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"Hair? Okay!"

"Breath? Okay!"

"Pants? Okay!"

"Mentally prepared? Yes! Okay I can do this!"

See that weird guy mumbling to himself? Yeah the one right before you would turn the corner? Well that's me, Kendall Knight. I'm currently waiting for my best friend and love of my life to come home. But that's the thing, he doesn't know that he is the one for me. That's why I'm mumbling encouraging words to myself. Today I am going to tell him I love him!

You're probably wondering who 'him' is. Well it is the amazingly adorable Logan Michell. My best friend for before I can remember and I fell in love with his deep brown eyes and shining personality… and his silken hair and creamy pale skin and sexy as hell a-Ahem, anyway. I've loved that beautiful boy since I was thirteen and I am now seven-teen years old.

Even though we are the best of friends, we don't go the same school. He goes to Palm Woods High, school for the future rich and famous. I go to Rouque Academy, school of the musically talented. Difference between the two schools is one is dedicated to musical talents (Mine), the other dedicated to not only just musical talents but book (Logan's) and acting talents too.

So back to what I'm doing now. I'm going to tell Logan I love him. I looked down at my watch. SHIT! I'm late. I whirl around and walked briskly to the corner when I hear Logan's voice float around it. Oh! Good he's here.

"Hey! Log-"

"…Love you"

…Wait? What! I peek around the corner to find a shocked looking Logan and some guy. The guy, I will admit, was breathtakingly gorgeous. His brunette hair shown in the sunlight and his hazel eyes showed nothing but determination. But he was no where near my Logie's adorableness

"I love you, Logan."

I hate him.

That bastard! Who the hell does he think he is! Gah, wait what's Logan's reply! Oh God please let it be no! I watched Logan intently. He looked shocked, then he tilted his face down to where I couldn't see it anymore. I can't hear what he's saying! What is he saying? Oh, I can't sit here and watch this.

"Logan!" I yelled as I dashed around the corner. The Bastard and Logan turned startled expressions to me.

"Kendall? What are you doing here." Logan asked.

Well that's a good question. I can't really just tell Logan how I feel now, especially if Bastards here. "Um…" I mentally slapped myself. Smooth Kendall, real smooth.

The tall brunette glared at me for some reason. What's he glaring at me for! He's the one who's trying to steal the love of my life away from me! Granted no one knows I'm in love with Logan, but that's not the point! This guy has no right! Logan's mine! I will not lose!

All through my little monologue I was giving him my best glare. And poor naïve Logan was as confused as ever. "Kendall? Dude? What's up? Did you need something?" Logan asked. Ah, yes another good question. Before I could respond with another exceptionally intelligent phrase, Bastard spoke first.

"Logan? Who's blondie?" The Bastard said, voice smooth and cool. He sounds like he'd make a good singer. NO! Stop it! Logan, focus on Logan!

Logan eyed both of us suspiciously, before shrugging and answering Bastards question, "James, this is my best friend since practically birth Kendall. He goes to Rouque Academy." I smirked at Bastard as his eyes widened slightly. Yes that's right I got into one of the hardest to get into schools in the country. "And Kendall," he continued," this is James. A class mate from Palm Woods. We have an AP science class together. Swear this guy could be the next Einstein if he wanted." Logan laughed good naturally.

James chuckled (that bastard) and placed his hand on Logan's shoulder, "Nah. That's not really my thing. I'm a actor Logan not a scientist. I think I'll leave that to you." They both laughed at that. I was fuming inside. He was acting pretty damn big for some one in a lesser class then me! Bastard.

Pretty soon their laughter died away and Logan turned back to me, "You haven't come by in a while Kendall. Want to come inside?"

I inwardly sighed. My confidence from earlier gone, "No. It's okay. I was just passing through." I said, smiling slightly.

Logan smiled his adorable crooked smile, "Really? Okay then." He shrugged and stared to walk toward his house. "I gotta go. Chores, you know? Talk to you later Kendall. See you tomorrow James." Then he left me with Bastard.

There was a long and uncomfortable silence for a good ten minutes after that. We just stood their, out side of Logan's house. I glanced over at James and caught his eye. I quickly looked away and deciding that I should break this silence.

"Did… you, um…ju-" He cut me off before I could continue.

"You're in love with Logan too." He said it more as a statement then a question.

"Wha- I-he-what?" I was completely caught off guard.

Bastard, of course, just smirked this all knowing smirk that made me want to punch his face in, "Thought as much." He said still not looking at me.

"How the hell would you know!" I yelled at him. I could feel my face start to heat up.

He shrugged, "It's a gift. Not only am I drop dead sexy, but I have brains too." Oh, he was a cocky bastard.

"Y…YES! That's right! I'm in love with Logan. Longer then you ever have! I've always loved him!" I all but screamed.

He just chuckled and started to walk away, "There is no 'First come, First serve.' in the game of love." He gave me a sly smirk over his shoulder. " I love Logan too. So I'm not just going to give him up because you've loved him 'longer'." He stopped and turned around to face me, "He is way more important to me then he ever will be for you." That stupid smirk never left his face, " See ya later, Kendall." He turned around and walked off, leaving me seething in the middle of the side walk.

That…that…Bastard! That no good son of a bitch! He doesn't deserve Logan! Logan deserves some one like… like…ME! He is not going to win!

I'll be damned if I lose to that bastard!


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