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Tezuka was taken aback by the words sliding in Fuji's poem.

'So, there's already someone in his heart... Someone he is in love with.' Tezuka breathed a weary sigh. 'Although it seems unrequited, for now, that person will eventually return his feelings. Anyone who turns Fuji down would have been the biggest dumbass to walk on earth. I have love him so much for a long time, but wasn't even able to confess my feelings for him. Will I still have a chance with him when he already acknowledged another with whom to spend his life with?'

Ayase-sensei had just gotten off the telephone with the school principal. He faced the club members with a defeated look.

"Everyone, I'm sorry to announce that the rain wouldn't be letting up any time soon, but is expected to be get even stronger. The principal suggested that we stay in here until the weather condition subsides."

The students began to panic, that questions and murmurs had filled the room in matters of seconds. It was expected, but the sensei had to be strong to be able to comfort and control the group. Ayase-sensei called the group to silence and continue with the announcement.

"The principal had already informed you parents about our condition, and had assured them of taking every measure into account to ensure your safety and well-being. Food and other necessities are now being arrange and will be delivered here as soon as possible. We are also instructed to use the new mattresses and comforters - that are supposed to be reserved for gym and home economic classes - stored in cupboards at the back of this room. Again, I'm really sorry for this inconvinient situation, but please keep your spirits up and please avoid wandering off, even more so, alone."

Tezuka scanned the room looking for Fuji, and quickly spotted the smiling Tensai cornered by the poetry club members. They were trying to interrogate him about the intended recipient, the one he 'love', as referred by his piece. It was painful enough for him to know that Fuji had found someone, other than him, to love, but knew that it would hurt more to hear him utter his or her name.

Tezuka walked over to Ayase-sensei, who was currently busy rearranging the matresses along with some of the club members.

"Ayase-sensei, there is some work I need to attend to in the Student Council room. I will take proper caution and be back as soon as I've finished satisfactorily."

With that said, the sensei allowed his leave, knowing that the stoic kaichou could be trusted to keep his word. Tezuka thanked the sensei, then willed himself towards the exit, but not before taking a last glance back at Fuji.

Fuji noticed that Tezuka was looking (glaring?) at him. His smile widened acknowledging attention. He was already reaching the limit of his patience at all bombarded questions, that he opened his eyes showing annoyance. Although he was a bit disappointed with himself for doing that, he was grateful the the members got his massage and had released him just in time to see Tezuka walk out the door.

Ayase-sensei noticed that Fuji was intending to follow his Buchou, and gave him a warm fuzzy towel to dry his still wet honey brown locks. The sensei, whose eyes clearly showed he understood the unspoken affection between him and his stoic Buchou, told him that Tezuka had proceeded to the student council room for some urgent matter he had to take care of. He thanked Ayase-sensei for the information, proceeded on leaving the room.

As Tezuka was walking along the third floor corridors, mind still occupied with heartbreaking thought, his cellphone rang displaying Fuji's number. He stared at the ID, remembering that Fuji distinctively mentioned that he left his cellphone in the library. Tezuka answered the call in hopes of inquiring who took possesion of the Tensai's phone and how he might get it back.


"Tezuka, be awed by Ore-sama's voice."

His mind again raced back to Yukimura's words, and tried hard to swallow the rage arising within him. He told himself that he would try to listen to what Hyotei's Buchou had to say, before deciding if he would be biting the latter's head off later on or not.


"Tezuka, be awed by Ore-sama's prowess in graciously admitting defeat against you."

Confused, Tezuka asked, "what are you talking about?"

"Ore-sama have just gotten the most expensive and most exquisitely intensive facial treatment to rejuvenate Ore-sama's unbound beauty after being bitch-slapped twice by Fuji, just a few seconds after Ore-sama was practically yanked off by Shiraishi, when I tried to kiss Fuji in the library. Ore-sama had clearly been rejected by the enchanting Fuji."

Tezuka was whirled into imagining Fuji bitch-slapping Atobe in public in the quietest venue, not once but twice. He imagined how swollen Atobe's face might have been. It was indeed laughable, but... 'Well, he deserved it! How dare he try to kiss Fuji? His Fuji! Wait... Why was Shiraishi there?'


Atobe took his silence and answered his unspoken question.

"By ore-sama's amazing intiution, I've deduced that Shiraishi had felt guilty and bad after the match he had with Fuji and had decided to make-up for it by inviting Fuji to have dinner with him in an exclusively high-class French restaurant. But it seemed that Fuji is in haste for an important gathering, that Shiraishi had settled to offer him a ride on his motorcycle."

'So, that explains why he was drenched in rain. I've never knew that Shiraishi was greatly affected by Fuji's reaction. But, who am I to comment, when I have trouble keeping record of minor details like that aside from Fuji. At least Shiraishi isn't as persistent like Atobe. Wait just a second... What did Atobe say again? Fuji rejected him? Atobe was rejected? By Fuji?'

The realization of what Atobe confessed surprised Tezuka speechless, but he was even more surprised that Atobe was willingly telling that to him.

"Why do you need to tell me this?" Tezuka asked cautiously.

"Tsk. Tsk. Took you some time to process the information, Tezuka?"

Tezuka tried as hard as he can not too roll his eyes in that comment, and silently glared at the phone, prodding the other to continue.

"By Ore-sama's Great Insight, Ore-sama knows that it is you whom Fuji so much desired, and that you, Tezuka, felt the same towards him but have yet to make a move. Ore-sama is truly in love with Fuji, but understand fully well that he could only be truly happy with you. And I want nothing more than to make him the happiest man alive. So, the great Ore-sama is commanding you, Tezuka, to shower Fuji with all the seriousness of your love and diligently care for him and his eternal happiness."

'Fuji rejected Atobe, because he is in love with me?' Tezuka contemplated on this thought. Then, he groaned inwardly, for his cowardliness when it comes to showing his affection. Atobe had seen through him, even made him realize that his love for Fuji had only grown stronger after being jealous and fearing that he would really lose Fuji to someone else. Not that he would allow that to ever happen.

"You don't need to tell me what I already know."

Tezuka heard Atobe smirk, "the great Ore-sama, is satisfied that you understand. By the way, please pass me a message to the lovely Fuji. Tell him that the great Ore-sama sincerely apologizes for the misconduct earlier this afternoon, and to show my utmost sincerity, I'll be sending him the latest and most advanced cellphone developed in our century in lieu of the one broken and soaked by the rain, and left behind as he rushed off."


"Then, the great Ore-sama bid you well, good luck and adieu!"


Tezuka replayed Atobe's words again in his mind. Fuji loved him. He felt light-headed realizing that his feelings had been reciprocated all along, and that he was stupid to have misunderstood the Tensai's words. He turned back hoping to catch the Tensai before the latter could leave the school grounds.

Lightning flashed in the dark night sky, illuminating Fuji's figure not too far behind, walking quietly towards Tezuka.

Tezuka stopped moving and waited for Fuji to come close enough to him. Fuji was shivering slightly, as can be seen through his baby blue colored, double-layered, lite jacket. The tensai is gripping his still wet coat in his arms in an attemp to lessen the cold temperature. His smile was hinted with concern and, of what Tezuka could read as, yearning. Tezuka opened his midnight black trench coat, then pulled Fuji towards himself. He positioned themselves in such that the Tensai's back was completely leaning onto him, sharing the warmth of the clothe and *ahem* body, before he buttoned the his coat and placed his arms somewhere along Fuji's waist. He savored the smell of apples and cinnamon emanating from Fuji, and mused on how even the rain can't wash away the Tensai's signature scent.

Tezuka was relieved that Fuji had stopped shivering, but more so for the fact that the Tensai seemed to be enjoying the closeness of their body. It wasn't really that hard to walk with the condition that they are in, but the fact that Fuji kept tracing circles on Tezuka's thigh as they continued to walk towards the student council room, was enough to make his blood rush. He knew the Tensai is fully aware of what he's doing to him, and Tezuka refuse to let himself melt into Fuji's soft touches. At least, not just yet.

Tezuka unlocked to student council door, and lead their way in before securely locking door from within. He turned the lights on, then removed his trench coat for Fuji to solely wear.

"Mou, Tezuka, we could just share the coat like before until you finish what you need to do," Fuji cooed in his normally teasing voice.

*sigh* Tezuka did want to accept the offer, but knew that he would be very much distracted to accomplish anything if he did. Not the there was actually anything he needed to do in there. Yes, he lied. Initially, he was planning on staying in the student council room to sort his mind, maybe brood a little, and decide what course of action to take next - alone.

But, right now, the love of his life is standing before him.


"Hai, hai, Tezuka Buchou, I'll be a good little boy and sit here until you finish what you need to do."

Tezuka watched how Fuji carefully wore his coat, which is a couple of inches too big for him, and sat himself on Tezuka's desk. The image was just too adorable, that Tezuka had to muster a lot of will power to turn towards the minibar and make a couple of delightful hot chocolate, with a pinch of cinnamon and topped with some marshmallows, for both of them.

He handed Fuji one of the cups, and watched as the Tensai savored the smell and warmth radiating from the cup before they both took a sip from their own repective cups.

Tezuka leaned against the minibar table a few steps across the table Fuji was sitted on.

"Fuji, we need to talk."

"Ah, about what happened today..."

"No, you don't to explain that."

"Saa... So you already knew?"


"Then, what do you want to talk about, Tezuka?"


"What about your work?"

"I've finished all of them yesterday."

"So, you lied to Ayase-senei?" Fuji asked teasingly.

Tezuka felt as if an arrow had plunged right through him, but refuse to let the conversation stray off the topic.

"I did not lie to sensei. I do need to accomplish some urgent matter... to do some definitive thinking... about myself and such..."

"Saa..., that's just like you to be so serious."

Fuji shifted and was now standing, leaning against the table behind him.

"Fuji," Tezuka called Fuji's attention, "we, seriously, need to talk."

Tezuka knew that he was at fault for making their undefined closeness of an attraction drag on for too long, but he was now ready to proved himself worthy of the Tensai's love.

Words don't really come easy to Tezuka, he wondered how he could make Fuji understand his feelings. He took another sip from his cup and looked at Fuji.

Hazel orbs locked into clear blue ones, and began engaging in an string of unspoken conversation.

Words don't come easy, but seldom do they need words to understand each other.

{Fuji} 'What about you and I?'

{Tezuka} 'What about us?'

{Fuji} 'Why haven't you told me?'

{Tezuka} 'Why haven't you said anything?'

{Fuji} 'How long have you been keeping it?'

{Tezuka} 'How long have you known?'

{Fuji} 'Where will love lead us?'

{Tezuka} 'Where will happiness meet us?'

{Fuji} 'When will you hold me close and never let go?'

{Tezuka} 'When will you be mine?'

Fuji cerulean gems glinted as he asked in an even tone, laced with seriousness, "ne, Tezuka, is that poem a confession?"

Tezuka was frowned, an expression that was obvious only to Fuji. He didn't know that Fuji had heard his piece, since the latter was nowhere in sight when he read. He wanted to know since when has the Tensai been in the venue, but decided otherwise. That wasn't important anymore. Fuji's with him now, and that's all that matters.

Then, as if being slapped at forehead, Tezuka finally understood Fuji's poem. It was crafted very simply and directly that he need not really decipher anything. Fuji's words are affections he had failed to notice simply because he was so engrossed with his own feelings towards the Tensai.

'I am really as dense as they say I am," Tezuka laughed embarrassedly at himself.

Tezuka again focused on Fuji, hoping the latter would see the seriousness of his love through his eyes, and returned the question. "Is that poem your answer?" letting his eye ask the unsaid, 'to me?'

He put down the cup he was holding, and gave Tezuka a beautiful smile never seen before. It was a smile filled with love. Love for Tezuka.

And that answers that.

Tezuka looked, for a second, to the window sheilding them from the harsh weather condition outside.

"With this downpour, we could be stranded here for quite a while. But, we still shouldn't let our guard down."

Then he looked over at Fuji, eyes stained with amourous hue. "And with this very cold weather, it simply is a must keep our bodies warm, and our minds wide awake."

"That, we must, ne, Mitsu," Fuji pursed his lips suggestively towards Tezuka.

Tezuka, placing his cup down, walked over to where Fuji was, and gave his love his most precious smile - a smile only for Fuji. With his index finger, he tilted his Tensai's head before claiming his soft sultry lips with a chaste kiss.

After they parted, Tezuka's hand cupped Fuji's cheek, slightly brushing his thumb over Fuji's lips.

"I have fallen for the most beautiful beast to grace the universe, and I wouldn't have you any other way, Syuusuke."

Fuji touched the hand Tezuka had on his face, feeling his unconditional love.

"I can't be both beauty and the beast, Mitsu," Fuji hummed amusingly. "And as you have known me too well, I'm just an elegant beast - seldom accounted beautiful."

"But you'll always be beautiful to me, Fuji. And I know that through the years we'll be together, you will just grow ever more beautiful in my eyes."

Fuji's smiled his most brilliant smile, and said, "I didn't realize that my 'now-named love' was such a poet, Mitsu."

Fuji crawled his arm around Tezuka's neck, beckoning him for another kiss. It started gently, but soon escalated with passion. Their tongues hungrily explored each others' mouth, with sensual and passionate moans escaping from the intensity of their desires.

They separated only to get some air, though the flames of desire lingered in their eyes, inviting luxuria and avaritia...

"I love you, Syuusuke"

"I love you, Mitsu"

...were the last words spoken before they succumbed to the infinite wonders of love, passion, desire, and lust.

*Aah, ecstasy~*

The sun goes down, the stars come out,
And all that counts, is here and now,
My universe, will never be the same,
I'm glad you came,
So glad you came.