Ghost Rider

Rise of Saint Rider

Authors Note: Sup everybody just a quick note this story exists in the continuity of the Ghost Rider films so just picture him as Nicholas Cage. Also their may be some inconsistencies with some already established continuity and this messes with some origin stories and creates a new character so you've been warned.

Our Story begins in a quiet neighbourhood on a peaceful Autumn night. In the house of one David Ketch. He was tucking his son Daniel in for the night when he heard a loud vehicle coming close to his house. He went out to investigate and in the distance he could hear a man screaming. The voice cried out "No No not here not now there's to many people" David yelled out "Hello there are you okay" Suddenly a burst of light ignited behind a bush. It looked like some kind of crazy fire. He heard the voice scream out "No NOOOooo...AH HA HA!" Now he could hear a different voice that sounded like a deep, demonic growl. Suddenly a chain burst out of the bush and wrapped around Davids leg and pulled him in, he yelled out in fear. Roused by this Daniel walked outside and could hear a scuffle. He then ran towards the bush where he saw an image that would haunt him the rest of his life. His father was being lifted up off the ground by a man with a black leather jacket. Most disturbing of all he had a flaming skull for a head. The figure then said "Look into my eyes" David then noticed his son watching and said "Daniel look away son look away" The boys father then began to scream horribly and his eyes turned to coal and then the figure dropped him and turned to the boy and suddenly the first voice said in a very sad tone "I'm sorry" The figure then ran back into the woods and emerged on a motorcycle and sped away laughing into the night leaving the twelve year old boy haunted by the memory of his father falling victim to the penance stare.

7 years later

Out on the open rode in Texas Johnny Blaze now free to use his curse as a tool against the devil instead of just being his bounty hunter has left Europe to be back where he feels to belong. As he drives down the rode on his motorcycle a speeding car passes him almost knocking him off his bike. He then says to himself "Okay you want to take this one" He then changed into the now blue flamed angel of justice Ghost Rider and responded to himself "Hell yes" The Rider then sped off after the speeder and as he caught up to him tapped on his window and said "Hey buddy slow down your ass down" The driver of the car almost went off the rode upon seeing the Rider and instantly slowed down. The rider then approvingly said "See their you go now you won't find yourself getting nailed by a" the driver interrupted yelling "Watch out" The Rider had failed to notice a semi truck heading straight towards him. He then jumped off his bike onto the truck as his bike drove around it and he then jumped off the back of the truck and landed on his bike. He then looked back at the person who then said "Show off" the Rider then sped off away from the driver and laughed along as he went at insane speeds. The Rider was also now free to go as fast as he wanted without causing destruction along the way.

Back in the life of Daniel Ketch. Daniel was blamed for his dads death seeing how their didn't seem to be any other explanation. He was designated as problem child but in therapy sessions he would always try to explain what happened that night but he was simply said to be making excuses for his own actions. He worked in his Dads repair shop that he owned before he died. Many people in town say that he disgraces his fathers memory even going anywhere near his fathers shop.

One day though a stranger comes into his shop carrying a cane and wearing a black and red robe. Daniel says "Hello sir how can I help you?" The stranger ignores his question and instead asks "It says on that sign outside this is Ketch and sons auto shop. I was looking for a fellow named David Ketch is that your father?" Daniel replied "Yeah I'm his son but my dad ... Died a long time ago and.." The Stranger interrupted him and asked "How did your father die" Daniel replied "He was murdered" The Stranger asked "By whom" Daniel leaned in close to the stranger and said "Can you keep a secret" The stranger nodded so Daniel continued "He was killed by a flaming motorcycle skeleton" The Stranger laughed and said mockingly "A flaming motorcycle skeleton" Daniel then said "I knew you wouldn't believe me" The Stranger then stopped immediately and said in a very serious tone "I do believe you Daniel and I sympathize with you" Daniel was curious as to how much he knew about the murderer "You know him" The Stranger then sat down and said "Can you keep a secret" Daniel nodded and the Stranger continued "I'm the devil and your father was killed by the Ghost Rider my bounty hunter" Daniel then looked around and said "If this is some kind of joke because I'm not laughing" the Stranger continued "No it's not a joke. Your father was killed by the Rider and I could give you the power for revenge against him" Daniel looked around and all the lights had gone out. He then asked "Why would I want to get myself in any more trouble. People already think I killed my dad" The Stranger walked over to Daniel and said "So they blame you and they unjustly treat you like criminal. I could give you the power to make them all pay for the miserable life they've given you all I need to know is ... are you willing to make a deal"

To be continued