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Hinata woke up the next morning feeling better than ever. She had a wonderful dream where she and Kakashi had a picnic by a lake and the best part was that they were all alone which meant that Kakashi felt comfortable enough to pull down his mask, allowing Hinata to see how stunningly good looking he was. And the lack of mask also meant that they could kiss all they wanted.

Hinata woke up with a light blush on her cheeks and her heart beating a mile a minute. But then she remembered the night before and she was even happier. Her date with Kakashi had gone perfect. She felt so much better knowing that all that she had gone through and everything that she felt was not made up and that it really happened. And although she was unable to save lives, Hinata was still happy with the fact that she was able to make some people's lives a little bit better. Asuma was able to see his child, and Naruto's parents can rest in peace knowing that Kakashi had looked after their son.

Hinata washed up and changed into her ninja attire. She wanted to do some training as well as run a small errand. But as Hinata walked out the door she nearly tripped over something. She was surprised to see a large bouquet of special blue flowers. She couldn't help but giggle when she figured out what type they were.

"Forget-me-nots." Hinata picked up the flowers and took a whiff of their sweet scent. How could she forget a person like Kakashi after all that they had been through? She quickly put them in a vase next to the ones that Kakashi had given her the other day before locking the door behind her.

Hinata made it to her favorite training grounds. Nothing special about the grounds except that is had a large pond to practice with her elemental chakra. She was starting to really get the hang of controlling water and wanted to practice it some more.

Hinata slowly walked onto the water and once she was in the center of the pond she took a deep breath. She then concentrated her chakra and slowly sent some of it into the water beneath her. A moment later some of the water started to rise around her. Hinata moved her hands around with the water following. She soon started to dance around the lake the water following her like it was her dance partner. Hinata let her mind wonder and it went instantly to the grey haired copy nin.

Eventually Hinata lost herself in the dance. She even started to imagine Kakashi dancing with her on the pond.

"I've seen this site before but still very beautiful."

The sudden sound broke Hinata's concentration and she lost control of the water and her chakra and fell into the water. She quickly came back to the service for air and swam to the edge.

"Sorry about that."

Hinata finally looked up and saw none other than the man she was just thinking about holding out his hand and giving her one of his one eyed smiles. She took his hand and he hoisted her up to dry land with ease. Hinata let out a small cough to get rid of some of the water she had swallowed. Kakashi rubbed her back gently.

'I don't have a towel with me, but I have my jacket." He offered her his green flak jacket.

"T-thank you." Hinata took off her now soaked jacket and put on Kakashi's. She couldn't help but take a deep breath of the copy-nin's cologne.

"I can't believe I surprised you like that again." Kakashi rubbed the back of his head. "I feel bad about that."

"It's fine. At least you didn't have to rescue me this time." Hinata instantly blushed thinking about how young Kakashi had to give her mouth to mouth before. It seemed like Kakashi was recalling the same thing because she saw a light tint of pink peaking from under his mask. "Did you come here to train?" Hinata tried to change the subject before it got awkward.

"Hm? Oh yes. I wanted to train a bit on my own before I meet up with my team."

"Oh…well I will leave you to it then." Hinata made a move to get up but was stopped when she felt Kakashi's holding her hand.

"You don't have to go so soon you know. We can just sit here and talk." He offered.

"But what about your training?"

Kakashi shrugged. "I think I can skip it every once in a while, especially when its because of a beautiful maiden."

Hinata let out a small giggle. "That sounds like something out of your books." She went and sat down next to the copy nin.

He chuckled back. "It may be. They are actually very well written books if you ever care to read them."

"OH NO! I'm good. Thank you though."

Hinata's reaction made Kakashi laugh. "I was only kidding. I know you wouldn't be interested in these kinds of books."

"I don't know how you can read them out in public." Hinata admitted. "I have always wondered why."

"You could have asked. I'm not ashamed of it. I just don't really care what others think of me. I figured let them see me without any secrets."

Hinata let out another giggle. "You don't want to have any secrets and yet you wear that mask."

"Heh, touche." Kakashi touched his mask. "Everyone seems to have an obsession with seeing my face." He then looked over at the shy Hyuga. "Except you it seems. You have never been one to ask me about my mask like everyone else.""

"I just never thought it was my business. If you wanted to hide your face then who am I to ask what it looks like." Hinata then blushed and started playing with her fingers. "Plus…I…a…sort of..already seen your face."

"Right before the battle with Aki?" Kakashi asked recalling the kiss.

Hinata's face turned redder as she nodded. "And also when you save me from the lake."

"So what do you think then since you saw my face?" Kakahsi teased.

Hinata could have told him that he was the most handsome man she have ever seen. That she had dreams about how his face would look as she kissed him but Hinata was not that brave. Luckily she didn't have to respond because she saw Kakashi sniff the air.

"I smell ramen, paint, and the hospital. It seems my team is actually on time for once." Kakashi stood up and helped Hinata up as well. "Sorry we couldn't continue this conversation longer."

"It's fine. I still enjoyed it."

"Would you like to train with us?" Kakashi offered.

"Oh no." Hinata shook her head. "Maybe some other time. I actually have an errand to run."

"Well would you care to train with me tomorrow?"

"I would like that." Feeling a bit brave Hinata quickly hugged Kakashi and then ran off as she saw a blur of orange coming their way.

As she ran off she couldn't help but overhear, "HEY SENSEI WHERE"S YOUR VEST?"

Once Hinata felt she was a good distance away she slowed down to a walk. She knew it was silly to run away but she wasn't sure if she was ready for others to see her with Kakashi. She knew that they would bombard her with questions about why she was suddenly hanging out with the Copy Nin.

Before she faced everyone, she wanted to figure everything out. Hinata made her way through the village when she spotted her old teammates.

"Hey Hinata." Kiba waved as he and Shino walked towards her.

"Hello you guys."

Kiba's smile suddenly turned into a frown as he got closer and sniffed the air. "Hey…" He came closer and sniffed Hinata making her freeze in place. "How come you smell like Kakashi?" He gave her a look.

"Uh…well…you see, he gave me his vest." Hinata explained.

Kiba gave her a questionable look. "Why on earth would Kakashi give you his vest?"

"I was on the lake doing some training when he surprised me and I fell in the water. So he gave me his vest." Hinata held out her wet jacket as proof.

"Oh ok." Kiba seemed to accept the explanation. "That was nice of him."

Hinata let out a mental sigh of relief. Last thing she needed was Kiba asking her to many questions about her and Kakashi.

"So where are you heading today?" Shino finally spoke.

"I was actually on my way to sensei's house. I wanted to talk to her about some things."

"We actually just left her house. Wanted to check in on her and the kid, ya know." Kiba said. "Now we are heading to grab something to eat. Wanna join?"

Hinata shook her head. "First I want to visit sensei, but after that I will meet up with you guys. How does that sound?"

"That sounds like a good plan." Shino nodded. He then tugged on Kiba's jacket. "Let's leave Hinata to her visit."

"See ya later." Kiba waved as he and Shino walked away.

Hinata made her way through town, but without noticing the looks she was getting. She figured they were because she wasn't wearing her usual jacket and instead wearing a oversized flak jacket. Soon she came to her sensei's house. She knocked on the door and waited.

The door opened to reveal a woman with long dark hair and striking red eyes. "Oh hello there Hinata." She smiled seeing the shy Hyuga. "Please come on in."

"Thank you." Hinata followed Kurenai into her living room.

"I'm sorry to say that the little one is taking a nap. Shino and Kiba tired him out."

"That is altright. I actually really wanted to talk to you about some things."

"Oh?" Kurenai looked surprised. "About what?"

Hinata looked down and played with her fingers. "Um….Kakashi-sensei."

If Kurenai was surprised about the chosen subject she did not show it. "What about Kakashi?"

"First, I should probably tell you that I remember." She looked at the woman that was the closest thing she had to a mother. "I remember going back in time to when you senseis were younger."

Kurenai smiled. "You remember everything?"

Hinata nodded. "I was afraid to tell you because I thought that it was all a dream. It wasn't until I talked to Kakashi that I realized that it was all real."

"I see. But since you talked to Kakahsi about it, why have you come to talk to me?"

Hinata played with the hem of Kakashi's vest. "I'm not sure if Kakashi told you or not but when I was in the past, he sort of, kind of kissed me."

"Kissed you?"
Hinata nodded. "Nothing serious, just a sudden kiss before we attacked Aki and his troops."

"That explains it then."

"Explains what sensei?"

Kurenai let out a small laugh. "Why Kakashi acted so odd after you disappeared. When he and the Fourth came back to the village Kakashi looked extremely depress. He didn't talk to anyone for a few days. All he would do his train and stay at home. The Fourth had told us to leave him be. That he had gone through a lot. It wasn't until you mentioned your little kiss that I understand."

"I still don't understand sensei."

"Kakashi is a very private person. He does not like to show his feelings, not even to his closest friends. A person has to mean a lot to him, and I do mean a lot, for him to open up to them even if it is something as simple as a kiss. Now if he ever shows you his face then that really means he trust you because no one I know have has ever seen his."

Hinata wasn't about to tell her that she had seen his face. She wasn't ready to give out that kind of information. The fact that she had seen Kakahsi's face and no one else made her feel special.

"W-what I wanted to tell you sensei is that when I was in the past I started to get to know Kakashi a lot more and I think, I mean I'm pretty sure that I…" Hinata started to play with her fingers. "I think I like him."

Kurenai gave her a student a look. "What kind of like Hinata? Are we talking about the same kind of like that you had for Nartuo?"

Hinata nodded.

Kurenai surprised her by actually smiling. "I'm happy to hear it."

"E-excuse me? You aren't mad?"

"Under other circumstances I probably would but I know that this didn't come out of nowhere like most people are going to think. You got to know Kakashi in a way that others will never get the chance to do." Kurenai paused for a moment/ "And besides, my blessing is the least I can do after what you have done for me."

"What do you mean sensei?"

"I'm talking about what you did for Asuma and I."

Hearing about Asuma made Hinata's heart twist. "B-but I didn't do anything. I wasn't able to save him. He still died."

"Yes he did but because of your warning he was able to live long enough to see his own child. You don't know what that meant to him and what it means to me."

Hinata could feel the tears forming on the corner of her eyes. Seeing the look of happiness on her sensei's face made everything that she went through worth it.

"Now you have my blessing but I'm not sure how the boys will react to your news."

"I'm going to meet them for dinner once I'm done here."

Kurenai nodded. "Good and don't forget about talking to your family too. When you were in the past it wasn't a big deal but now you and Kakahsi have the age difference to consider. Not everyone will be understanding."

Hinata nodded and then stood up to leave. "Thank you sensei."

Kurenai gave her student a hug. "Anything for you sweetie. Now enjoy your dinner." Hinata was about to walk out. "Oh and Hinata…" Hinata looked over her shoulder. "Kakashi's vest looks good on you."