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Spitting Image

Past, 2012

The day she left the team was the day she found out. They could never know about the reason she left, it was too shameful. She was still having trust issues and felt helpless. He could never know about this, ever. She vowed to herself as she packed up all of her things. The scared archer did the only thing she could do, she disappeared. She left without a single goodbye. Artemis knew the team would be crushed when they found she left, but it was best this way. There was no way she would ever be able to face her friends without breaking down, instead she left a small farewell letter. To walk out of Mount Justice was almost impossible, her feet felt like lead and her stuff weighed her down. As she finally arrived in Gotham, she was in tears. The archer said a final goodbye to her mother and hung up her uniform for the final time. With each step out the door it became harder to see as the salty tears blurred her vision. Artemis disappeared into the smoggy Gotham night without a trace, determined to start a new life on her own away from crime.

16 Years Later…

Present, 2028

Sixteen long years later Artemis is a single mother in Gotham living with her fifteen-year-old daughter. Abigail Crock looked absolutely nothing like her mother. Unlike Artemis's long blonde hair, steel blue eyes and olive skin, Abigail (or Abby as she was called) had long messy red hair, lots of freckles and her father's impossibly green eyes. After a few years of night school and working two jobs, the former archer landed a job as a physician's assistant she could afford a small suburban home on the outskirts of the dangerous city. Even though Abby looked nothing like her mother, she had her personality and was as stubborn and rebellious as ever.

The archer knew that there was a possibility that her daughter inherited her father's powers. It wasn't until the day when Artemis saw Abby (Who was eight at the time) zip around the house that her fears were confirmed. She set out to secretly train her extremely hyperactive child to control her powers. (Which was almost impossible even for the experienced archer) Artemis was always worried about Abby, wondering if the league would come after her, or worse like the shadows. The fear of losing her daughter always nagged at the single mother, but she was even more afraid of what would happen if somehow Wally found out about Abby, if that ever happened Artemis would be royally screwed.

Still Present, 2028

"Mom, can I go out?" a redheaded teen shouted across the house

"Where are you going, and who are you going with?" asked the archer with an authoritive tone.

"To the mall with a few friends." Shouted the speedster as she was putting on makeup

Artemis thought about it for a second

"Ok, but only if you're careful and be back by nine."

Abby rolled her eyes at her mother, she thought that her curfew was stupid but there was no point in arguing her mother was as stubborn as her. She left before her overprotective mother changed her mind.

"Remember, No Powers!" Artemis shouted as Abby went out the door.

Artemis sat on the couch looking at the clock: 10:12, she was starting to worry. Her head snapped up as she heard jingles at the door. Finally, she's home Relief washed over her as her daughter barreled through the doo.

"Abigail Crock! Where have you been, I was worried sick!"

"Mom its no big deal, I was only a little late."


"Mom I'm fifteen not ten, I can take care of myself! Will you stop treating me like I'm a child."

"Abigail, I know you aren't a kid anymore, but that doesn't mean you're an adult."

"But you try to protect me from everything, I'm not even allowed to use my powers! It's not fair!"

"The world is a very dangerous place, especially for people like you. Hiding is for your own good."

"But what about the superheroes, they don't hide their powers!"

"Superheroes put themselves in danger to help people, they are put in unnecessary risks and dangers, I absolutely forbid you of even thinking about becoming one!"


"WHY? Because it's dangerous and I absolutely forbid you from even thinking about this again."

"Why do you hate the superheroes so much, what did they ever do to you?"


"Nothing, being a vigilante is highly dangerous, and the wackos they fight are even worse, I don't want you to do any of it."

"You were one of them weren't you."

Artemis froze, how could she possibly know." I-I was never a hero, why would you think that?"

"Maybe this will jog your memory"

Abby sped out of the room and returned with dark green fabric in her hand. Artemis's eyes were wide with shock. Where did she get this?

"Well, answer me, Mom."

"Where did you find this?"

"I found it in your closet."

"W-well I-I have n-never seen that before, it's n-not mine." stammered the former archer. Oh crap, she was really screwed.

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