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Warnings: Strong Language, homophobia

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I watched as Jerry pressed his lips and did his best to intimidate me with his anger. For him, that was close to impossible. His face always turned into a bright pink shade and his lips always made an adorable pout. He looked more like a little girl than anything. "Why did you do that, Larry?" he demanded. "You don't know what it's like for her."

"Neither do you," I replied evenly, returning back to my computer. At this point, watching Stella was not going to help me. I wanted to groan. It looked as though the only way to get rid of my annoyance-turned-anger was to vent it. "She hasn't told anyone," I said. "Or have you forgotten?"

Jerry groaned, but it sounded weak. "If she's screaming, then it has to be serious." He suddenly noticed that I was barely paying him any heed. "Lar, what are you doing?"

Not even bothering to rip my eyes away, I replied, "Updating my hate blog."

"Your what?"

I mindlessly beckoned for him to join me at my side. He hesitated for a moment, but he eventually did with a flushed face and downcast eyes. Sounding very much like an informative businessman, I explained, "See here Jerry, on tumblr there are a variety of blogs that specialize in certain aspects of a fandom. Mine here, properly entitled 'Glory Fuck No Hetalia Dumb Shits', specializes in how stupid Hetalia fans are."

Jerry frowned. "You do realize that Sherry is still a fan of that."

I nodded. "Yes, I do, but she has nothing to do with this. Hetalia is insulting. What kind of person would want to watch a bunch of gay men who portray the countries in a completely insulting manner while having sex with each other?"

He took off his glasses and massaged the bridge of his nose. He asked, "You do realize that that's not what it's about."

Was there a challenging tone in his voice? I raised a humored eyebrow. How very interesting. "And you would know this how?"

The twin suddenly realized his tone and looked down with embarrassment. He muttered a soft apology before saying in an equally low manner, "Well, I may have watched a few episodes."

I rolled my eyes. "That's not surprising. How many?"

"One or two seasons. It's not actually half bad."

The house phone started ringing, the shrill noise blending nicely with the soft pattering of the rain. Neither one of us made a move to answer it. "So you're telling me that you actually like watching gay porn?" I asked.

"It's not gay porn!" He snapped, or at least his weak version of one. "It's actually really funny and most of the characters are straight-"

"Most?" I rose from my seat and got right into his face. Our noses were touching, somehow causing his face to grow even redder. Seriously, this kid needs to get a backbone or get his blushing problem checked out. No one can blush so much and not have something wrong with their face.

Jerry twiddled his thumbs and he refused to make eye contact. "W-well Holy Rome loved Italy, but he thought he was a girl," he stuttered. "And Sweden is only gay for Finland-"

I grimaced. In a mocking manner, I tapped the tip of his nose, an action that sent the boy backing into the kitchen counter. "I find that very insulting for the Swedish," I said, barely noticing that the phone had stopped ringing. "Who would want to have their country be gay?"

"What's wrong with being gay?" Jerry snapped. I backed away, giving him enough space to escape. That wasn't his soft snap- that was a real 'I am just about ready to commit first degree homicide' snap. Whatever I said obviously hit a weak spot.

I opened my mouth, ready to demand what his problem was when-

"Shit! Larry! Jerry!"

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