The hunger games are still on, the rebellion failed. Gale never went to District 2, he still works in the mines but now he has a 16 year old daughter named Annabella Hawthorne. Her mother died not long after she was born and it was then that she was left at her father's doorstep but he eagerly took Annabella and she is his whole world.

Okay there is a few things I have changed for my story. District 12 is still there and Katniss and Peeta' son is older than their daughter.



"Annabella? It's time to wake, I have go to the mines early today" I rubbed my eyes and got up off the hard bed. Unlike many others I was a morning person, I loved the mornings, the bright sun, the silence of everyone who was still sleeping and the smell of fresh bread as the bakers opened but the one thing I hated about mornings was seeing my dad walk out the front door and toward the mines.

I had the typical Seam look like my dad, Gale Hawthorne; I had long dark hair that was always in a ponytail, olive skin, and grey eyes. I wish I had inherited my father's height but unfortunately I got my mothers, I only just barely made it to my dad's shoulders.

I hated when dad went to the mines, I was always afraid he would never come home for supper, what little of it we had. I had a good advantage in my life, my dad taught me to hunt and set snatches. He always complained that he was not as good as Katniss at the bow and arrow but tried as hard as he could to get me perfect at it since it was the weapon I chose to use for hunting. After all these years he still felt something for her, he also still felt guilt for Katniss' sister's death and did everything he could to try and redeem himself with her. I don't know Katniss or her family personally but I have seen them around and they seem nice.

"Goodbye daddy" I leaped up into his arms with my toes barely touching the ground. "I will miss you" he pulled back and kissed my forehead.

"I will miss you more. I love you squirt. Try not to get caught" Dad ruffled my hair and headed out the door.

"Love you too. I won't!" I shouted after him. I chuckled and ran back to my room and pulled on my leggings, shirt, boots and my dad's old jacket. I undid my hair and put a quick comb through it before putting it back in a messy ponytail. I grabbed my bag on my way out the door and closed the door tightly. I tried keeping to myself all the time. No point getting close to people who can be plucked out of the district and sent on a death mission.

The Hunger Games, every year Effie Trinket comes to small District 12 and takes two children between the ages of 12 and 18, one girl and one boy to participate in The Hunger Games. It's pathetic and I hope I never get chosen I know I would most likely die. Have I mentioned reaping day is tomorrow?

I listened for the hum of the fence, I was satisfied when all I heard was silence and slid under the fence. I ran straight for the tree line, longing for the fresh air and animals waiting to be cooked. I reached inside a log where dad told me was where Katniss used to keep her bow and arrows and grabbed my bow and arrows out. I also pulled out a hunting knife and a spear and a small net with heavy rocks tied to the corners.

The first thing I did was check the snatches, I had at least 10 set up and only 2 caught something worthwhile; two squirrels, small and bony.

There were a few twig snaps making my head turn to the left, there was a big fat rabbit only metres away, I had never seen one so big.

I pulled out my net and threw it toward the rabbit. It only landed on half of it, one of its legs were trapped but that's all that kept it there. I pounced forward landing on the rabbit holding it in place.

"I am sorry, but you die so me and my father shall live" I quickly snapped its neck and put it in my sack with the squirrels. I collected some herbs and spices for another hour before I heard it. A siren from District 12, I knew what that siren meant; everyone knew what that siren meant. There has been an accident in the mines. I shoved what I had collected into my sack and rushed home, I barely stopped to throw my hunting supplies in the log. I didn't even stop at the fence, I knew it wouldn't be on; I just dived straight under it.

"Daddy!" By the time I had gotten to the mines they already pulled up the first lot of survivors.

I saw my dad among them hugging a woman with long brown hair pulled into a braid, I knew that was Katniss but I didn't care if they were having some sort of soppy reunion. They always bought up the worst of them first.

"Daddy!" I wiped the tears that fell while I was running here and pounced on him pushing Katniss out of the way, I will apologise for that later. "What happened? Are you okay?" I pulled back and looked at him, his whole right arm was burnt and bleeding and he had a big cut on his head.

"Just an explosion, I will be fine" Dad winced while he tried to reassure me.

"You were always a bad liar" I brushed his hair back and inspected his cut.

"I will take him to my mum" Katniss got under my dad's arm and helped keep him up. I moved forward to help but I didn't want to touch his arm and hurt him more. Katniss' mum was the best healer the district had; she will be flooded with people today.

"Hey, I will be fine, I promise. You have stuff to do" He leaned forward and kissed my head "I love you Annabella"

"I love you more daddy" I let Katniss take him away, he was right; I had stuff I needed to do. I walked like a ghost to the Hob, where people go to trade, they knew and accepted me because of my dad. I have been going there since I was a child.

I strode over to Greasy Sea and propped myself up on her counter.

"Nice to see you too girl" She handed me the bowl of soup I always get and held out her hand. I pulled out a squirrel and placed it in her open palm. "Bit bony, but it'll do"

"Hey Annabella, looking good love" Roddick, one of the younger Peacekeepers winked at me. He was in ways, obsessed with me. He propped himself against the counter and looked me over "Actually, you look like shit"

"Not that you actually care but there was a mining explosion not even an hour ago"

"Aww, was daddy inside?"

"Is Gale alright?" Greasy Sea interrupted, she wouldn't admit it but she had a soft spot for my dad.

"Yeah just a bit beat up. Katniss took him to see her mum"

"If you need anything darling you know where to find me" Roddick leaned forward and took a lock of my hair taking a deep breath, I threw my elbow back getting him right in the gut. His grunt of pain bought me pleasure. He was always touching me inappropriately and making rude and sexual comments whenever he saw me.

Roddick bounced back quickly grabbing my elbow, twisting it and slamming my face down into my soup bowl. Luckily I had turned my head sideways so it was only one side of my face covered in soup. Roddick pulled my arm tight and pressed his body up against me.

"You should be grateful I don't take you in for assault" his lips were practically on my ear, no one could hear what he was saying "watch you're back girly. I won't be so nice next time" his other hand snaked its way around my waist slowly moving up my ribs. I struggled against his hold. "I like a fighter" he chuckled before letting me go. I wiped my face and turned around watching him walk away.

"That is one creepy boy" I snorted in agreement to Greasy Sea and handed her my soup bowl. "Here take this to yer dad, I want that bowl back though" She pointed her bony finger at me with a stern look. I grabbed the bowl of soup from her old bony hands and gave her a small smile of thanks.

I ran out of their and toward the victors village where Katniss and her family lived, eager to see my dad and see how bad his injuries actually were. District 12 was probably the smallest district, it wasn't far to run to the Victors Village. I stopped and knocked at the big door, it was so polished and pretty. I had never seen anything so clean before.

"Hi" a little girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes opened the door beaming up at me. "It's my birthday today! I just turned 12" She was smiling so big. Little did she know her name was being put in the reaping bowl probably as we speak. I crouched down to her level and gave her a big smile.

"Is Gale here?" Her smile got bigger and she nodded excitedly and she grabbed my hand pulling me inside.

"He is in this room" He wasn't the only one in the room. Katniss was standing beside him with a small smile on her face and holding dad's hand, Peeta was standing not too far away trying to discretely glare at my dad and their son, Kaleb, I think, was just standing in the room staring at me confused. I placed the bowl on the first table I saw then rushed over to my dad.

"Daddy!" He chuckled and slung his good arm around me, the one Katniss was previously holding. I squeezed him tightly before pulling back and wiping some dirt off his face and examining his injuries.

"Wait, you have a daughter?" Peeta was as confused as everyone else, I wasn't really seen with dad because he was always working or we were both in the woods together hunting.

"Annabella Hawthorne, nice to meet you" I wiped my hand of its dirt before sticking it out for Peeta to shake, which he did, still confused.

"When did this happen?" Katniss questioned, so she didn't know either? It's not very surprising. Dad hasn't really had much to do with her since what happened with her sister.

"About 17ish years ago, and please don't ask how, I imagine you already know how that works" Peeta let out a tiny chuckle but no one else seemed to find my joke as amusing as he did.

"Annabella that was rude" Dad scolded.

"Sorry" I mumbled.

"I thought it was funny" Kaleb spoke from his position in the corner. He had his father's blonde hair but his mother's eyes. He was quite handsome, I wonder why I haven't paid any attention to who he was before this moment. Was I that too caught up in my own life? I ducked my head to hide my blush and looked at dad. He had a big lump on his head and his cut was small, but his arm was burnt pretty badly. It was up in a sling.

"You're such a baby, I bet you aren't even hurting that bad, your just trying to get out of the reaping tomorrow" I ruffled dad's hair.

"You caught me, what are you going to do? Turn me over to the Peacekeepers" I snorted and handed him his soup.

"Your admirers specialty, hurry and eat so we can go home, no offense. Your house is beyond amazing but I have things I need to do at home" Katniss gave me a small smile while still looking me over. I placed my hand on my bag where the rabbit and the other squirrel still were.

"What did you catch today?" Dad eagerly slurped his soup. Why would he say that in front of people? I widened my eyes at him and shook my head.

"Catch? You hunt?" Katniss was intrigued.

"Yeah. Uhh, I caught 2 squirrels and a big fat rabbit, bigger than I have ever seen and I collected some herbs and spices. This should last us at least another week if we count the turkey I got the other day" I gushed excited; I even demonstrated how big the rabbit was.

"That's amazing, what do you use?" Katniss was intrigued, I guess she hasn't really properly hunted like she did during the games.

"A bit of everything, I have been hunting since I was a little girl. Today I just collected from the snatches and collected some herbs and spices. I usually use my bow and arrow though. But I'm not very good; dad wasn't that good a teacher" I chuckled and narrowly avoided the hand dad swiped in my direction. "I will see you at home daddy, hurry" I kissed his forehead and politely said goodbye to everyone else.

"I can walk you home" Kaleb followed me out of the door "I need to get out of that house"

"I don't live that faraway" I protested, I've never been a people person. I prefer to be alone but considering the threat I got from Roddick earlier, a little company might not be the worst thing. The whole time we walked he said absolutely nothing, I think I was just his ticket out of the house. I ind of get it though, being cooped up in that house all the time with no one to hang out with except your parents and little sister. Being afraid of every dark corner because the capitol could still want you dead. If I didn't get the time in the forest every day I would probably go crazy being cooped up.

"Why don't I see you at around?" we had just gotten to the front door when Kaleb spoke. The whole walk here he said nothing, why would he wait until the walk was over to finally speak?

"I hunt to provide for my family, I don't have time for socialising" I turned to face him.

"I thought it was just you and your dad?"

"No. We have two rabbits that we breed to get more food but they take time growing up and they need food to be fat. And we have a cat around somewhere who usually is sleeping under my bed. Animals need to eat as well" I picked up some wood and led him inside. "Why don't you train or hunt? The child of two tributes, I am surprised you haven't been sent into the games already. If my parents were Katniss and Peeta I would have started training my ass off as soon as I was out of the womb"

"Mum and dad want to leave the games in the past, they hope I'm not picked but I train myself mostly. I'm not denying my future like they are" He chucked the wood in the fire and lit it before standing and facing me. "I don't deny that tomorrow I will be picked. I have expected it since I turned 12. I just hope that they have enough heart to leave my sister out of it" Kaleb grabbed the wood from my arms leaving his hands against mine for a bit before pulling away.

"You don't know that, you might not get picked" Kaleb snorted and gave me a disbelieving look. We both knew it wasn't true. The Capitol will take every chance they have to ruin Katniss and Peeta's lives.

"I should go" Kaleb gave me an awkward nod and left.