Maura finds herself pregnant, and needs Jane's help./ Flashback to Jane pregnant at sixteen.

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I'm Pregnant

Present Day- Nov. 17, 2011

Maura is almost at work. She has been feeling a little under the weather since she woke up this morning. She was flushed, and a little nausiated, but Maura pushed herself to go to work anyway. She sipped her tea, and ate a few crackers hoping that would settle her stomach. Maura has yet to find the source of her nausea, although she suspected she knew the answer, she wanted to confirm to be sure.

August 12, 1994

A sixteen year old Jane Rizzoli stood in the upstairs bathroom of her home for almost an hour staring at the pregnancy test in her hand with two blue lines on it. She tried to believed that if she stared at it long enough, it would all go away. Maybe I read it wrong, maybe the test isn't accurate, maybe I'm just sick, and...not what I think I am, all these thoughts ran through Jane's head as she stared at the postitive test in her hands, and then out the window at her two brothers oustide. Fourteen year old Tommy and twelve year old Frankie played basketball in the driveway on a beautiful summer day enjoying the innocence of childhood, an innocence Jane may never know again. Try as she may, Jane couldn't deny it, she was infact pregnant.

Present Day

Maura's wave of nausea progressed as she found herself vomitting in the sink downstairs in the morgue. She remained leaning over the sink for awhile, taking deep breaths trying to center herself. She soon became aware of another presence in the room, and sat up trying to discretely wipe off her mouth. Jane walked over to her friend concerned placing her hand on Maura's shoulder.

" Maura, you okay?" Jane asked her. Maura nodded quietly.

" Yeah, I'm fine. My stomach is a little off, but I'm okay."

" Are you sure? Maybe you should take the day off." Maura looked up at her trying to offer a smile hiding how she really felt.

" I'm okay, really. I just need something more in my stomach." Jane sighed. She was still concerned, but she trusted Maura.

" You sure?"

" Yes Jane. I'm fine, I swear." Maura said smiling at her.

" I'm just worried. You don't usually get sick." Jane said.

" I know. I appreciate that. I'm good, I promise."

"Okay, promise me you'll go home if you really don't feel good."

" I will." Maura laughed,but inside she was scared to death. If her hypothesis was correct it would mean she was pregnant, and she had no idea what she was going to do.

Aug. 15, 1994

Jane woke up feeling nausiated, and was in the bathroom throwing up. After her stomach emptied she remained hunched over the toilet for a few moments,trying to catch her breath. Her mother Angela overheard Jane getting sick, and came in to check on her.

" Janie, are you okay?" Angela asked kneeling down to rub her daughter's back.

" Yeah Ma, I'm fine." Jane answered still facing the toilet. She couldn't even bear to look at her mother. How could she dissapoint her mom by telling her she was pregnant at sixteen? With the daily struggles Angela has already between maintaining a household, and dealing with Frankie and Tommy, Jane didn't want to add anymore stress to her mother. Jane has kept this secret for about a week so far, and it was killing her, she had to tell someone.

Nov. 18,2011

Maura is at work the next morning sitting at her desk with her head in her hands. She has taken a pregnancy test, and it came out positive confirming her suspicion. She also know's the baby's father is Ian. She started feeling her body changing approximentally two months after he left, and he's the only man she has slept with in a year. Maura felt extreamly conflicted. She had no idea what she was going to do or how she was going to tell Ian. Maura's life has been consumed with her career, and even though she wasn't totally opposed to the idea of having a family, she still had no idea what kind of mother she'd make.

Jane comes downstairs with two cups of coffee to find her best friend seemingly stressed and panicked. She is immediately worried as she sets down the cups of coffee, and sits across from Maura.

" Hey Maura, are you okay? Are you still not feeling good?" Maura took a deep breath, but was reluctant to answer.

" Maura talk to me. What's going on?" Jane pleaded as she took Maura's hand encouraging her to speak up.

" Jane, I'm pregnant." Jane was taken aback by the news, and was trying to find the right words to say. Maura was visibly upset by this, and Jane wanted to do her best to be there for her.

" did you find out?" Jane asked.

" Yesturday. I don't know what I'm gonna do."

" Who's the father?" Jane asked.

" It's Ian's That scares me too. I don't know what I'm going to say to him. I...I don't know what I'm gonna do, I'm so scared." Maura is on the verge of tears, and she's starting to get the shakes. Feeling bad for her friend Jane reaches out, and takes both of Maura's hands.

" Listen to me, okay. It's going to be alright. I'm here for you. Whatever you decide, I wanna be here to help you." Maura takes a deep breath, and slowly starts to relax.

" Thank you." Maura says with a smile.

" Come on, let's get out of here. Try to catch a break for a few minutes." Jane said as she beckoned towards the door.

" But Jane, we have so much to do here."

" It's okay. It can wait awhile. Let's just go relax for a bit." Jane pleaded smiling at her which in turn earned a smile from Maura.

" Okay." Maura said as they both headed out. Maura felt incredibly lucky to have a friend like Jane. She could always talk to her when she was having a hard time.

Aug 15, 1994

Jane paced aimlesly outside her little brother Frankie's room. She was nervous, Jane hadn't told anyone she was pregnagnt, but still she knew she could trust Frankie. The two always had a sense of comradery, and always had each other's back. Finally Jane took a deep breath, and allowed herself to enter his bedroom.

" Hey little brother, you got a minute?"

" Sure Janie, what's up?" Jane walked over to her little brother, nervously wringing her hands, and sat on the edge of his bed.

" Frankie, can you keep a secret?" The twelve year old boy's interest immediately perked up at the very mention of the word 'secret'.

" What kind of secret?" Frankie asked.

" A big secret. You can't tell anyone, especially Ma and Pop. "

" A secret from Ma and Pop. This must be serious."

" It is. I need you to keep this quiet for ahwile. You think you can do that?" Jane pleaded.

" Maybe." Frankie said with a sly smirk.

" Come on Frankie, I really need your word on this. This is killing me,and I really need to tell someone." Jane replied exasperatedly.

" Sure Janie, you can trust me. What's going on?"

This was it. Jane was finally divulging her secret she'd kept for over a week now. With that she took a deep breath.

" Frankie, I'm pregnant." Frankie was completely taken aback by this news.

"Oh. W-when did you find out?" Frankie asked.

" About a week ago. I haven't told anyone. I haven't even told Jimmy yet."

Jimmy Sheridan was Jane's boyfriend of two years. They met at a baseball game sophomore year, and Jane was absolutely smitten with him, and he was with her. The two started having sex about four months ago, and one irresponsible night of spontaneous sex after a date to the movies was all it took to change both of their lives forever.

" Are you going to tell him?" Frankie asked. Jane sighed with her head in her hands.

" I don't know. I have no Idea what I'm going to do about anything right now. I'm so scared." Frankie scooted up, and wrapped his arms around his big sister. Frankie had never seen Jane scared of anything, and he felt bad for her.

" It's gonna be okay, Jane. I'm here for you if you need anything. I wanna help." Jane hugged Frankie back, and kissed his cheek.

" Thanks, little brother." Jane walked out into the hallway to find her brother Tommy who had overheard everything.

" Was it Jimmy? Did he do this to you?"

" You heard us talking?" Jane asked.

" Just tell me, Janie. Was it Jimmy?"

"Please Tommy, I don't need any shit right now." Jane was on the verge of tears at this point, and Tommy felt like he had to protect his sister, especially from boys.

" You have to tell him about this, Jane. He needs to be here for you." Jane couldn't hold it in anymore, and just bursted out.

" I know that Tommy! I dont't know what to say to him, I'm so scared right now." Jane started to cry, and Tommy gave her a hug.

" How am I going to tell Ma and Pop, I'm having a baby? I screwed up so bad."

" Janie you're strong okay. You'll get through this. You have your family by your side, you're not alone."

Jane took a breath, and wiped her tears. She was truly touched by the support she had from her brothers.

" Thank you. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Nov. 20th, 2011

It was now evening in the home of one Dr. Isles. Maura sat on her couch staring at the phone in her hand. She had to call Ian sooner or later, she knew she had to, but she had trouble finding the courage. Maura wasn't even sure what she wanted to do. She certainly loved Ian, and having a baby with him sould be great. It seems the only thing holding Maura back was not knowing how Ian would react or if he would want to be involved. Ian's job took him all over the world, and maybe his lifestyle wouldn't be suited for a family. Then again, he did love Maura, and just maybe he'd be happy about the baby. Maura wrestled with these thoughts for days, and either way he had a right to know, so Maura gathered up every ounce of courage she had, and dialed Ian's phone listened to the phone ring several times, before it finally went to voicemail.

" This is Dr. Faulkner. I am unavalible at this time. Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

" Hi...Ian, it's me. It was good to see you when you were here in Boston. I hope you're doing well. Uhm...listen, there's something important we need to discuss that affects both of us. Please call me as soon as you can. Bye."

Maura hung up, walked over to the fridge, and pulled out a bottle of water. She paced around her kitchen wondering when and if Ian would call her back. For now all she could do was wait, so she retired to her room and went to bed.

Aug. 17th 1994

Jane is outside Jimmy's house, and knocks on the door. She's about to tell Jimmy she's pregnant, and she's incredibly nervous. Even though they've been dating for awhile, sex was still a new part of their relationship, and Jane didn't know how Jimmy would take the news of being a father. Before long Jimmy answered the door, and was happy to see his girlfriend.

" Hey Janie, how've you been?" Jimmy asked greeting her with a kiss. " I haven't heard from you in awhile. Are you doing okay?" He asked her.

" I'm fine, I suppose." Jane sighs." Jimmy, listen we need to talk."

" Okay." They both sit on the porch. Jimmy takes his girlfriend's hands.

" What's going on?"

Jane nervously licked her lips, and took a deep breath. She couldn't help but be mesmerised by his strong features, and his icy blue eyes. Jane always found herself weak in the knees when she was around Jimmy, which is probably what got her into trouble in the first place. However there was no turnig back now, he had to know.

" Jimmy, I'm...I'm pregnant."


The two sat silently for awhile not knowing what to say. Jane desperately wanted to know what Jimmy was thinking. Would he be there to support her or would he want to run screaming? Finally it was Jane who broke the silence.

" Jimmy?"

" Uh... h-how far along are you?" Jimmy asked.

" Not that far. I found out about a week ago."

" Do your parents know about this?"

" No. I have no idea how to begin to tell them. I've been struggling with how to tell you." Jane nervously wrung her hands still unsure of her boyfriend's feelings, but he suprised her. Jimmy gently held her arms and kissed her forehead.

" I'm here Janie, okay. Anything you need, I'm here."

Jane sighed in relief and they both hugged each other.

" I'm so scared. I don't know what I'm gonna do."

" Don't worry. We're in this together." Jimmy told her. So this was it. The teenage couple were soon to be parents. Even though Jane was happy to have the support, she had no idea how she'd be raising a child. The big step was still ahead of her, and that was to tell her parents.

Nov 25th 2011

So far it's been almost a week since Maura discovered she is pregnant. She still has not heard from Ian, which is to be expected with the demands of his job, and he still doesn't know he's going to be a father. Maura is nervous that Ian hasn't called her back, but at the same time she found herself strangely exhilirated. Maura has had alot of time to think, and she's decided to keep her baby. She knows this will significantly change her life, and before this she's never had plans to start a family, but Maura has always been excited to embrace life's chalanges.

The always studious Dr. Isles who would normally be spending a quiet morning sipping tea, and reading a medical journal, found herself perusing an online baby store. Maura skimmed through everything from baby clothes to cribs, and even some designer pacifiers just for laughs. Through all of the mechandise she found herself stopped on a pram. Growing up, her grandmother had an antique one of these british baby carriages in her house, and someday Maura imagined she might have one for her children. She'd been staring at this pram for the past ten minutes. It was beautiful with crisp white wheels, navy blue fabric, and it was lined with soft white satin. Maura couldn't resist, she let her mouse do the talking and she placed the order. In the process she also ordered a crib, and a few gender neutral onsies untill she learned the sex of her baby. Maura tried to remain optimistic, and hoped motherhood would be a positive and rewarding experience for her.

Aug 19th, 1994

It's dinner time in the Rizzoli house. Angela was preparing baked ziti with garlic bread still crisping in the oven. Jane stood in the arch way that connected the living room to the dining room, watching her mother cook. The lovely aroma of marinara and garlic bread filled their home, and Jane hated to ruin a nice dinner. It had been almost two weeks since she found out she was pregnant, and she still has not told her parents. Having her brothers on her side made her feel a bit better, but it was Mama Rizzoli who was going to be the scariest one to tell. One way or another she had to tell them. Certainly they would eventually find out, so Jane decided to just get it over with.

" Hey Ma."

" Hey Sweetheart. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." Jane nervously stepped closer to the counter, next to her mother. Her throat was suddenly dry, and it felt as if no words would come out.

" S-so Ma, do you need help with anything?" Jane offered, in an attempt to start off on a happy note.

" Well the food is hearly done, but if you want, you can set the table."

" Sure."

Jane gathered up plates and silverware, and began to set five places at the table. She wanted to tell her so much, she just didn't know how. Angela can tell that Jane had something on her mind, and she began to lean on her a bit.

" You're being awfully helpfull tonight. What's up?"

" Why does something have to be up? I just wanna help."

" Janie honey, I know when something's going on with you. I know you too well." This time, Jane knew she was busted. She had to come clean.

" Ma, there is something I kinda have to talk to you about."

" What is it?" Angela asked, and Jane sighs.

" Ma...I'm...I'm pregnant."

The world seemed to be frozen in time at that moment. Angela didn't say anything at first, she just stared at the silverware in her hand. Jane wondered what she could be thinking.

" Ma?"

" How? How could this happen?"

" Well Ma, me and Jimmy-" Before she could finish, she was cut off.

" I know that part, Jane. I mean you, how can this happen to you? You were always such a responsible girl."

" I didn't mean for this to happen, I swear, but it did, and now I have to deal with it."

" Oh really? Do you have any Idea what you're in for. How can you take care of a baby at sixteen years old?"

At that moment, Frank Sr. was standing at the door to the garage, and hear the tail end of the conversation.

" Who's having a baby?"

Jane turned and looked at her father, Frank looked over at his wife.

" Ang?"

" Jane's pregnant, Frank."

Frank said nothing, and went back in the garage. Jane saw how heartbroken he looked, and hated to hurt her father.

" Daddy." She followed him in the garage to try and talk to him, but Frank couldn't look at her.

" Daddy? Daddy please say something."

" What is there to say Janie, huh? I had high hopes for you. I thought someday you'd make something of yourself. You had so much promise. What's going to happen now? "

Jane hung her head with tears in her eyes, and quietly left the garage. She retreated to her room, and cried into her pillow. What was she going to do now? This situation definetly complicated things, but still Jane wanted to believe she'd make it through somehow. Jane didn't know what kind of mother she'd make, but she was certainly going to try her best. Jane layed there still crying when her brother, Frankie came in to check on her. He sat next to her, and rubbed her shoulder untill she fell asleep.

Nov 28th, 2011

Maura is at home preparing pasta for dinner. The pregnancy so far has left her tired, and a bit hormonal. Her emotions are out of whack between feeling stressed about the baby, and starting to cry, to feeling excited and being sublimly happy. At the moment her feeling was hungry, and she couldn't wait to dig into that pasta. In the midst of dinner preparation, Maura's cell phone rang, and her chest tightened up when she saw Ian's number. Here goes nothing. she thought as she answered her phone.

" Hello."

" Maura hi, it's Ian. I just got your message."

" You did. Thank you for calling me back." Maura's voice trembled. She wasn't sure exactly how she was going to tell him.

" I've missed you. How've you been?"

" Good, I've been good." Ian's voice was so lovely on the other end of that phone, and Maura has missed him too, which made this conversation so much harder.

" Your message said it was important. Is everything alright?"

" Ian, there's something I have to tell you."

" What is it?"

" Ian...I'm pregnant."

" You are?"

" Yes, and I want you to know that I'm keeping the baby, but I don't expect anything from you, I just-" In the midst of Maura's nervous babble, Ian calmly interjected.

" Maura, darling if you'll just slow down for a moment, I can tell you that I think it's wonderful."

" You do?"

" Yes of course. Maura you're so sweet and lovely and genuine. You'll make a great Mum." The overwhelmed M.E. began to shed happy tears.

" You really think so?"

" I do. You know I do. I want to help you in any way I can." Realistically, Maura knew Ian had a job that demanded much of his time, and she didn't know exactly how he'd be able to help, but she appreciated the offer.

" But Ian, you job. It takes you all over."

" I know I need to be away alot, but one way or another, I'll be there."

" Thank you." Maura was appreciative, but she wasn't getting her hopes up.

" So how are you feeling?" Ian asked her.

" Alright, a little tired, but I'm doing good."

" How far along are you?"

" I found out about a week ago."

" So we're going to be parents, huh?"

" Yeah, it certainly looks that way."

" I'm glad." Ian told her.

" Me too." While talking, the water on the stove started to boil over, and Maura quickly ran to shut it off.

" Everything alright?"

" Yeah, I was just about to have dinner."

" Well, I'll let you get to it then."

" Okay, thanks again, Ian."

" Alright, goodnight Love."

" Goodnight."

Maura couldn't believe how well it went. She was relieved that Ian took the news so well, and seemed willing to help. However she wasn't getting her hopes up to high. She knew Ian often made promises to be around, but was never able to live up to them. Maybe he was serious this time with a baby on the way, or at least she hoped. With that Maura took her pasta, and quietly enjoyed her dinner.

Aug 20th, 1994

The next morning, Jane had slept in untill noon. After the previous night's events, she wasn't in the mood for an awkward family breakfast. Her father left early to work ,and her mother spent the morning cooking and cleaning up after breakfast. Jane laid awake listening to dishes clanking as her mother cleaned up. She wondered how long she should wait untill she braved going into the kitchen to scrounge up something to eat. Moments later Angela knocked on the door frame to her daughter's bedroom. Jane turned over and nervously greeted her mother.

" Hi Ma. "

" Hi Sweetie. May I come in?"

" Sure."

Angela sat next to Jane on her bed, and patted her back.

" Ma, I'm so sorry. "

" No Honey, I'm sorry. I overreacted, I should have listened to you."

" I screwed up so bad."

Angela leaned over and kissed the top of Jane's head. Jane tried unsuccessfuly to hold back her tears.

" Sweetheart, it is what it is. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but we'll deal with the situation as best we can."

" What about Pop? He seems so angry."

" Oh Honey, your father will come around. He loves you more than anything."

" I'm scared." Jane told her mother who immediately wrapped her arms around her.

" You'll do fine, Janie. You have your family to support you. Everything will be fine."

" Thanks Ma."

In the midst of their moment of bonding, Jane felt a wave of nausea.

" Uh Ma, I hate to interupt this mother, daughter bonding moment we're having here, but I have to throw up."

" Oh, go ahead."

Aside from getting sick, Jane was relieved. She hated dissapointing her parents, but it made her happy that her mother came around, and was willing to support her through having a baby.