This is pretty much crack, as it has various regulations that the institue places on its champions in order to balance the game. So here we go.

Gamebreaker 1: Graves

"Alright, after this, we'll finish off their inhibitor turret. Got that?" Twisted Fate shouted as he threw a card right into Baron Nashor's face.

"Roger." Teemo said as he blew a dart.

"I hear you." Singed confirmed as he smashed his shield against Baron Nashor's serpentine body.

"He he he." Shaco giggled, too entranced in stabbing his knives into soft flesh.

"I'll do it." Sion grunted as he drove his axe.

Just as Baron was about to die, a giant flaming projectile smashed into it. Feeling the last drops of life leave, it feel, squishing Teemo under it.


The rest of the team were dumbfounded. Well, they weren't suprised at what happened to Teemo since he should have known better than to stand under a giant sea serpent when it died.

"What just happened?" Singed asked.

Twisted Fate frowned. "Don't care. Retreat!"

As the four began to leave, Shaco saw out of the corner of his eye a small health bar disappear. Seeing the opportunity to stab his knives into more flesh, he decieved away.

Boom! "An ally has been slain!"

"What the?"

Suddenly, a cloud of smoke kicked up and obscured Sion and Singed.

Bang! "Augh!"

Snikt! "The Pain!"

"Double Kill!"

Now running, Twisted Fate made it into the jungle. Breathing hard, he stopped as he heard growling. Suddenly, a blur appeared in front of him, and a pain made itself apparent in his chest.

"Triple Kill!"

"Ha ha ha! See, I told you that this would worked Nidalee!" Graves laughed as he inspected Twisted Fate's corpse.

Feeling something hard impact against his head, Graves saw his saddle on the floor, and an irate Nidalee rubbing her back. Graves held out his hands in defense.

"Okay, okay. I'll never do that again." As Nidalee went away to join the mid push, Graves rubbed his chin.

"I wonder if Sejuani will let me borrow that boar of hers."

Regulation #513: Malcolm Graves will not be allowed to use a mounted animal.