"So… Let's see…" Diaspro stepped out onto the street, unfolding a map and slipping on some shades.

Dressed in a simple knee-length white dress, black leggings and sandals, she was not out of place in the city compared to the lavish outfits she had worn in her former home. Those heavy cloaks, floor-length dresses, blouses and skirts with elaborate designs made of the most expensive fabrics…

That was one thing she knew she was going to like about this city was the fashion. There was so much to choose from here- and they weren't always so stuffy and itchy!

Right now, fashion wasn't important though. She had to get to know the town first.

As she walked along the street, she looked at all the people going about their daily lives, unaware that a fairy was walking amongst them.

Diaspro sighed. "Look at them, going about their normal lives, like normal people with little burdens on their shoulders…"

"Still, I suppose I have it better than most exiles. I wasn't thrown out with absolutely nothing to my name, but what do I do when the money I have runs out? I have already been living on what I have for almost a year… Am I going to have to find… a job soon?"

She shuddered at the thought as she sat on a nearby bench and took a look at the map.

"The London Library is nearby. That would be the perfect place to get to know this place's customs…" She thought.

"Well, I've got to suck this up. I got myself into this, so I have to learn how to survive…"

"This place doesn't seem so bad… I have to look into joining here…"

She walked up to a shelf containing British History books and gathered a few in her arms, heading to a nearby table.

When she began to read, she found herself fascinated by what she read. They had ancient monarchies just like Magix did- even though they operated in different ways. Wars, disease, revolutions…Everything fascinated her, regardless of the topic.

Later on, she moved onto the Law section.

After all, to learn how to live and function in a place, she had to know their rules, right?

Just like back… home, she discovered that their laws had many different names, types, subsections and some of their laws had been "on the books" since hundreds of years ago.

She was so lost in reading about corporate law in the United Kingdom, she didn't realise it was time for the library to close until an assistant came up to her and pointed out that fact.

"Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am. I was just so fascinated by what I was reading…" She held up the book for her to see.

The older woman smiled. It wasn't often that one saw young people so entranced by books these days. And the topic at that…

"Well, you can always come back tomorrow and read more. The books will still be here."

"Yes, I think I'll do that. Thank you…"

Having spent the entire day in the London Library, she hadn't eaten since breakfast and felt her stomach begin to rumble.

"What should I eat around here?" She looked around; trying to decide which of the many eateries she was near to would have the benefit of her patronage.

A brightly coloured building with Arabic script caught her eye.

"Perhaps I'll try there…"

"Hi there!"

Diaspro looked up from her menu to see an extremely short, skinny woman around her age with tanned olive skin, dark brown eyes with long eyelashes behind a pair of glasses and a thick, frizzy, bushy mess of shoulder length curls pulled back into a ponytail.

"I'm Zinah and welcome to Lazeez! May I take your order?" She asked cheerfully.

Diaspro blinked.

"Well, you can, but first I have to decide. I'm not really familiar with this Arabic cuisine at all…"

"Ahh… First timer to Arabic cuisine, I see. And you don't sound like a local either. Visiting London?"

"Actually, I just moved here a little over a week ago…"

"Welcome to London then, new Londoner!" Zinah grinned. "Now, about that food…"

Ten minutes later, Diaspro sat, tentatively poking her fork into the food in front of her. She was never that adventurous when it came to food…

"Go on, then! Dad's recipes won't kill you!" Zinah grinned.

Muttering a silent prayer to the Great Dragon, she dug in.

And her face immediately lit up.

"This is great, Zinah!" She smiled.

Zinah rolled her eyes. "I told you so…"

As Diaspro ate, something occurred to her. "Are you supposed to be this friendly to the customers? Don't you have other work to do?"

"Friendliness, great service and great food are keys to getting and keeping customers. Plus my brothers totally have that covered… and you look like a bit of a loner anyway. I figure since you're a recent arrival, maybe you could do with a bit of a chat…" Zinah smiled.

Diaspro shrugged. "Well, if you're sure you won't get into trouble for slacking off…"

When Diaspro finished, she paid and got up to leave.

"Which direction you headed?" Zinah asked.

"Around the Piccadilly area. I'd better going. I have to walk back…"

"Okay then. I'll see you around I suppose. Hope you get back okay. London can have its… unsavoury moments at night…"

Lucky for Diaspro, none of the unsavoury moments Zinah had spoken of had occurred.

She hadn't learnt any non-magical self-defence yet. Another thing to add to the to-do list.

As she reached for a bottle of water in the refrigerator, her mind began to wander off.

"Zinah's the only person I've really spoken to since I got here other than the landlord and the grocery delivery people…" She took a sip of water. "I can't remain a recluse for the rest of my life, no matter how appealing it may seem at times. Plus she seems nice, if not a bit…. hyper…"

She sunk into the small armchair to watch the small television set in front of it.

After an hour of watching BBC, she felt herself beginning to doze off.

"Ah, what the hell. I'll just sleep here…" She thought to herself as darkness overcame her.

She regretted it the next morning.

"Oww… Sore neck…" She got up slowly, cricking her neck and taking note of herself in the bathroom mirror once she dragged herself there.

Frizzy hair abounded, making her look like a blonde Bellatix Lestrange.

She even looked like she had a cold.

All in all, she looked like an average, non-royalty, non-glamorous girl.

And oddly enough, she was getting used to it…

Getting ready for the day in a thoroughly non-magical way, she made some porridge for herself.

She still wasn't comfortable with the idea of trying to cook more advanced items, but porridge she could definitely do.

Dragging on a pink sweater, thick black jeans and combat boots since the day had a chill, she ventured out again, headed once again for the London Library.

Nodding a greeting to the library assistant from the day before, she proceeded to make her way towards the Law section again when she was cut off by a familiar face.

"Hi, Diaspro! Fancy meeting you here! I'm here to study! Are you too?" Zinah asked excitedly.

"Well, not study per se, but I am here to read…" Diaspro blinked. Where the hell did she come from?

"I'm here with another friend of mine. Her name is Helen. Come on, I'll introduce you!" Zinah grabbed the blonde fairy's arm and practically dragged her around the library, drawing stares from the other patrons as she did.

After what seemed like forever, they finally arrived at a table where a girl with spiky light auburn hair and greenish-grey eyes who was dressed in all-black and barely looked taller than Zinah stared at them incredulously.

"Zinah, what have you done to this poor stranger?" She asked in shock.

"I've done nothing! She's no stranger! She's a new friend!" Zinah exclaimed.

"I'm still a stranger to you Zinah. We only met yesterday…" Diaspro rolled her eyes and flexed her stiff-feeling arm.

"Whoa. Looks like Zi's taken a liking to you. My sincere condolences…" The girl said.

Zinah rolled her eyes. "You know you love me, Helen. Anyway, this is Diaspro. Diaspro, this is a good friend of mine, Helen Howell. She's not from London either. She came here to study at City University from Portsmouth."

"Nice to meet you, I suppose…" Diaspro held out a hand and Helen shook it firmly.

"So, what are you studying then?" The blonde asked as she and Zinah seated themselves.

"We're both doing Media Studies and Sociology over at City, same year and all. Interesting stuff." Helen said. "Are you studying?"

"Actually, no. I don't even have the basic… GCSE's…" Diaspro felt herself redden.

On Isis, she had been completely tutored in the magical subjects and mundane subjects. Of course, she didn't expect for Isian qualifications to hold up anywhere on Earth…

"School dropout?" Helen asked.

"Don't ask her that, Helen! Diaspro, you know it's not too late to go to some classes at some institute here, right? You could sign up for Day or Evening classes and be up to A-Levels in about two years if you worked hard enough!" Zinah said excitedly.

"Is she always like this?"

"Yeah. Pretty much all the time."

"How do you deal with that?"

"I just tune her out half the time…"


Zinah pouted and the two other females snickered.

"Well, I'll consider it. I would certainly have to do it at some point to survive here, I suppose…" Diaspro shrugged.

"Great! Now Helen and I were doing some general reading. You're going to join us. Maybe in time we could become the best of friends!"

Diaspro and Helen looked at one another and shrugged, getting into their reading.

It was the start of an odd, yet beautiful friendship.