Started: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Draft Finished: Monday, April 9, 2012

Fiction: Continuation

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: The character and names of Naruto characters belong to Kishimoto Masashi-sensei. This story belongs to me.

Anime: Naruto

Pairings: NejiTen

Genre: Romance/Humor

Summary: Tenten and Neji gets stuck together for a week thanks to Lee's "special" super glue. While they wait for the dissolvent to arrive in the mail, they are stuck. Can they survive living as an unit for a week?

Part One

Living Arrangements

Tenten was beginning to dislike the season of summer in Konoha. It was hot. The room was stuffy and the air conditioner did not have enough power to cool to the room. All the windows in the room were open, yet not a single breeze entered the small room.

Her amber eyes turned toward her teammate sitting on her left. Neji had his eyes facing forward like he was paying attention, but she knew better. The Hyuuga prodigy was bored out of his mind, and so was she.

Tenten wasn't paying attention to a word the speaker was saying. His speech buzzed together like the hum of high and low pitches which she expertly tuned out. This meeting was taking forever to finish. Hell, she wasn't even supposed to be here in the first place, but certain circumstances forced her to be in a room full of Chuunin and Jounin who were, like Neji and her, here by default.

The weapons specialist was finding it difficult to sit straight. With the blazing temperature and the dull atmosphere, she was beginning to get a little sleepy. The sound of the speaker's voice was starting to turn into white noise, and the softness of the couch made her want to lean back and rest her head. Tenten never had to suffer through something like this before because Neji, who would usually act as team leader, would give mission briefs in a short and concise manner, unlike this guy. With the rate he was going, she was surprise that Neji was still awake. Well, not really. Neji seemed to have more patience than she did.

Tenten took a deep breath, closing her eyes as she tried to concentrate on the mission brief. She didn't know how long she had her eyes closed, but it felt good. It made her forget about the heat, the lack of ventilation, and the fact that she was here because of Lee.

The day didn't start out so bad; it was a nice sunny day. The skies were blue, the clouds were white and fluffy, and Team Gai was taking a break from training. However, their break was short-lived when Gai decided that today was going to be a team building exercise day. It got worse from there because to their disbelief, Gai pulled out a model ship that needed assembling. Since no one could escape (or find an alternative activity, like running laps around Konoha, in Lee's case), Team Gai spent the rest of their morning dealing with little plastic parts, tweezers, and model-glue.

They were almost halfway done when Lee saw that they ran out of the glue that came with the model kit. By the time Tenten and Neji could find an excuse to abandon Gai's ridiculous team bonding session, Lee went home to get his "special" super glue. From then on, the bonding exercise became a disaster. Lee's glue worked like a charm, sticking the pieces together solidly. However, it worked too well.

In their building frenzy, Tenten didn't notice that she had glue on her hand, and by the time she found out, it was too late. Since she was working next to Neji, her left hand collided with his right hand. The pair were too concentrated on their task and didn't care about their close proximity until Tenten wanted to pull her hand away. The next thing Tenten knew, they were stuck.

At first they tried to get it off by washing the glue off with soap and water, but after thirty minutes of trying, they gave up. The glue was too strong. Somewhere between all the panic and the anger, Lee finally read the label on the glue and discovered that the only way to get the glue off was to order the dissolvent from the company that produces the glue. That part was the good news. The bad news was that they have to wait a week in order to receive it. Needless to say, Lee got the rest of the day off. Gai had to carry his unconscious body home while Tenten and Neji went to the Hokage's office to report their predicament.

Upon reporting their situation, Tsunade made sure that they would be able to go on missions and that she would assign them accordingly. Flash forward an hour later they were assign to their first D-rank mission as a Chuunin and Jounin unit, and they had Lee to thank for that.

They were both determined to not let their situation hinder their ability to complete missions. With that mind set, Tenten and Neji both agreed to keep the ordeal to themselves; the less people knew it, the better. It would save them the embarrassment of having to explain how a bottle of glue got the best of them. No one would ever let them hear the end of it.

With the windows opened, the only thing Tenten could hear now was the sound of birds chirping and the sound of her breathing. It was relaxing until she felt something being thrown in her direction. Instinctively, Tenten shifted her head to the side. She heard a loud 'thud' and snapped her eyes open to look at the wall behind her. Embedded in the wall, where her head had covered just a second ago, was a kunai. It was easily an inch deep. Tenten turned her face forward, noting the silence in the room.

"Glad to see that you weren't falling asleep." The weapons specialist didn't miss the sarcasm in his voice. Apparently, having your eyes open was mandatory in this mission brief. Sheepishly, Tenten gave an apology as the shinobi gave her a look of disdain and continue to drone on.

Five minutes later, the meeting was finally over. The kunoichi, however, didn't get to celebrate her relief. Before she could get to her feet, Tenten felt herself being pulled forward, and heading out the exit quicker than she could walk. While her teammate was walking briskly, she was jogging just to keep up with him.

"Slow down, Neji," she told him. Her teammate didn't even listen to her. The Hyuuga prodigy only began to slow down when they were out of the building, away from prying eyes. Once they reached an empty area (with shade, thank god), he stopped. Tenten leaned against the tree as she tried to regain her breath. "Geez, what's the hurry?"

"I thought you wanted to get out of there," stated Neji. Standing an arm's length away from him, she could see that he wasn't even sweating. Did he even have pores?

"Yeah, I did, but you didn't have to drag me out." She lifted their connected hands. "This is going to be harder than I thought."

"You're telling me. This was not what I had in mind when Gai said bonding exercise," Neji stated with a scowl on his face. His female teammate sighed in agreement. With the back of their hands attached from their little finger to their wrist, it became hard to hide the fact that they were bind together. After being stuck for more than an hour, sitting still became a constant complication that was hard to ignore. Their movements were limited. Abrupt movements and hand seals were out of the question, as well as crossing their arms.

Currently, their only challenge was in figuring out how to utilize their left and right hand. For Tenten, it was a hassle because she wasn't naturally right-handed. Whether Neji had difficulty using his left hand or not, he didn't show it. Being a prodigy, he adjusted accordingly, yet Tenten couldn't shake off the notion that he was ambidextrous. Prodigies. Everything always came naturally to them.

"So, what do we do now?" Their D-rank mission was a fairly easy one. They have to help set up the displays for Konoha's annual summer festival. The festival wasn't going to start until tomorrow, so in the mean time, they have to help with the preparations, and there were many things that needed to be done. Decorations needed to be hung, stalls needed to be set up, and lanterns needed to be painted.

"We should collect the supplies from the craft store and start painting the lanterns." They made their way to the village, weaving through the crowds and ignoring the unwavering stares along the way. With Neji's loose clothing and the fact that they were walking really close together, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. For Neji, he was an expert at keeping a straight face. Tenten, on the other hand, was not accustom to the unwarranted attention. She had to urge to reprimand their rude behavior, but refrained from doing so. It would do more harm than good at this point.

"Okay. Where should we paint them?" The kunoichi tried her best to ignore the heated gazes, concentrating on the task at hand. Well, sort of. Right now, her mission was to find some food. It was a little past noon and her stomach was growling. Searching for something easy to eat on a hot day, Tenten scanned her dark eyes among the many food vendors populating the streets.

"I know a place," said Neji, stopping abruptly when he felt his hand being tugged backwards. They stood in front of a small stand where the vendor was selling fried fish cake on a stick. His teammate handed him one as she bit into her own. The Jounin took a bite of the fried fish cake and watched Tenten happily eating hers. He didn't realize his hunger until he finished it as quickly as she did. Before long, they stopped at another stand. This time, they purchased two boxes of onigiri, deciding to eat it later as they head off to their next destination.


The splatter of ink stained the white surface of the paper in great fluid motions. Tenten watched in awe as Neji showed off his calligraphy skills. Looking down at her own work, she felt it was average compared to his effortless strokes.

The pair sat side by side with a tray of ink in between them. The painted lanterns were spread around them, being dried by the sun. Ultimately, Neji led Tenten to their team's usual meeting place. It was high above the village, overlooking the buildings that they needed to decorate, and best of all, it was outdoors, leaving enough room for ventilation. Unfortunately, that meant they had to suffer through the heat. Even though they were in the shade, it didn't help much.

The floor space was only enough to set down the lanterns that needed to be painted while the rest were suspended over the balcony, secured through a long coil of rope. By placing the lanterns through the rope, they were able to cut their labor in half and solve the problem of having to hang them all up at once.

Being bind together did not affect their efficiency. Although they found difficulty moving in the limited space, Tenten and Neji worked around that. They came to the conclusion that any change in movement should be verbally announced before actually doing it. For Tenten, it was a taxing task, but it proved to be a bit more tedious for her teammate. Though he didn't move much, Neji stated his movements in monotonous tones, and in their vicinity, she could hear his exasperated sighs every time he did so. Neji was usually calm. She rarely took note of his annoyances unless Gai or Lee riddled him with ridiculous suggestions that bordered on insane. Regarless, Tenten found it funny to witness Neji expressing such emotions.

Neji glanced over at the kunoichi. Tenten was staring off into space with her legs sprawled in front of her. The paintbrush in her hand rested idly between her thumb and forefinger, and beside her were a few lanterns marked with her signature of colorful artwork. Her mouth formed a thin line when he interrupted her moment of contemplation. "Why aren't you painting?"

"I'm thinking," she told him, wiping some sweat off her brow. Despite her light clothing, the heat was starting to get to her.

"We have a dozen left. If we pick up our pace, we can put these up before the sun sets." He dipped his brush into the ink and began working on another lantern.

"I'm painting as fast as I can, Neji." Tenten blew the hair out of her face. She was exuberating sweat due to the weather and as a result her hair was slightly damp, sticking to her face like wet noodles. After nearly three hours of painting, her wrist was beginning to hurt. Her fingers were cramped up and her arms were starting to kill her. The irony was that after training for hours with weapons, it didn't compare to the ache she was currently feeling. Maybe it was due to the fact that painting was like a boring chore to her.

"Do you need help?" She rolled her eyes.

"I can manage." She didn't want him to think that she couldn't handle a simple arts and crafts project. He was all ready painting at a faster rate than she was due to the fact that she opted to draw pictures on the lanterns opposed to his flawless calligraphy. The last thing she wanted was his assistance.

"Tenten," Neji called out to her.

Upon hearing her name, she turned to her teammate and gave the prodigy her undivided attention. "Yes?"

"There's paint on your face," he pointed out.

"What? Where?" Tenten exclaimed, setting her brush down.

"It's on your chin," he stated, watching in amusement as Tenten grabbed a cloth from nearby and rubbed it blindly along her jawline, hoping to wipe the ink off before it dried.

"Is it off now?" Neji's gaze remained on her face.

"Come here," he beckoned her. Taking the piece of cloth out of her hand, Neji tilted her head back and wiped it attentively across her chin.

As his fingers lingered on her jaw line, Tenten resisted the urge to shiver, much less breath. She couldn't help but notice how extremely close they were. His eyes were so focused on his task, he didn't even blink. For a short amount of time, she got a chance to marvel how his long eyelashes contrasted the light color of his trademark orbs, but before she could further admire his unique features, he pulled away, dropping the soiled cloth on the floor.

"Thanks," she told him, giving him a wide smile. It was endearing to see him act so chivalrous toward her.

"Hn," he replied, quickly turning his body away and returning to his work.

After an hour, the pair finally finished painting the lanterns. The process of putting them up didn't take long. Tenten took one end to the rope and tied it on a pole of one end of the village. Then, the pair took the other end of the rope and proceeded to leap onto buildings, wrapping the rope throughout Konoha until they couldn't go any further. By the time the sun began to set, the entire village was lit by the lanterns.

"Whew," Tenten wiped her hand across her brow. "I'm glad that's done with. I can't wait to go home and take a long shower." They sat down on a bench admiring their work and catching their breath.

"Since you brought it up, what are we going to do with the living arrangements?" Neji inquired, watching his teammate stretch her knotted body.

"I wouldn't mind if you stay at my apartment. I mean, I don't know if you want to tell your uncle about this," she lifted up her arm and brought their connected hands to his line of vision. Neji closed his eyes. He didn't want his uncle to know about their situation. It was embarrassing, but most of all, he didn't want the Elders to find out. Most definitely, his uncle would be reprimanded for something that was beyond his control. The Elders would never let this issue slide and would probably use it against him in the future. He couldn't even imagine the lecture they would have to go through if the Elders found out.

Neji rubbed the area between to nose to lessen his impending migraine. "If I'm going to stay at your place, I will need to get some things from home."

"No problem," said Tenten as she motioned for him to stand up. "Let's head there now!"


Neji was not accustomed to the idea of having a female in his room, especially a female who was prone to touch everything she saw. Teammate or not, he fought the urge to slap Tenten's hand away even as she flipped through his books and set them down in the wrong order. Instead, he decided to concentrate on packing.

"This won't take long." He threw some clothes into a bag and pulled out another drawer containing his undergarments. Neji didn't know why, but he felt nervous. All he wanted was to pack quickly so they could get out without being seen. Getting in was easy. They snuck through the front gates and used their stealth to reach Neji's room before anyone could sense their presence. It was the getting out part that he was worried about, mainly because it was hard to sneak out while they were under his uncle's nose.

"Don't worry. Take your time." All the while, Tenten kept herself busy by examining Neji's room. This wasn't the first time she had seen it, however it was different from before. He definitely had more books lying around, but everything else was put away. Although his room was plain and barely decorated, Neji proved that he could be sentimental when she saw the photograph of Team Gai on his night stand. Tenten picked up the frame and couldn't help but smile as she examined the photograph from their Genin days.

"Neji, may I come in?" They both froze when they heard Hiashi's voice. Before Neji could answer, the panel to his door slid open and the pair turned their attention to the person standing there. Instinctively, Neji pulled Tenten behind him, hiding their conjoined hands from his uncle's view. "I didn't realize you have a guest."

Bowing her head, Tenten greeted Hiashi. "Hello," she managed say without choking. Inwardly, the kunoichi was in a state of panic. Any prominent plans to escape the Hyuuga compound undetected just went out the window.

"Tenten," the leader of the Hyuuga clan nodded in acknowledgement. His eyes observed the scene in front of him. His nephew was standing extremely close to his teammate, and on his nephew's drawer was a bag filled with clothes. "Why are you packing?"

"No reason!" The word came out of her mouth before she could stop herself. Mentally, she wanted to slap her hand to her mouth. Lying was not her strong suit.

The leader of the Hyuuga clan settled his gaze on the kunoichi. "Tenten, if you don't mind stepping outside, I would like to a word with Neji."

"Does it have any regard to the matters of the clan?" asked Neji in an even tone. He could sense Tenten's anxiety. Her hands were fidgeting the hem of her shirt and she was rocking on the balls of her feet. He wanted to grab her wrist and tell her to calm down, but thought against it. His uncle was eyeing them like a hawk.

"Yes," his uncle replied, noting how neither of them moved since he entered the room. "What is the matter?" The kunoichi gulped silently and looked helplessly at Neji for assistance.

"We have to tell him." The Hyuuga prodigy released a sigh of defeat before nodding in agreement.

"Uncle, we have something to tell you." Before Neji could take a step forward, Hiashi held his hand up to stop him.

"You two don't have to tell me, I know what's going on."

"What?" They both exclaimed. The leader of the Hyuuga clan ignored their outburst.

"I have been informed by Lady Tsunade," Hiashi stated calmly.

"If you knew, why did you ask me to leave the room?" Tenten asked incredulously.

"I wanted to confirm it on my own." Hiashi's attention turned to the bag on his nephew's drawer. "Are you going somewhere?"

"I am spending the night at Tenten's apartment, Uncle."

"Nonsense." Hiashi turned his attention to Tenten. "I can assure to you that you'll find it a comfort to spend the night here." With that stern expression on his face, Tenten couldn't tell if he was demanding or simply suggesting her to stay here.

"But-" She protested. The last thing she wanted to do was to impose on the Hyuuga clan.

"You will be our guest tonight." Apparently, she didn't have a say in the matter because it was all ready decided for her. "Now, let us attend to dinner. Hinata and Hanabi are waiting for us." Tenten couldn't begin to imagine what Neji was feeling at the moment, but she knew he didn't approve his uncle's decision. Nevertheless, he adhered to his uncle's request and directed Tenten to the dining room.


Dinner was an awkward affair. No one asked Neji or Tenten any questions about their inability to use their other hand. Hinata, Hanabi, and Hiashi politely ignored the fact and resumed eating dinner despite the awareness of their handicap. Tenten didn't have trouble picking up her rice with her chopsticks; however it was hard to ignore the lingering stares of Hinata and Hanabi every time she met their gaze.

Tenten gently gave Neji a nudge. "Should we tell them too?" She whispered to him.

"What difference would that make?" If there was one thing she knew about Neji, it was his zeal on privacy.

Tenten nibbled the end of her chopsticks. "They're your cousins. They have a right to know."

"It will be fine, Tenten." She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Clearly, he did not find it necessary to give his cousins some sort of explanation about their predicament.

"You don't have to whisper, you know. Our father told us." Turning her head, Tenten gave her full attention to the youngest Hyuuga in the room.

The brunette raised a brow. "He did?"

"Father told us that you are going to spend the night here." For a second she thought Hiashi had told his daughter about their situation. Tenten didn't mind divulging that information to Neji's cousins, but Neji didn't like the idea at all. He was probably breathing a sigh of relief, knowing that his pride wasn't in any danger.

"Yes, I am." For the better lack of words, Tenten just agreed with Hanabi. It was truth after all.

"Why are you so worried?" She was thrown off guard by her question. Was she really that easy to read?

"Well, you see-" The weapons specialist began, but stopped when she saw Neji setting down his eating utensils, and getting up.

"Please excuse us. Dinner was delicious," he bowed. Reluctantly, Tenten followed his lead.

Hinata looked over at Tenten's bowl. "Tenten is not finished with her dinner, Neji." The panel slid open.

"I'm actually pretty full." She managed a bow. "Thank you for dinner." Tenten couldn't read the expressions on their face. Her bare feet were trying to catch up to Neji's abrupt departure. Once they were out of earshot, Tenten pulled Neji to a halt. "What's the big deal?"

"I thought you wanted to keep this to ourselves," said Neji with a slight clip in his tone. Clearly, he was annoyed.

"Okay, tell me," she asked him, "How are we going to explain ourselves when they find out that I'm not sleeping in the guest room?"

"We won't have to if you would just follow me," said Neji, pulling her along. The last thing he wanted to do was argue with his teammate.

She was too tired to fight and he knew it. "And just where are we going?" Tenten asked in exasperation.

"To the bath house," he replied nonchalantly.

"Are you serious?" Panic surged through Tenten like an electric shock as they stood in the entrance of the bath house.

"I thought you wanted to take a bath." Neji pushed the panel aside and led them inside, revealing a giant wooden pool with clear steaming water. Adjacent to it was a row of faucets. Wooden buckets, soap, among other items that were available for them to use in order to clean themselves before jumping into the tub.

"I want to take a shower, there's a difference!" Her teammate turned to the cabinet and pulled out a couple of sashes and robes. Neji handed Tenten the garments. Made of high quality material that was a cross between silk and cotton, the thick cloth was soft to her touch.

"Either way, we have to get out of these clothes." He was right. After spending a day painting and sweating due to the hot weather, she was eager to take her clothes off and wash all that grime off her body.

"And just how are we going to do that?" Neji gave her a seldom look and she followed his gaze. The marbles in her head clicked. "You've got to be kidding me."

"It's the only way." He reached over to get a kunai out of her pouch.

"But what would we wear after?"

"There are extra clothes for you to change into afterwards, but you will have to bind your chest."

"You always have an answer for everything, don't you?" Tenten saw his smirk and rolled her eyes.

"It's call thinking ahead." Neji position the tip on it near her neck. Tenten gave him a nod. In a fell swoop, the kunai sliced through her clothes from her neck all the way down her arm to her wrist. He tossed her the kunai and she did the same thing to his clothes. Before they continued to remove their ruined clothes, Neji handed her a sash. "Blindfold me."

Tenten took the thick piece of cloth in her hands as Neji closed his eyes. He stood still and she wounded it around his head three times, securing it in a tight knot. "All right, all done!" Tenten unraveled her hair, releasing them from the top of her head and removed her forehead protector, placing it in her pouch for safe keeping.

Then, they both proceeded to undress. For Tenten, her modesty was the least of her worries. She knew Neji long enough to know that he wouldn't take any advantage of her. Tenten remembered one time during training, the bottom half of her shirt was torn open revealing her midriff. It didn't bother her, but Neji pulled out an extra shirt and told her to put it on before she gets a cold. It was a sunny day and Tenten had more chances of getting a heat stroke than a cold. Nevertheless, she humored him and donned it to give him a peace of mind.

Tenten unraveled her bandages as Neji tossed his tattered clothes onto the floor. With his upper body exposed, Tenten couldn't help but notice his fading scars. The most noticeable scar was the one over his heart. It was hard to take her eyes off that particular wound. After years of training with Neji, Tenten helped him develop his ultimate defense. It wasn't as absolute as Gaara's sand, but her weapons rarely stood a chance against it. Before long, he confided his weakness to her as well as his trust. To this day, she was one of the few that could break through his ultimate defense, but she never once left him a scar. Seeing that wound on his body made her reminisce about their time together as Genin. Now, they stood as Chuunin and Jounin.

As he fingers tugged his forehead protector loose, Neji could feel his teammate's gaze despite that fact that darkness enveloped him. The lack of rustling indicated that she had stop moving and was watching him undress. To say it didn't bother him was a lie. He wasn't self-conscious about his body. More than anything, he was more self-conscious about his cursed seal. Tenten had seen it many times before. This time, however was different. She was up close and personal, standing a mere foot away from him, probably half-naked by now. He never felt so exposed and couldn't imagine what was going through Tenten's mind right now.

He untied the bottom half that covered his pants and stopped there. After a few moments, he could hear a clatter of weapons hitting the floor. No doubt it was the sound of Tenten taking off her equipment, along with her pants. It took her a minute to remove the bindings on her legs and when she finished, Tenten guided them to the sanitation area.

Turning on the water, Tenten filled two buckets with warm water and handed Neji a bar of soap. They sat down on the wooden stools, back to back, and began to wash all the dirt and sweat off their body. Even though her teammate was blindfolded, she felt a little wary of their close proximity. After all, she was fully naked and he was only half-naked. To avoid any awkwardness, the kunoichi focused on cleaning herself to the best of her ability, and became mindful to not move her left hand closer to her body. It proved to be a challenge since her was attached to her teammate's hand and the weight of his arm was beginning to make her hand feel numb as it swung idly near at their sides every time they moved.

Tenten looked over shoulder and saw Neji reaching out to the bottle of shampoo. Stifling a laugh, she got up and grabbed it for him. "Do you need help washing your hair?"

"Hn," he replied. She stood in front of him while he sat down, and carefully poured a fair amount into his hair before setting it aside. Then, she started to rub her hands through his hair, dragging their connected hands through the foamy bubbles. Tenten remained at a safe distance, but her knees would lightly bump against his, and before could catch herself, she slipped. With her hands still tangled in Neji's hair, Tenten tried to steady herself, only to find that it was in vain. Between the soapy bubbles, the tiled floor, and her bare feet, there was just no way she could regain her balance. Her body collided into her teammate, pushing him backwards onto the floor. When she opened her eyes, she found herself on top of Neji.

"Oh my God!" Tenten heard Neji imparting a groan that resonated into laborious breaths. That wasn't the worst of it, because when she looked down, she saw that her legs were positioned between his manhood. Mortification didn't begin to describe what Tenten was feeling right now. "I'm so sorry!" She wanted to shift her weight off his body only to find that she was trapped. A flutter of emotion erupted in her stomach when she notice Neji's left hand was securely wrapped around her waist. They were at a standstill and he made no indication to remove himself. No doubt, he was discreetly trying to reacquire his composure and simultaneously enduring the relentless pain. She gave him a second before telling him, "You can let go of me now."

Immediately, Neji released her and slowly got up with a little help from Tenten. Mutually, they didn't say another word to each other, preferring the awkward silence to the verbal recap of what had happened. Once he sat back down, he turned away from her and kept his head down as she rinsed his hair.

After Tenten was done washing her own hair, they went to dried off instead of entering the tub. As Tenten wrapped her chest, Neji waited patiently. The pants Neji provided were too big for her, but she didn't complain. It was better than walking around naked. Once she was dressed, she unraveled his blindfold so he could change his pants. Giving him some privacy, she turned the other way.

The two of them headed back to Neji's room after gathering up their effects, and what was left of their clothes. The silence during the walk was almost deafening. One thing Tenten noticed was her teammate's determination to avoid her gaze, which she was glad because she wouldn't know what to say. In some ways, Tenten wanted to apologize to him even though she knew that he would rather not speak of it. Sure, she fell on him a bunch of times before, but this time, it was different, way different. Pretending that it never happened made things easier. For whom? She didn't know.

Once they stepped into Neji's room, Tenten crawled under the blankets after leaving her things at the foot of the bed. She waited for Neji to plop down next to her looked up when she saw the blanket being tugged downward.

"What are you doing?" She asked him, wondering why he was removing the sheets from the bed.

"I'm going to sleep on the floor." Neji grabbed a pillow and dropped it carelessly at his feet.

"Why? There's enough room for the both of us." To prove this, she stretched out her right arm on the empty space of the bed.

"That's not a good idea." Her teammate refused to budge.

"Then tell me why your uncle is letting me sleep in your room. I doubt he intends for you to sleep on the floor." Neji bent down to grab the pillow off the floor and tossed it to the space beside her. He knew a losing battle when he saw one.

"Fine," he sighed in defeat. There was no point in arguing. Tenten was never going to rest until they were both comfortable. He knew that from experience. Tenten, being the female of the group was like a mother hen in some ways. She cared about the little things that people take for granted. Comfort, for example, was one of them.

"It's not like we haven't shared a bed before," Tenten reminded him as she watched him place a folded blanket in between them. "Now what are you doing?"

"I'm making sure my uncle doesn't get the wrong idea." She raised a brow.

"And what idea would that be?"

"That I'm taking advantage of you." Tenten stifled a laugh. That was the last thing he should worry about. She had to give him credit though; it was cute seeing him care so much about her virtue.

"I trust you, Neji. I'm sure your uncle does too." She lay down and placed her head on the pillow. When he was done fussing with the blanket between them, Neji got under the sheets and closed his eyes.

"It's better to be safe than sorry." Yeah, like a blanket between them was going to create an impenetrable barrier. Tenten shook her head pulled the covers over them.

"Well, I'm going to sleep now. Good night Neji."

Turning off the lights, he replied in a low voice, "Good night."


Neji couldn't sleep, not when his female teammate was sleeping just an arm's length away. The pile of blanket didn't help at all. Despite the space he created between them, Tenten somehow managed to roll over them. Although this was not the first time they had to share a bed, he felt a little uncomfortable since this time, they were both half-naked under his sheets. The only thing that kept his teammate's modesty was a pair of light pants and stripes of cloth that were beginning to unravel. If Neji learned one thing about Tenten, it was that she had a habit of tossing and turning while she slept. It was certainly not helping his situation.

Looking over, he couldn't help but remember the incident in the bath house. Even though he didn't see anything, he could feel it: her body's smooth skin under his touch, her breasts pressing firmly on him. The rest of her body fitted perfectly against his. It took almost all of his self-control to keep his arm from sliding downward as he held her body to break the fall. Thinking about her made his heart race.

The room was beginning to feel like a broiler. The night air was still not cool enough to displace the rising heat of summer, and with Tenten sleeping so close to him, he could see the top mounds of her chest. The thin piece of white cloth was coming undone; enough to unwind on its own. He wanted to wake her up and tell her to rebound her chest, but thought against it. He would just have to deal with it and make sure the blanket covered her. Since it was summer, his light sheets didn't help much. Tenten already kicked off her portions of the blankets, and he didn't want to pull them over her and risk her moving around more than she had to.

The last time they shared a bed, it was almost a year ago. Being a Jounin, he had some power and choosing members of his team was one of them. Although Team Gai rarely went on missions as a unit, Neji always found it reassuring whenever he got Tenten on his team. It helped him worry less about the execution of the mission since he already knew Tenten's capabilities as a kunoichi. Above all else, they worked well together.

Often times on the long missions, Neji always made sure that they have plenty of rest, and that meant frequenting hotels. The four member teams would often share rooms, and he'd usually bunk with her since he knew Tenten the longest. Not to mention, she was usually the only female on his team.

During those times, it didn't bother him that he was sharing a bed with his teammate. She would be fully clothed and he would be too tired to care about sharing a single bed. Tonight, however, he was wide awake and his teammate was dangerously close to him. His pearl orbs peered at her chest. The bindings were definitely disentangled. Heat rushed up his neck, among other regions, and he wanted nothing more than to get up and take a cold shower. With his options limited, he opted to lay on his back, closing his eyes to meditate himself to sleep. He was about to drift off to sleep when he heard a soft moan. Gripping the sheets under him, Neji forced himself to ignore it. It wasn't until he felt a heavy weight on his chest that he opened his eyes.

He looked down to find Tenten's head resting on his upper body. Their connected hands were positioned between them and Tenten's very naked top was pressing at his side. For the first time in his life, the Hyuuga prodigy did not know what to do. Should he push her aside and tuck her back under the sheets, or should he wake her up so that she would remove herself from him? He was at an impasse. Either way, it wouldn't stop the bulge in his pants from pulsing every time she moved her legs over his waist. He couldn't get past the fact that she was pressed up against him, unconsciously moaning into the hollow of his neck. What made matters worse was that he was fully aroused. He didn't dare to move an inch.

Neji clenched his teeth together as Tenten began to grind her pelvis against his hip. His concentration to stay still was shot as he felt blood pulsing to his throbbing member. The Hyuuga prodigy was at his limit. If Tenten moved anymore, he would need a cold shower, and he didn't care if he had to drag her into it as well.

Moving their connected hands, Neji turned to maneuver his body so he could lift Tenten without waking her up. All he needed to do was to move her back to the side of the bed. Taking a deep breath, Neji gently pushed Tenten's shoulder and rolled her off of his body. Then, he grabbed the sheet and covered her modesty. With Tenten flat on her back, Neji hovered over her in order to find his balance so that he could carefully lift her body.

Before he could continue, Tenten decided it was the best time to shift the lower half of her body. Her legs entangled themselves with his, and the next thing he knew, he lost his balance and fell on top of her. Slowly, he pushed himself off her body as a flash of déjà vu came to him. When he looked down, he noticed Tenten's eyes fluttering open. His whole body froze. The situation was bad, but before he could explain himself, Tenten reached up to touch him. He held her gaze as she undoubtedly caressed his face.

Her brows furrowed in confusion."Neji?" Tenten pulled her hand away to rub the sleep from her eyes. His throat felt dry, and in that moment, he couldn't get any words out. "What's the matter?" Abruptly, he twisted his body away and sat up on the edge of the bed. If he could, he would have fled the room by now, but as he looked over his shoulder, he could tell that she was barely awake. Her guard was completely down.

This was definitely bad. They shouldn't be sharing a bed, especially since she barely have any clothes on. To make matters worse, he didn't know what he would have done if she hadn't woken up. He felt the bed move, and her hand found his shoulder. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." He didn't dare to turn his face to her. Then, in a firm voice, he said, "You should tighten your bindings, Tenten." His teammate let out a loud expletive followed by a string of profanity. Neji waited patiently for her to secure her modesty as he sat there on the edge of the bed, trying his best to calm himself. He didn't want to let Tenten know that he was aroused, especially since she was oblivious to the effect she had on him. The less she knew, the better.

After a few minutes, the room was silent. A tug on his arm made him turn around. "It's okay now," Tenten told him, coaxing him back into bed. He had no choice but to lay down next to her, twisting his lower half to obscure his erection.

Once they settled and under the sheets, Tenten leaned against his arm. He didn't mind the intimacy, but an overwhelming ache began to expand from his chest when he heard her sighing softly next to him. Apart of him wanted to reach down and pull her closer, but he refrained from doing so. He ignored the adrenaline coursing through his system and remained still. The last thing he wanted to do was to give Tenten the wrong idea. Whether as friends or teammates, there were certain boundaries he knew he shouldn't cross, even if those boundaries were beginning to blur. Yet, a strong sense of melancholy overcame him as he reached down to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. He had a feeling that this was going to be a long week.

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