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The World Without The God [Extras]

-Chapter 5-

-Ayumi After-

Ayumi strolled uneasily through the silent corridors of Maijima High. Today is graduation day, that means her seniors will be out of sight after the said ceromony. She thought that she should send them out with a good mood, say a normal goodbye, and watch them walk away with her friends. But her willpower wasn't that high enough to even get near the seniors. After that torture she had been through this past year, she didn't even have a tint of courage to even say a word about them.

Even with the given circumstances, running once again didn't even strike her cloudy mind as a possibility. With the things that happened between her and the captains, she was too embarrassed to face the whole team once again.

She held a weak expression as she continued to stroll through the huge Maijima High grounds, with the sounds of graduation echoing in background of the distressed heroine. She swayed her hands forcefully with every single step, trying not to get bored with her not doing anything useful. She gave up on her hobby, so in her point of view, she was useless. She continued to walk aimlessly, not knowing where to go.

At the end of her short journey, she stumbled upon the track field. She was quite amazed with it's view. The silent wind blowing softly through the wide field. The attracting view of her former field of expertise had enticed her body. She moved involuntarily, with her mouth wide open from unexplainable awe. She never realised that she slowly travelled into another location.

She was now standing in the starting position of the track field, where runners begin their dreams. She moved three steps backward from utter shock, she only had realised that she had changed her position after reaching this far.

"What..?" She can't speak properly, since nervousness and shock took over her calm existence.

She positioned herself by crouching slowly against her will, with her lower limbs shaking like they're going to collapse. She does not know what is happening with her body. All that she know is that she said that she would not run anymore.

But it seems that her body says otherwise.

Ayumi was about to dash through the dusty field, but she took over her tensed body before it can do anything more against her own will. She immediately stood up and breathed hard. She placed a hand on her chest, suppressing her increasing heartbeat. She was seriously confused on what's happening with her.

"What am I doing? I said that I'm not going to run ever again!" She said abruptly, stomping the ground beneath her feet. It was her own way to relieve herself. The dust from the slightly dirty ground spreaded away from her.

"Why won't you just do it?" An unknown person spoke up. Ayumi's eyes widened from surprise because she was quite familiar with the owner of the said voice.

"What do you mean," Ayumi asked, looking around the wild field for the source of the concerned voice. She furiously searched the whole location, "Chihiro?" Ayumi finished her sentence with a low tone of voice as she spotted the owner of the undistinguished voice.

"Just do what you really like, don't let others wreck your dreams..." Chihiro was calmly sitting in one of the bleachers, where athletes prepare, behind Ayumi. She stood up and walked slowly towards the confused girl. "I-I really don't know what am I saying, but I just want to help my friend." Chihiro finished her line with a reason that wasn't needed.

Ayumi just stood there, dumbfounded by her friend's words. She was unexpectedly right. Ayumi needs to chase her dreams, ignoring it would not help.

"I promised myself that I wouldn't run again..." Ayumi whispered softly. She was trembling with fear, as she watched her friend express her concerned emotions in front of her.

"It's very hard to see my friend to suffer like this ... so please," Chihiro hurriedly ran to face Ayumi closely, while Ayumi tried to back off, but to no avail. "Run again." She grasped Ayumi's hands after the last statement.



And there you go, Ayumi ran through the field as fast as she can. She held a satisfiying smile as she savored her first run after a vast amount of time. She thought that she was lucky to have a kind friend, like Chihiro, to help her out at times like this.

Chihiro just smiled and watched the athlete run and rested her arms in top of her head. She was glad that she had helped a friend in need, even though she can only do it sometimes, and she couldn't even help herself...

"I think I should give the seniors my thanks, too..." Was Ayumi's assuring words while cherishing her long lost hobby.

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