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The World Without The God

Chapter 1


The normal looking hundred year old broom brushed towards the ground for the billionth time. The holder of the said broom slowly glanced in her cleaning area. She was assigned for cleaning duty for about 500 years now, but it seems that she didn't even lose a single strand of interest from what she's doing.

She hummed a familiar tune, proceeding onto her next destination with her wand-like broom swaying through the process. She was happy just like this, because she knows that she did not do anything well at school to have a higher position as a demon. But she did have a dream at first to participate in what they call hunting down 'loose souls'. To her, that job was only a dream, a dream that slowly faded away after all the centuries that had passed.

"Ah, all done!" Elsie announced happily with her completing her destined task for the day.

You'll never find new and interesting things to do because you will be doing the same thing over and over again. Like a cycle that have the same procedures overtime. Those were the only downsides about her important job.

To Elsie, that con was nothing. She will do anything that was assigned to her, just like what she was doing right now. She never thought negatively about this boring job of hers.

There is one person that she admired the most. Her name is Haqua, Elsie's bestfriend when they are still attending school. Haqua excels in mostly anything, and that's the reason why Elsie admired her the most. This was also the reason why she gained lots of awards and a high position in the district in charge of hunting loose souls. She even did obtain a sacred weapon because of her execellence.

"I wonder what Haqua is doing right now..." Elsie wondered silently as she settled down on her bed. This day, her duty went overtime, that's why she didn't have anytime to explore her world.

Exploring was the only thing she could do when she finishes her job a little early, which is quite repetetive. She almost memorized every single curve of hell because of centuries of exploration.

Elsie always talks to her friend Haqua when she settles back in hell. That was the only thing that is different from the other activities she's doing, which is cleaning and exploring. But Haqua visiting hell rarely happens. She only goes for a visit about once or twice a year at best.

"I wonder if getting a 'buddy' is hard..." Elsie asked herself. Haqua had told her some stories that demons hunting loose souls should have a human 'buddy' to help them out in their errand. If someone will start hunting souls, that would be a decent thing to do first.

"And what does the human world looked like?" She muttered under her breath. She knows that Haqua had already told her about some things about the human world, but seeing it with your own eyes will be better and different from just imaginary words.

Elsie rolled over her small bed, trying to process everything that she had said. This was the first time that she thought so deep about the human world. Getting more curious about the humans.

"Oh well, I have to sleep. I need to wake up early tomorrow for more cleaning." Elsie said and giggled afterwards, thinking that all of the things that she talked with herself today will only be a dream.

A dream far away... very far away from her. A dream that a trapped demon shouldn't be aiming for. A dream that she shouldn't be waiting for.

That night, she completely shutted down her thoughts about the human world, sweeping away the thoughts about trying out their job.

She gave up.

She continued her cleaning duties for the whole eternity. The only thing that she enjoys the most.

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