More Breaking In Fic! Short and Silly, and contains a wee bit of spanking.


"Howdy partner!" Oz exclaimed as Cameron exited the bathroom, traces of ink still on his face. Oz griped the younger mans arm and towed him along.

"Oz?" Cameron questioned.

"I thought you would have learned to leave my precious desserts alone" Oz explained.

"This is about the pudding?" Cameron asked as he let Oz drag him to the kitchen.

"It's about not learning your lesson" Oz said as he pushed the younger man into a chair.

"You already inked me" The hacker defended.

"All that did was let me know who the thief was" Oz said as he rummaged through the kitchen drawers. He pulled out a wooden spoon and shot Cameron a grin and made the hacker squirm.

"Uh, what's that for?" Cameron asked.

"Stand up, Cambo" The older man said as he pulled Cameron up. He tapped the spoon against the palm of his hand.

"Did your grandma ever smack you with a spoon for stealing cookies from the cookie jar?" Oz asked.

"Uh, no..." Cameron said, confused.

"Grandma doesn't like when you steal cookies, peaches"

"Are you grandma in this scenario?" Cameron asked as he kept his eyes on the spoon.

"No, I'm not into that scene anymore" Oz paused for a moment to see Cameron's face contort in confusion. Sometimes it was too easy to mess with the younger man. "But I am the victim here. I also happen to be the judge, jury, and executioner. "

"That's not very fair. I didn't actually eat the pudding" Cameron said trying to defend himself. He wished they had a case to be working on so Oz would have something better to do, although he couldn't help but to be curious about where his boss was going with this.

"Life's not fair, and life sucks without my pudding" Oz stated as he emphasized his words by smacking the spoon against his hand.

"So what's my punishment?" The younger man asked nervously.

"Assume the position!" Oz said, with a little too much glee in his voice for Cameron's liking.

"Aw, really? You're going to hit me with a spoon?" Cameron whined. He was trying not to remember the time Oz spanked him. His hand hurt enough and he didn't want to find out how skilled his boss was with the spoon.

"I could get Veronica to do it, if you prefer"

"Oh god no!" Cameron said as he quickly got into position with hands planted on the table. He felt his face flush, but he was glad they were the only two left in the building.

He felt Oz's hand on his lower back moments before he felt the sting of the wooden spoon across his ass. As he suspected, it hurt more than Oz's hand had.

"Jeez, Oz! That really hurt!" The young hacker stated as he tried to stand.

"Well, duh. Now stay still or I'll make you count out loud" Oz said as he smacked Cameron again.

"Why don't you just keep you pudding in one of your secret rooms?" Cameron asked.

"First of all, I have no idea what you are referring to. Second of all, this is much more fun" Oz said as he smacked his hacker a few more times.

Cameron tried not to squirm, but the damn spoon was pretty effective.

"Okay! Okay! I get it! I'll never touch your stupid pudding again!"

"And?" Oz asked with another hard smack.

"And what?" Cam asked.

"Did you switch to boxer briefs?" Oz asked as he tossed the spoon onto the table and took his hand off the younger man's back.

Cameron stood and turned around and looked at his boss.

"Um, yeah" Cameron responded. He was no longer surprised by Oz's random questions.

"Hm" Oz said before he left the kitchen, "Go buy me some more pudding!" Oz called back.

"I'm working for a crazy person" Cameron mused. He felt his phone vibrate. He pulled it out of his pocket. He wasn't surprised that it was a text from Oz. I heard that. Make sure you get chocolate.