April 3rd, 1995

Jane is now in her ninth month of pregnancy, and it felt like it took forever to get here. The first three months were like a hurricane, between telling those arounde her she was pregnant, and dealing with her body changing. The Christmas holiday proved to be relaxing for Jane. She got to put her feet up and be at home, and not deal with kids at school, especially Jimmy. She couldn't stand to be at school, and have this person she was once close with now avoiding her. Her mother was a big help setting up the guest room for the baby. The nursery was complete, crib and all awaiting her arrival. At this point, Angela seemed excited to be welcoming a grandchild into their lives.

The soon to be mother was currently sitting on her bed flipping through an old family photo album. Jane comes across a picture from her eight birthday of her in front of her birthday cake. She remembered that cake very well. It was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding and bananas, that her mother made herself. Birthday parties in the Rizzoli house were always a big deal, and no matter how crazy they were or how involved the planning was, Angela always managed to handle everything perfectly. Jane's mother can be smothering and overbearing at times, but she was truly a good mother, and she loved her children. The arrival of her daughter was right around the corner, and the closer Jane got to her due date, the more scared she was. This was it, she wasn't a kid anymore. It was her turn to be Mom, and Jane hoped she was at least half as good at it as her mother was. Jane was still starting at the photo when her mom came in with tea for her, and set the cup down on her nightstand.

" Thanks Ma."

Angela sat down next to her daughter looking at the pictures from the birthday party.

" Oh, I remember that party. The cake was a big hit; huh? "

" Yeah it was."

" Before you know it, you'll get to look at pictures like this with your little girl." Angela told Jane while stroking her hair.

" I just hope I can pull it off." Angela hugged Jane, and kissed her cheek. She sensed her daughter was nervous, and wanted to offer her encouragement.

" You're gonna be great, Honey. I have faith in you."

" I'm really scared, Ma. I'm scared of the birth, of what happens once Nikki is born, everything. How do I know if I can really do this?" Angela took her daughter's chin, and looked in her eyes.

" Janie, listen to me. I know you, and I know in my heart you have it in you to be a wonderful mother. You have determination and compassion like I've never seen. Trust me, you can do this."

Jane was so touched, she couldn't speak as tears fell down her cheeks. Angela dried Jane's face and wrapped her in a hug.

" I love you, Ma."

" I love you too, baby."

July 17, 2011

Maura was at home with her mother. She was snuggled on the couch, wrapped in a blanket watching TV. Constance comes over with two cups of tea and hands one to Maura.

She is toward the end of her pregnancy, and is getting antsy. Constance is staying with Maura untill she has the baby. She is excited to meet Kaylee the day she is born as is Maura, however she still has a lot on her mind. Aside from becoming a mother for the first time, she's had several phone calls from Ian over the past couple of months. He's made good on his word to call Maura often, and check in on her, but Maura doesn't like being kept in limbo not knowing if Ian will be around, and she's told him this. At this point, the M.E. is resigned to the fact that she'll likely be raising this baby on her own. For the moment, Maura was just enjoying having her mother's company for more than a couple of days. She felt almost like a kid again having her mom take care of her, and seeing her excited to be a grandmother was kind of cute.

" So how are you feeling, Darling? Nervous, excited?" Constance asked her daughter.

" I think a combination of the two."

" I can't wait to see her for the first time, and see what she looks like. She's going to be the most beautiful baby; I just know it." Constance said. The soon to be grandmother was beaming. She was excitedly preparing for the baby and making plans for the future.

" It's going to be great when your little girl is old enough to travel. We can take her to Paris, to Rome. Remember when you here six and we went to Istanbul? Oh, we had so much fun."

" Yes we did." Maura answered. She'd thought a lot about her daughter's future. Maura wanted many things for her girl, but most of all she wanted Kaylee to have a normal life. She didn't care what that was as long as Kaylee was happy and smiling as much as possible. Maura knew one thing for sure, that baby Kaylee would have plenty of people around who loved her, and their'd be lots of hugs and kisses to come her way.

April 15th, 1995

It is 7:15pm, Jane is in the delivery room, holding her precious baby girl in her arms. After fourteen hours of labor, the Rizzoli family welcomed a new baby into the world. Nicolette Ann Rizzoli was born April 15th, 1995, at 7:02pm. She was 7lbs 9oz, 21 in long. It was a time Jane never thought she'd be so emotional and so happy when she saw her little girl for the first time. Nikki was a beautiful baby with soft, straight dark hair, and big blue eyes, that looked into Jane's and stole her heart. During that alone time with her daughter Jane thought ' I can't believe this beautiful little girl is mine.' , and then she thought ' What the hell am I doing?' Jane was scared, and still doubting herself, and then her baby's tiny hand took her finger, and the new mother's heart swelled, and she knew where she belonged.

" Hey little girl. I can't believe you're finally here. Baby, I may not always be perfect, but I promise to make sure you grow up happy, and you have everything you need, and you always know that I love you so much." She softly kissed the top of Nikki's head. That lovely baby smell was something Jane found intoxicating. Moments later Angela came in thouroghly enjoying the vision before her. She was smitten with her new granddaughter, and couldn't contain her emotions all day.

" Hey there, you two."

" Hey." Jane answered smiling. Angela sat at Jane's bedside, both enamored with the new edition to their family.

" She's so beautiful. She looks just like her mommy." Angela said leaning in to kiss the top of her head.

" How are you feeling, Honey?"

" So happy. I've never felt like this before. I think I've cried more today, than I ever have." Jane admitted.

" Yeah, I remember. When you were born, I couldn't stop starring at you. It was the most surreal moment of my life. I couldn't wait to begin being a mother."

" I know what you mean. I'm excited to see how life will be with this gourgeous little girl. It's also a little scary, too."

" We're all here for you, Jane; you know that. We're here for Nikki too. She's gonna get lots of love, hugs and kisses, and she's licky to have such a wonderful mother to show her the way." Jane again started to cry. Her mother wiped away her tears.

" Thank you for everything, Ma. I love you."

" I love you too, Sweetheart."

" You wanna hold your granddaughter?"

" Yeah."

Angela took Nikki in her arms, and she snuggled into her chest. The new grandma gently rocked the baby back and forth while the little girl reached out, and clung to her Nanny's shirt. Jane enjoyed seeing Nikki bond with her grandmother.

" You look good." Jane told her. Angela smiled still rocking Nikki. The little one yawned before falling asleep in Angela's arms. Later, Jane too closed her eyes to get some sleep. She was exhausted, but happy she was the mother of a happy, healthy little girl. Angela sat quietly with her two favorite girls, and watched smiling while they slept.

July 28th, 2011

" Okay Maura, one more big push." Dr. Allen told her. With her mother at her side holding her hand, Maura gave one last push, and as soon as she heard her baby cry, she started to cry as well. Both mother and grandmother were overjoyed to welcome this new life into the world. Kaylee Brianne Isles was born July 28th, 2011 at 5:15pm. She was 7lbs 10oz, 18in long.

" Take a look at your beautiful little girl." Dr. Allen said, handing baby Kaylee to her happy, tearful mother. The little girl had Maura's blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Maura kissed the top of her daughter's head while Constance was wiping away tears.

" She's absolutely beautiful, Maura."

" Yes she is." Maura said kissing her baby's hand that was wrapped around her finger.

" Hey there, baby girl. Happy Birthday."

Constance took several pictures of her granddaughter, and sent one to Maura's father. He was flying back from London, and would arrive the next day. Afterwards, Constance went out to the waiting room where Jane and Angela were waiting, to tell them Kaylee was here.

" Hey, are you a gramdma?" Angela asked Constance, seeing how excited she was. All Constance could do was nod while Angela gave her a hug.

" Congtatulations." Jane told her, giving her a hug as well. Constance was giddy and tearful, reminding Angela of the day she too bacame a grandmother.

" She' s so beautiful. You have to come see her." Constance told them. The two women follow Constance to Maura's room.

" How's Maura?" Jane asked.

" She's feeling a little tired, but she's so happy."

Everyone walks in the room where Maura is holding Kaylee, rocking the little girl, and softly humming to her. She was so focused on her baby, she barely noticed the guests entering her room, until her mother announced them.

" Hey, you've got company."

" Hey." Maura greeted them.

The two Rizzoli women were happy seeing Maura happy as they greeted the new baby. Maura has been a close friend of Jane's for a long time, and at this point had become family. So in a way, Kaylee was like an edition to their own family, and they were equally excited.

" Maura, she's beautiful." Jane told her.

" Thank you." Jane sat next to Maura taking the baby's hand with her pinky. Kaylee smiled while she gripped Jane's finger.

" Do you wanna hold her?" Maura asked.

" Yeah." Maura cooed softly to her baby as she sat foward.

" Hey, you wanna say 'hi' to your Aunt Jane?" Jane took the baby in her arms, and Kaylee seemed to take to her Aunt well. She'd almost forgotten what is was like to hold a newborn baby, but with Kaylee in her arms it brought her back to the day Nikki was born. The lovely baby smell was the same, and those big beautiful eyes couldn't stop her from smiling. Maura was happy to have all the family togetherness, and looked foward to watching Kaylee grow up, experience life and learn new things everyday.

June 10th, 1995

Jane is in her room after finishing feeding Nikki. She is now two months old, and is getting bigger everyday. So far Nikki has been a joy. It took some time, but before long she was sleeping through the night. Nikki giggled happily kicking her legs in her mommy's arms. It delighted her to no end to hear that kid laugh, and she'd like nothing more to make sure that happened as much as possible. Moments later, Frankie walked in to see his niece.

" Hey."

" Hi Frankie." Frankie sat on the edge of tne bed with them.

" Hi Nikki." Nikki greeted her uncle with a smile.

"Would you like to hold your niece?"

" Sure." Frankie answered taking Nikki in his arms. Jane was happy being a Mom so far, but other things were on her mind that were plaguing her. She had many decisions to make that included her future.

" Frankie, I've been thinking about a lot of things."

" Like what?"

" Like what I want to do with my life. I've been considering whether or not I want to go to police academy."

" Janie, you've wanted to be a cop forever. Why the sudden change?"

" Because it's not just about me anymore. Now that I have Nikki, I have to think about what's best for her too. When it was just me I had that option, but now I'm not sure. I need to be around for my baby now." It was painful for Jane to think about. Being a cop was all Jane could talk about before she had a baby, but now she had her doubts. However Frankie wasn't ready for her to give up that easily.

" Jane, do you want my opinion?"

" Sure."

" Look, I know I'm only thirteen, and I'm not a parent, but I think in the long run, Nikki would want to see you happy. It's important to have dreams, and I think it's best for Nikki to see you live out yours." Jane was impressed with her little brother at this point. She thought it was cool to see him so grown up.

" When did you get so insightful?"

" From watching you." The two of them smiled at each other for a moment before hearing their mother calling.

" Kids dinner." Angela called from the kitchen. Jane carried Nikki with her while everyone headed in for dinner.

Angela made baked ziti for dinner, and was setting the table with Tommy's help. Frank Sr. was at the head of the table, and Frankie made his way over next to Tommy. Jane came through with Nikki cradled in her arms, and Angela could see big blue eyes looking back at her.

" There's Nanny's baby girl, hi sweet pea." Angela said taking the baby in her arms. She gently rocked Nikki back and forth, and kissed the top of her head.

" Hey sweet girl. Did you sleep okay?" Angela cooed to her.

" Yeah, she's been sleeping through the night lately." Jane told her.

" You did, huh? You've been a good girl for Mommy?"

Jane loved seeing her mother, now a grandmother. The Rizzoli family had always been a tight knit group, and this little girl was sure to have lots of love, and many more family dinners like this one to look foward to.

" Oh, somebody wants to go see Poppy." Angela said heading toward Frank who took his granddaughter, cradling her.

" Hi Sweetheart." Frank said kissing Nikki on her forehead.

" Is this not the most beautiful little girl you've ever seen in your life?" He said looking down at Nikki while she reached to grab his nose. Frank lit up at the sight of this baby girl. It was like he was twenty years younger around the baby. Nikki took well to everyone, smiling and giggling the whole time. All those around her were delighted to hear her laugh, and it made them feel good.

" I love you, Princess."

It was heartwarming to see Frank Rizzoli, always the strong husband and father of three who went to work everyday to support his family in awe of the tiny baby in his arms. This little one truly captured his heart, and softened him like he never thought possible.

Aug 12th, 2011

Jane is over Maura's . Maura has just put Kaylee to bed, and now the two were laying side by side in Maura's bedroom. Maura was so happy being a mother, and having her baby finally here, but now she was here, and her mother had gone home she was really scared. The birth now felt like the easy part as there was now a little girl in the other room Maura was responsible for, and it was up to her to take care of her and keep her safe.

" She's finally asleep." Maura said, sinking back into the pillows on her bed. The new mother was clearly nervous, and Jane remembered that look all to well.

" I don't know. I guess ever since my mother left, I've felt really overwhelmed. I know sooner or later I'll be doing these things by myself." Jane rolled to her side and took her friends arm.

" You're not gonna be on your own all the time, Maura. You have help from all of us whenever you need it."

" You really think I can do this?" Maura asked.

" I know you can. You're the kindest, most generous person I know. You're gonna be a wonderful mother. Believe me, I was scared too. I remember what it was like to be a new mother."

" You're amazing, Jane. having gone through all of this at sixteen. I'm grown and I'm freaking out. " Jane was always modest, and blushed a little at Maura's praise.

" Oh, believe me I freaked out plenty. I still remember the day NIkki was born. She was this perfect little girl in my arms, and I was so happy. I can remember thinking to myself ' Jane Rizzoli, what the hell are you doing? You're sixteen years old, you have no bussiness raising a baby.' Then my little girl wrapped her hand around my finger, and she smiled. It was almost as if she knew something I didn't. She's made my life so special, and I feel grateful to her everday." Hearing Jane talk about her daughter, and seeing her light up was a side of the detective few people got to see. Maura was happy to be able to share this with her.

" She's a great kid. You've done wonderful with her."

" You'll do great too, okay. Not to worry. Just show her your heart, and you can't go wrong. "

" Thank you, Jane. I don't know what I'd do without you." Maura told her taking her friend's hand while Jane smiled back. Maura began to think back to a conversation she had with her mother.

" My mother seemed excited about the prospect of traveling with Kaylee. She wants her to see the world. I've had many family vacations around the world, and I did have fun, but I don't know, I really just want Kaylee to be normal. She should be able to play hide and seek, climb trees, ya know, run around all day, and come in the house with grass stains. I really want her to be happy, and not feel so different. "

" Maura you know if you weren't different you wouldn't be you. You're an amazing person."

" I don't regret what I've been through. I just hope Kaylee grows up happy to be who she is."

" With a wonderful mom like you, I know she will be."

Maura smiled and pondered the journey ahead of her. She had so much she wanted Kaylee to learn and experience. She knew there would be great times ahead for her girl, and times where she'd feel sad or lost, and need her mom to dry her tears. No matter what was in store for Kaylee, one thing was for sure, that she could always count on her rock, her safe haven, her mom.

The End

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