NOTICE: This is a time-warped story. I'm going to try my best to keep it as accurate as possible but some things may be off so bare with me. Try not to be too hard on me. Remember this is a fanfic and is just for fun.


The rain and thunder were ranging as the Konoha 11 battled their latest and, so far, strongest opponent. His name and history was unknown, so they called him Mishiranu. (unknown in Japanese, got off the internet) All that they really knew was that the man seemed to have some sort of control over time and space. He could disappear and appear in the blink of an eye. He was strong and had all the Konoha 12 at their limits. They were tired and worn out, all near the end of their chakra reserves. Even Naruto was having trouble against Mishiranu. He had used some of his most powerful moves but still Mishiranu seemed un-phased.

"Now, now, look what we have here." Mishiranu smirked at the scene before him. "If this is the best that Konoha has to offer, then I am greatly disappointed."

"SHUT UP!" Naruto growled.

"Looks like we still have energy to be rude and interrupt people when they are talking." Mishiranu started gathering chakra into his hand. "But I can put an end to that." Hinata could see that Mishiranu had his target set on Naruto. "It is time for you to learn some manners."

Then he sent what looked like a large beam of chakra at Naruto.

Naruto covered his eyes waiting for the impact.

"NNNNOOOO!" Hinata jumped in front of Naruto and using her gentle fist technique and the last of her chakra, she did her best to deflect it. But the attack was too strong. The last thing Hinata remembered was everyone shouting her name, than everything went black.

I know it is short but try to remember that it is just the prologue.