This, is the prologue. That is why it is so short.

This was written for the disease and illness challenge – and was supposed to be a one shot. Heh. It will probably have 10+ chapters, but DO NOT FRET! I have all of the written, I just am going to publish them one by one. But hopefully they will be very quick updates. Hopefully. And yes, I will get back to perfect soon. Eep. Sorry.

In a few chaptersd there will be a big AN, just explaining some things about the… condition. And yeah, im keeping it a secret. Unless you've been on the forum. Ahem.


There are three types of people in the world.

The normal, healthy ones; who do not have to be constantly monitoring themselves. They are the ones who take good health for granted. They are the ones who think our problem is not life threatening - too common to be an illness. And yes, in ways, the statement is true; about 8.3 percent of Americans have it. But these normal people - they do not know that what we have can kill you. They do not know that it is the seventh most common cause of death in America. They are safely shielded inside their own clean, perfect, normal bubble.

The second type marks the people who didn't have a choice; it was the way they were born, they way they were made. They cannot blame themselves for what has happened; their only reasoning is a 'curse'. The normal people - they may be all high and mighty, until they fall, and suddenly, they too are part of our world. Our sick, sugary world.

And the third type. The people who took their health for granted, ate whatever they wanted, when they wanted; never knowing they were getting sick. Never knowing what they were bringing on themselves.

I used to think there was a fourth type. A group of people who cannot be affected by the disease. Untouchable. The normal people - they could fall, but this group, they were higher then that.

Then everything came crashing, tumbling down; and my untouchable world with it.

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