Chapter 10

The final showdown

The two Riders faced each other waiting for the other to make a move and finally the Hell Rider did. He fired a shot of fire at the Ghost Rider but this was easily dodged. Ghost Rider yelled out taunting him "You are a really bad shot" The Hell Rider growled angrily and shot a larger burst of flame which covered the entire street. Ghost Rider couldn't get away fast enough and he was hit by the blast and sent flying. The Hell Rider laughed and said "How did that feel?" Ghost Riders chain burst from the fire and wrapped around his throat and the Hell Rider was yanked into the flames and was clothes lined by Ghost Rider and he said angrily "About as good as that did" The two then started a fist fight which from experience the Ghost Rider knew he couldn't win. Ghost Rider whistled for his bike and it ran over the Hell Rider. Ghost Rider got onto his bike and said "Come on lets take this outside city limits" The Hell Rider got up and yelled to him "No way man. I'm having way to much fun burning this place" Hell Rider shot a burst of fire into a nearby building and watched the flames burn it but while doing this the Ghost Rider drove at Hell Rider and grabbed him trying to forcefully take him out of the city. Hell Riders quad followed them and he was able to brake loose of Ghost Riders grip. Ghost Rider turned to charge at Hell Rider and the quad drove around Hell Rider to charge at Ghost Rider who jumped off his bike and over the quad. Ghost Rider whipped out his chain and in mid-air grappled the quad with the chain and after landing yanked the quad back at Hell Rider which smashed into the Hell Rider. The Hell Rider was knocked back tumbled to the ground and then slowly got up as Ghost Rider approached and to attempted punch Hell Rider in the face but his fist stopped and stared at Hell Riders face which had partially turned back into Daniels face. Ghost Rider attempted to try and hit him again but once again the innocent face of Daniel showed through the flames. Hell Rider laughed and said "So that's how you beat a Ghost Rider. Just make you have to fight an innocent and you're just as weak as any of these other mortals" Hell Rider kicked Ghost Rider away and he fell to the ground. Hell Rider then began to beat on him. Ghost Rider tried to fight back but he couldn't hurt Daniel. Hell Rider then picked up Ghost Rider and threw him against a building. Ghost Riders bike then came to him and he used it to help himself gain his footing. He looked into the rear view mirror and saw the Hell Rider approaching and turned back into Johnny. Hell Rider said while walking toward him "So the Rider is taken down by the thought of harming the innocent... Pathetic. I have outdone you, I am no longer just a fractured part of you. I am my own spirit, I am the Spirit of Rage I am Zanos!" Blaze grasped the shot gun and pulled it off of his bike and fired before the Hell Rider could use Daniel as a shield. The shot was pure Hell fire and it blew Hell Rider back and Blaze said afterwards "Will you just shut up!" The Hell Rider now as Daniel lay motionless on the ground. Blaze approached him and called to him "Daniel are you okay" Blaze knelt down by Daniel and went to check his pulse but his hand was then grabbed by the Hell Rider and he grabbed the shot gun from Blaze. Hell Rider then pushed Blaze back and observed the shot gun and said "Hm there's something missing from this" Hell Rider then made the barrel of the shot gun extend to form a blade on the end of it and continued "Now that's better" He walked near Blaze who was trying to get to his chain and Hell Rider walked over to Blaze and smashed the hammer of the shot gun on him. Johnny was to injured to struggle further. Hell Rider then stepped on Johnnies hand and said "No we wouldn't want to go starting another fight now would we" Hell Rider crushed Blazes hand into the ground and raised the shot gun and was about to finish Blaze off but he was unable to pull the trigger. He struggled but he couldn't move his finger. Hell Rider took his glove off and stared at the human hand that had replaced his fiery skeletal hand. He felt half of his face turn back into Daniels face and yelled in pain because he was losing control. Blaze turned into the Ghost Rider and grabbed The two halves of and literally ripped them apart. Daniel collapsed to the ground and the Hell Rider was now nothing but a flaming skeleton. Ghost Rider dropped him to the ground and Ghost Rider said "Okay Zanos what was that about me being weak" Ghost Rider then grabbed his chain off the ground whipped it around the Hell Rider and then began to whip him around in the air smashing him into buildings and then yanked him back and delivered a single punch to Zanos which caused him to fall to the ground flameless . Ghost Rider turned back to see Daniel who was very pale and shivering. Ghost Rider attempted to try and help but nothing seemed to be able to get Daniel out of his current state. Suddenly he stopped moving altogether. Ghost Rider grabbed felt for a pulse but their was nothing. He yelled out in anger "No ... innocent people aren't supposed to die" Ghost Rider turned back into Blaze and he observed the dead boy. Suddenly he turned to see the old man standing behind him. With him the old man had a translucent version of Daniel. The Devil also appeared and yelled at the old man "Impossible. The boys soul is mine that was the deal he made" The old man retaliated saying "You of all beings should no about broken deals" The old man motioned for Daniels soul to return to his body. The boys soul did so and as he walked by Blaze he asked the old man "Are you God?" The old man nodded as Daniels soul entered his body and the boy suddenly woke up. Johnny hugged him and the boy asked "What happened?". The Devil watched and said "This is disgusting" Blaze suddenly turned back into the Ghost Rider and walked over to the Devil and the grabbed him. The Devil said in an angry tone "What are you going to do Blaze? Send me back to Hell. You know I'll just come back" Ghost Rider then said "I know" Ghost Rider then flung the Devil up into the air with his chain attached to him and said before slamming back down to hell "I just love to hear you burn" Ghost Rider once again slammed the devil back down to Hell and Zanos who turned out to not be dead made a hasty retreat down the hole before it closed. Ghost Rider turned back into Blaze and went to go help Daniel up. Blaze asked him "So how are you feeling now?" Daniel replied "Well I feel better now that I don't have a flaming skeleton inside me" The two laughed but the old man who had revealed himself to be God interrupted "All is not quite done. For you see I didn't actually get your soul back" Daniel said in shock "Say what?" Suddenly the boy was engulfed in a white Flame and became the Rider. He looked at god and yelled "Oh you gotta be kidding me!" God then continued"I could not get your soul back but I could give you something that would fill the void. I gave you a new Rider. The spirit of karma. But don't worry you are in complete control of this Rider and you may use it as you wish" Daniel was still not quite satisfied but he felt that picking a fight with god wasn't the best thing to do at the moment. God left the two possessed people, disappearing in a cloud of white smoke. Daniel kicked and wall in frustration and yelled "Why does this stuff always happen to me what did I do to deserve all this" Blaze grabbed his shoulder and said "You know when you come to think of it he didn't say anything about you even having to use the Rider" Daniel looked at Blaze and said with a smile on his face "Yeah you're right I don't have to be the Rider if I don't want to" Blaze patted him on the shoulder and said "Well I guess this is the end of our little adventure" Daniel agreed and the two prepared to go their separate ways. Daniel found his quad. Blaze asked "So where will you go?" Daniel replied "Well I think I'm going to go ...I don't know where ever the rode takes me I guess" Blaze said before driving off "You know if you wanted to its always fun to let the Rider loose out on the open rode" Blaze then drove away and turned into the Ghost Rider who waved as to Daniel as he Daniel as he did.

Daniel was out on a long stretch of country rode and for the first time he felt as though he had no one looking down at him, no one thinking he was anything less than what he was. Daniel let curiosity get the best of him and let the Rider drive and he drove at an incredibly fast speed and both Daniel and the Rider felt alive and free. He turned back to normal and said to himself "Well this might not be so bad... but what do I call you" The new Rider once again took control and yelled out "Saint Rider" He turned back into Daniel and said "Cool" The Rider interrupted saying "No ...Hot" The two who now shared a body laughed together as they went down the rode towards a new life.

The End