Please Review! :D it means a lot too me so this is Rab's feelings for Cilla like what he feels about her

I thought you as just a normal girl, when Johnny talked about you. But I was just proved wrong. When I first saw you at your house for Johnny's testament, I thought the world of you. Small and Beautiful, Johnny was lucky to have you and a friend. I sure wished I did. He talked about you, as you were just a normal person, you loved Johnny Tremain. Not his shy nontalkative brown headed best friend Rab Silsbee. Cilla you loved him more then a friend and he loved Lavina lyte, I loved you the way you loved Johnny. Those times I went to the Lyte's house and brought you sweets, those were my way of telling you that I loved you. How could you not see that? I never talked about you in front of Johnny because he would had gotten mad. Then once I backed off, he came for you and wanted to love you. Just because Miss Lavina was his aunt, I would never treat you like that. If only you hadn't felt that way about him. And if I hadn't died in war. I would have purposed if Johnny hadn't already. I would have built you a big nice house for us and are babies. If only! But I cant live on if onlys. Love you forever & always, those are the world I wish I said.