this was the death penalty but because of her status, she was exiled instead.

It had been an absolute nightmare, having to leave her comfortable, lavish royal lifestyle and being stripped of her title as Heiress Apparent. It had been given to her younger sister Reina instead.

She'd sensed something like that was coming when they started investigating the matter after what the Winx Club had said, but could hardly believe it when it actually did come. At least before she was banished, Reina managed to help her get some of her things together before she had to leave…

Queen Vashti had also stepped in, pleading with the council to allow her older daughter to keep her powers and surprisingly they did- they never did it with others before. Perhaps it was because she was a princess- or fallen princess anyway. At least she wasn't plucked of her powers like that Bloom was…

The relationship between the kingdoms of Isis and Eraklyon were now strained thanks to her…

Diaspro never thought she'd have it like this, having to live on her own and certainly not in a place like this…

Ever since Bloom had come into the picture, everything went wrong.


She was supposed to marry Prince Sky of Eraklyon and become Queen of both his and her worlds!

She was supposed to have her happily ever after with him!

Bloom ruined all of that…

And now she could never return to her own home…

"You are hereby revoked of your title as Princess of Isis and of all the privileges that accompany it."


"Your claim as heir apparent is hereby bestowed upon Princess Reina of Isis in your stead…"

No, no, no…

"Henceforth for crimes of High Treason to the planet of Isis by forming an alliance with Valtor, one of Magix's most dangerous criminals of all time and causing havoc on Eraklyon, a planet with deep ties to Isis, you are hereby banished from this planet, never to return again."


Diaspro sat up suddenly in her bed, breaking out into a sweat. She had been having nightmares for a few weeks after she left Isis, all with one central theme- what had been and probably would remain, the worst day of her life.

She spent her days as a nomad, traversing the magical planets, never staying too long for fear of being recognized…

Until she thought of one place she wouldn't be recognized. Her last resort.


Ironic that the Bloom, the fairy that had been the catalyst to her downfall had come from being an ordinary girl on Earth to being an important, powerful fairy princess in Magix and here she was, an important, powerful princess in Magix becoming an ordinary girl on Earth…

"This is going to take some getting used to…" Diaspro thought as she walked to the window and was greeted by the sunrise over the Central London cityscape.

As a new arrival on Earth, she had to learn their customs- especially those of the area in which she lived. She had only been there a week and hadn't done much, preferring to remain holed up in the small, yet comfortable flat she had managed to rent in the city.

"But now is not the time to think about that. I have things to do if I want to live here…" Diaspro thought, combing out her long, platinum blonde hair and rolling it up into a bun, leaving a slanted fringe which brushed the top of her left eye.

She was going to remain a recluse no longer.

She was going to go out and try becoming a Londoner herself.

She was going to take her status as a fallen princess in stride.

And nothing, no one, not even Bloom would ruin this for her.