She had spent the whole day at his house in the Truffula forest, and she was going to spend the night, because her parents were traveling for the day. She and the Once-ler had a full day; they took walks in the forest, played with the animals, had a picnic next to the river, and he tried to teach her how to knit. It was now nightfall, and they were both ready for bed. He had agreed to sleep on the floor so that she could have a comfortable bed.

He was laying on the floor, stretched out on a blanket in his blue pajamas. She was laying on her stomach on the bed, propped up on her elbows so she could face him. He gave a big stretch and smiled slightly when he noticed her eyes on his face.

"Did you have a good day today, my dear?" He asked, looking at her tenderly.

"The best," She replied, returning the smile and tender look.

"I'm glad. You deserve the best." He reached up to gently stroke a lock of her black hair. She blushed and leaned into his hand, and he stroked her cheek lovingly.

"I'm not tired," she decided, and rolled off the bed to sit next to him. She sat cross-legged near him as he laughed quietly and said, "Me either. Let's just sit for a while." He sat up also and turned on the lamp on the bedside table. Their faces were lit up by the soft glow of the lamp. She reached for his hand and held it in both of her small hands.

"Are you happy?" She whispered.

"Very happy," he replied just as quietly. "There's so much to be happy about. Are you happy?"

She looked into his eyes as she grinned and nodded, then looked at their hands intertwined. He scooted closer and leaned close to her face, smirking. She looked up and blushed when she realized how close they were.

"You blush a lot, you know that?" He laughed quietly again.

"Well, I can't help it."

"I see."

She looked down at their hands again, and he stayed close, studying every aspect of her face. He leaned forward more and gave her a lingering kiss on her cheekbone, moving his lips to her cheek and jawline. Butterflies erupted in her stomach; he had never done anything like that before.

"You're so beautiful..." he whispered in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. She didn't say anything as his lips traveled down her cheek to the corner of her mouth, where he stopped. They were both breathing heavily, eyes downcast. He planted a small kiss on the corner of her mouth and backed away. Her cheeks were burning, and she was wondering why he didn't give her a real kiss.

"Once-ler...just kiss me," she whispered, looking directly into his sweet face.

He smiled and placed a hand gently on her cheek, entwining his fingers in her hair. She tilted her head up and smiled at him. They met each other halfway, their lips touching shyly. He kissed her innocently, gently, and with love. They pulled away, smiling at each other, and he kissed her from her ear to the corner of her mouth again.

She kissed his forehead lovingly and fingered a lock of his thick black hair.

"Listen, darling. I love you, and nothing will change that. Never forget that, alright?"

He lifted her hand to his lips and kissed the tips of her fingers.

"I won't forget, my love," he said, and gave her quick peck on the lips before bidding her good night.

She crawled into the bed and turned off the lamp.

"Sweet dreams," he murmured as he lay down into a comfortable position.

"You too..." she whispered as she drifted off into sleep.