"Are you sure you want to come with me to Magix?" Diaspro asked.

"We'd love to, but didn't you say that you had to have magic to get through some magical barrier?" Helen asked.

"Well, hate to remind you, but we're not magical aliens like you are! Unfortunately…" Zinah grumbled the last part.

"You don't need to worry about that. See these?" Diaspro held up two simple silver bracelets, one in each hand.

Helen and Zinah nodded.

"I know that powers can be given, taken away, weakened, strengthened and modified, so why shouldn't it work on you two? Take them and put them on. We'll see what happens…"

The other two females took the bracelets with some trepidation and put them on.

They glowed slightl as soon as the breacelets were slipped on for a few seconds.

"Well?" Diaspro raised an eyebrow.

"I feel really different…" Zinah said.

"Good different or bad different?" Diaspro asked.

"Good different, I guess…" Helen flicked her hand ands a vase on the kitchen table exploded, startling them all.

"Oh! I guess they really do work. They granted you low-level magic powers. Just enough for you to get through the barrier!" Diaspro exclaimed as she repaired the broken vase with a flick of her wrist. "I can't really do much stronger. I only know minor power bestowal spells…."

"That's quite enough for me!" Zinah exclaimed.

"Well then. Let's get ready to go!" Diaspro waved her hands and changed her appearance compeltely.

Her hair turned purple and rolled itself into a bun, her eyes changed from their golden-brownish colour to a dark green and her skin became even tanner.

"Just a precaution. I'd rather not have anyone recognize an exiled person. There's only so much humiliation a girl can take on- even if she brought it onto herself…"

"Yep. And you said to call you Anna when around other people, right?" Helen asked.

"Right. Let's go, shall we?" Diaspro pressed a button on her own fancier looking bracelet and a portal opened up in front of them.

"One portal to the Realm of Magix right here. Come on!" She held Zinah and Helen's hands and pulled them into the portal with her.


"I only thought I'd get to see a place like this in media or in my dreams…"

"This is amazing!"

"I'll say…"

Diaspro chuckled at her friends' reactions.

"Well, there's plenty more to see before I have to do my shopping for magical products…"

She led them over to an electionic stand and swiped a card in a slot on the side.

Immediately, a clear energy dome surrounded the trio and seconds later, they were floating above the city.

"This beats the London Eye any day!" Zinah and Helen exclaimed in unison.

"Which I still have not been in yet…" Diaspro said.

"Yopu're not missing a lot compared to this!"


"Oh! Dia-Anna, what's that?" Helen pointed to a large, looming, dark coloured tower in the distance.

"That would be Cloud Tower School for Witches, one of the three magic schools in Magix. Witches can be pretty nasty according to their reputation but so are fairies. We just hide it more."

"Witches. Wow…" Helen said in awe.

"That floating building over there is the Red Fountain School for Specialists. It's sort of like a magical paramillitary school. And the pinkl building over there? That castle? It's Alfea College for Fairies." Diaspro explained.

"Did you go there?" Zinah asked.

"No. I had private tutors in the pa- place…"

Helen and Zinah raised an eyebrow at her stumble, but chose not to say anythinmg.

After Diaspro had pointed out a few other buildings and spots, she made the sphere descend onto the electronic stand and disappear.

"That was fun, but more important stuff awaits us…"

"Are you going to drop your jaws like that every time I take you somewhere new?"

"Probably, yeah." Zinah answered as the three of them walked into a potion ingredient store where all sorts of ingredients ranged from ordinary looking and common to extraordinary looking and expensive items.

"Can non-magicals like us brew potions or do we need real magic for that too?" Helen examined a jar of eyeballs with orange irises.

"Some. Some potions need no magical activation, but others require some magical energy to both create properly and to be used properly."

Diaspro took the jar of eyeballs from Helen and placed it into her now full basket.

"Our next stop will be the magical bookstore, then some magic winter gear since it's getting really cold in London now, some lunch to take back home… That's it!"

While Diaspro roamed the bookstore, Zinah and Helen were left to themselves to look around the bookstore on their own.

"Look at this!" Helen held up a newspaper.

"Yeah, in a place like this, you'd expect them to have electronic spellbooks and newspapers. So?" Zinah asked, not really paying attention.

"Winx Club Goes to Earth: New Mission to Find Last Earth Fairy."

"I wonder if Dia- Anna knows about them…" Helen read the headline aloud.

"Well, these Winx Club fairies are pretty famous according to this article. So they are going to find and protect that Earth fairy that the Wizards of the Black Circle mistook Anna for? Good luck with that. I don't even know that much about magic and I can tell that these Winx Cllub girls are going to need it with those evil blokes…" Zinah examined another copy of the paper.

Helen put back the copy of newspaper that she had skimmed though and decided to browse the magazines.

A flash of familiar looking blonde hair caught her eye.

"Hm. I had no idea that Diaspro was so famous over here... Did she make a really bad publicity error or something like that that would make her want to move as far away as possible?" She thought.

She took it up to see a full page picture of Diaspro in her usual Princess outfit.


"PRINCESS Diaspro?" Helen raised an eyebrow at the magazine.

"Zee, come over here and look at this mag, eh?" Helen waved her over.

They skimmed through the magazine together.

"Princess Diaspro of Isis… Day of the Royals… Prince Sky of Eraklyon… Bloom, later discovered to be Princess Bloom of Domino… Valtor…. LOVE POTION?!" Helen drew back from the magazine in shock.

"Oh yeah. That was a whole big mess about two years ago. Took a love potion from that evil, universe-conquering wizard to bring Prince Sky back under her control to love her again. Wasn't worth it in my opinion…" The saleslady nearby offered her opinion.

"Yeah… We'll both have copies of this magazine, I think. And the newspaper too…" Zinah gestured to them.

"Alrighty then. That will be five Magix Credits each if you're separating the bill…" The assistant led them over to the cashier area and rang them up.

They loitered outside the store for a while and talked.

"So she is or at least, was a princess who was exiled for aiding and abetting some evil wizard's scheme? Wow…" Zinah said.

"I know, right? She always seemed so strong. I didn't know this was what she said she did in the name of love…" Helen said.

"Yeah. No wonder she didn't really want to talk about that part of her past with us…"

"But a love potion… That's like mind control, innit? Suppose she has US under some sort of friendship potion?!" Helen shuddered at the thought.

"NO WAY! She wouldn't do that to us!" Zinah exclaimed.

"She did this to someone she claimed to love!" Helen retorted.

"But she paid for it with such a high price and she seemed so ashamed when she told us that part of the story!" Zinah argued.

"True, but I can't help but think… She was willing to team up with a bloke that mega evil!"

"And majorly regretted it! I say we drop it for now." Zinah glanced around. "She is our friend. She defended us when those Black Circle blokes came to London. She took her punishment in stride and is actually trying to rebuild her life in a place no one would know her! Better than me, she is. I'd be all bitter and hellbent on revenge…"

"Good points." Helen relented. "If I were her, I'd be putting this Prince Sky guy in a crystal coffin and shattering it into bits…"

"That sounds like a fun- slightly disturbing- but fun idea." Zinah and Helen giggled.

"What's so funny over here?"

"EEP!" Zinah and Helen almost jumped out of their chairs.

It was Diaspro's turn to laugh.

"Come on. Let's go. Next stop: clothes shopping, then lunch, then back to Earth. Okay with you two?"

They nodded.

"Alrighty then. The clothing stores are this way…"