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Spitting Image chapter 16

A few more weeks had gone by, The West-Crock family had completely moved into their four-bedroom house in Central City. Artemis and Wally were on semi good terms, both trying to make it work for their daughter. Wally had begun the daunting task of teaching her how to drive since she was almost sixteen (she skipped a grade) and her Mother never had the guts or patience to teach her. Abby had also started school at South Central City High, she had a few friends but still spent most of her time at the mountain with the other next generation soon to be heroes. She was already best buds with Lian, she was friends with S'mantha Kent ( Conner and M'gann's daughter from the earlier chapters), Chris Kent (another clone in the care of superman) and she had met Raquel's son Amistad who was a year younger than her. Much to Wally's relief/dismay she and Damian were almost like mortal enemies. The young redhead also spent some time with her cousin Bart (who was kid flash) She was still trying to talk her parents into letting her take up the Impulse mantle but the answer was still no. Even though they wouldn't let her to be a vigilante yet she had somehow talked them into letting her join the SCHS cross country running team on the condition she actually did cross country running (east coast to west coast) instead of the course since her powers gave her a huge and completely unfair advantage. Even with the extra challenge she still was in the top five percentile in the city for running times. The young speedster also excelled in science like her father and great uncle. She also was spending more time with her grandparents and grandmother and the rest of her extended family.

Sportsmaster and Cheshire still haunted her dreams and she still couldn't shake that feeling of dread when she woke up from the nightmares. She vowed that one day she would get revenge on the man that ruined her mother's childhood. Sometimes the scar on her shoulder that he gave her would burn just with the memory; it was like reliving the moment in a second. She could feel the cold blade slice through her flesh, her own scream filling her ears and then the hot white blinding pain. One day she would make that man regret everything he had ever done to her mother, her father, her grandmother, and everyone else. One day she was going to make him pay. She never let her parents know of the nightmares or anything else like that, they had other things to worry about.

The young red head loved spending time at the cave (witch was now commissioned as a superteen clubhouse) with the others, She and Lian were almost inseparable and they usually dragged Sammie along with them with whatever they did (usually pissing off superman or Damian). Chris, Damian, J'onn Jr (AKA Jonny) and Amistad usually were huddled around the huge flat screen TV engrossed in videogames. Lian and Artemis were the only ones that noticed that Abby was a little more distant than usual. When confronted about it the young speedster said it was nothing only causing Artemis to worry a whole bunch more. She was trying to figure out what would make her cheerful daughter act this way. Maybe it was the big change in her life, the move and the traumatizing incident earlier that summer. Whatever it was the archer was trying to figure it out.

The blonde brought up the subject when she and Wally were eating breakfast one morning while Abby was at school.

"Something's up with Abby, she's been acting differently lately." the blonde started.

"Really? She's seemed fine to me." He looked up from the paperwork he was going over.

"Yeah, She's been acting as if she's always on cloud nine and she's starting to look like she isn't getting enough sleep." she said in a worried tone.

"Come to think of it she has seemed like she's been out of it recently." Wally said and his eyes were full of concern.

"Maybe all this change has been too much. I mean her life has completely changed in the past two months and maybe she needs another outlet for all the stress." The archer rationalized.

"Yes I agree, but what outlet? She's already in two extra curricular activities and she spends all of her other free time at the cave." he pointed out.

"Maybe…" she paused and sighed," And I can't believe I'm saying this… Maybe she needs….another extra curricular activity if you know what I mean." she stated reluctantly.

Wally's eyes widened when he figured out what she meant. "No way, you really don't want to put her at risk, do you?"

"I don't, but you could give her a little credit. She took you down without even having much practice with her powers. And besides this could be good for her. I mean things won't be as stressful for her and she will be under the watchful eye of both of us and the league," Artemis said.

"Are you feeling ok? And yes, but what about the dangers? I mean being a hero is far from safe, she could get hurt or worse." he protested. "But then again, considering the fact that she took me down so easily in that alley even though I was thrown off guard I think she is a good fighter. Maybe you're right. This might be good for her." he admitted

A smile crossed the archer's face and the speedster stared at her in confusion.

"Artemis…Why are you smiling?" he asked.

Her smile grew wider, "You just said I'm right." she grinned.

"What? No I didn't." he denied.

"Yes you did, now admit it or I'll make you say it again." she smirked.


"What was that Wally? I can't hear you." she taunted.

"Fine…I agree with you." he mumbled.

"Can I get that on a recording?" she teased.

"No…" He replied and their eyes met. It was emerald green on stormy gray. Before both of them knew it their lips were crashed against each other's and they were in a tight embrace.

"Your room or mine?" the breathless speedster asked.

"Mine's closer." she replied and dragged him off


After cross country practice Abby ran home so she could finish her homework and meet Lian at the cave. As she reached the door of the house she could hear laughing. The speedster opened the door to find her parents sitting on the couch watching TV together.

"Hey Mom, hey Dad." she greeted them.

With her entry Wally turned off the Tv and Artemis cleared her throat. This was strange behavior and Abby starred at both of them suspiciously.

"Hey Abby." they both said at the same time.

Ok Abby realized something was up when they started talking and unison and went thirty seconds without arguing. "Ok what the heck is going on?" the teen scrutinized

"Come sit down we need to talk to you." her mother said a little reluctantly.

She dropped her stuff on the counter and zoomed over to the other couch

"Abby, your mother and I are concerned about you." Wally started

"And we think you have had a lot of stress in you life recently." Artemis continued.

All Abby could think was 'Oh God, they're finishing each other's sentences, What the hell happened while I was gone today. They're acting like a married couple! Ahh! Oh God this can't be good.'

"And we know how much you want to be a hero, so we've talked and decided that if you want to and if you think you can handle it. We're going to let you take up the Impulse mantle." He finished.

"With restrictions, lots and lots of restrictions." Artemis added.

And as soon as the words left their mouths they were in the grasps of Abby's bear hug.

"THANKYOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!" she said excitedly. "So when do I start?"


About two weeks later Abby first donned the new and improved Impulse costume. It was form fitting, gold lighting ran down the side and the middle was red. She had special running boots (with lightning bolts) and goggles similar to the ones Kid Flash wore. Her curly red hair was tied back in pigtail and her cowl held up her bangs. She had undergone more training and Artemis made sure her uniform was bullet proof. As soon as she started out as impulse Lian had convinced her highly over protective father to let her be Red Arrow and Chris talked superman into letting him be superboy. It was like the next generation of the team was coming together. Even though it was unofficial they all acted like they'd been working together for years at the training sessions. Sammie still had a few reservations about being a hero but she still joined in during training.

Abby now acted as Flash's sidekick and even made the paper the other day when she stopped a bank robbery with her father. Since her mother would only let her go after petty thieves and criminals she still didn't get to do all the big stuff but she was still able to patrol with Flash. It wasn't long before she came to the attention to the supervillians of the Central and Keystone City area. To them she was a curiosity; the new Baby Flash. After a their kidnapping attempt and a very scary encounter with the Flash and surprisingly an archer dressed in green it was now extremely clear that she was not to be messed with.

After a few sightings Impulse was the buzz of the midwestern media. Abby thought it was hilarious to read the theories in the papers about her. She had every article written about her. Some said she might be the Flash's sister and others were as crazy as saying that she was a messed up clone. Wally got a good laugh out of reading all the articles, he had no clue how reporter's got all those crazy ideas. Abby though it was hilarious when everyone started talking about Impulse the new teen hero and how they idolized Impulse while even though Abby was a cross country star she was still treated like a lowly nerd. When she heard them talking about her alter ego and then make some snide comment about her nerdieness as they passed by in the hallway she grinned to herself. Oh the irony.

Abby had a small group of friends at school, a few were on the cross country team with her and other's were from her classes, they were all nice to her but she was never close to any of them. She always spent time with her real friends at the cave after school.


As the weeks went by and turned into months and before anyone knew it spring was here. Things seemed to go off with out a hitch. Wally and Artemis rarely argued, Abby was doing well in school and having a blast being Impulse. She loved patrolling the city with Wally or even Bart sometimes. Life was great for the West-Crock family, but as we all know sooner or later something bad was going to have to happen. Life went on almost perfectly and spring turned to summer. School was let out and Abby survived her junior year and was now starting to enjoy her summer vacation. Then it happened.

It had been a week since school had gotten out, Abby was enjoying being able to wake up at the crack of noon every day, but on some mornings she still woke up early so she could spend some time with her parents before she went off with whatever she was going to do that day. So it was one of those occasions when she actually got up early. Abby was chatting with her dad while Artemis made enough pancakes to feed the Persian army in the kitchen. The phone rang and Artemis shouted she had it. Not even ten seconds later a piercing scream filled with shock was heard. In a millisecond both speedsters were there to find the phone on the floor and a look of absolute horror plastered on the blonde's face.

"Artemis! What is it?"

"Mom! Are you ok?" Abby asked her stunned mother.

"He's out…" she mumbled not even believing what she was saying.

"Who?" Both father and daughter asked at the same time.

"Sportsmaster. He broke out." the archer almost sobbed.

As her words pierced the air looks of disbelief, anger and horror plastered the faces of the small family.

What were they going to do now?

The End. (or is it?)

And that's all she wrote…(for now)

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It had been eight years since the team had separated. M'gann and Conner were the only couple that had stuck together, Robin had left to become night wing and didn't have time for any other heroics besides protecting his city. Zatanna took up her father's magic gig and moved to new york. Artemis had left the team to go deep undercover to take down her father. Kaldur became the protector of Atlantis while King Orin was gone. Wally became the Flash after his uncle retired and became the protector of Central and Keystone city


Artemis crock impatiently sat in her car on the traffic filled freeway into central city. It had been almost six years since she dragged her father's homicidal butt back to belle reve. She had gone back to normal life and got a job as a reporter, keeping the hero gig but this time she did everything she could to avoid the justice league. Sure she talked to Ollie every once and a while, but she avoided everyone else. Especially a certain redhead. So when her boss assigned her to cover some gala event in Central she tried every trick in the book to get out of it but to no avail. So here she was grumpily driving herself to Kansas She almost didn't bring her costume and bow with her but she just resolved to avoid Flash and Wally at all costs. It was a big city so she figured her chance of running into him were little to none. The archer groaned and looked at her watch again, she was loosing her patience with the traffic especially with the red car in front of her. The guy was obliviously not paying attention to anything. She lost it when the light finally turned green and he didn't even notice. being as grumpy as she was, Artemis started honking and yelling at him even flipping him the bird once before she saw a familiar face in the car mirror yelling back at her. immediately she ducked out of sight and grabbed her dark sunglasses praying she wasn't recognized.


Wally west left early for work at the crime lab to avoid the dreaded morning traffic jam on the freeway. unfortunately for him every other commuter in the central city area had the same grand idea. So sooner rather than later he found himself stuck in the horrible traffic jam. some days he just wished he would have run to work. He started to loose his focus as he starred at the endless line of, its seemed as if he had been waiting there forever in front of the stoplight. Before he had realized the light had turned green the driver behind him started honking and yelling at him, she even took the liberties of telling him he was "number one". When he looked in the mirror to see whom exactly was yelling at him he almost did a double take. He couldn't believe his eyes; maybe he was seeing things because there was no possible way the woman in the green car behind him was Artemis. The same Artemis that he never got over; his spitfire. He checked again and was relieved to find that the blonde lady in sunglasses only looked similar to the archer he once loved, but still a part of him could of sworn the woman was Artemis Crock. He contemplated this on his way to work and resolved it as something in his coffee was making him see things and dismissed it as nothing.

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