Chapter 2

The Battle of Canary Wharf, or Doomsday as some would call it, was one of the worst days of the Doctor's existence. His hearts were hammering madly as Rose hurtled towards the void while he screamed his lungs out for her. He knew what would happen if she were to be sucked in. She would be dead; there was no way she could survive being in the void. But, Pete with his perfect timing, risked his own life to get her out of harm's way.

Still, nothing could've stopped his hearts from breaking that day. She was alive, yes, but she wasn't with him. She was on the other side of the wall, and there was no way for him to get to her.

The Doctor sighed, keeping his eyes peeled for any sign, any way he could somehow project his image through a gap in the universe. He would burn up a sun to just to say goodbye, just to have one last chance to see her again before he would have to move on without her.

Doctor, I will alert you if there is a gap, the TARDIS told him. He noticed her voice had gotten melancholy. She had been fond of Rose. She loved what she had done for her Doctor, and she hated that she would never be with them again.

Thank you, the Doctor replied. At least he would always have this mental link with his ship. She would be the only one who could help him during this difficult time.

Now, it was time to do something he had been dreading. While the TARDIS was on the look out for any remaining gaps in the universe, the Doctor had decided to pay a little visit to the Powell Estate.

He couldn't let Rose's and Jackie's possessions be given away. He wanted to keep it all with him.

Right now the Powell Estate would be empty. It was a day after the Battle. Forms were being filled out by survivors; lists were being made of the dead. They had to do all that before they even considered going to houses to clean them out.

The TARDIS waited patiently in an alleyway while the Doctor made his way to Rose's apartment. Using the sonic, he was able to unlock the door and let himself inside.

At once an overwhelming scent hit him. Rose. They had been here not more than a day ago. Her perfume still lingered.

Shaking his head, he examined the contents of the apartment. There were so many photographs and knickknacks. He was glad he brought a box was that bigger on the inside.

Sighing, he got to work. He opened the drawers near the television, dumping all the films and home movies into the box. Perhaps someday he'll watch the tapes of Rose when she was younger.
The Doctor took everything off the shelves and even cleaned out Jackie's room. He wasn't always too fond of the woman, but she mothered one of the best people he will ever meet. And for that, he was grateful.

When he made it Rose's room, the scent was even more overwhelming. Perhaps this was a bad idea, he thought as his eyes scanned her room. He pushed everything off the shelves into the box before going for her clothes.

Falling to his knees, he cleaned out her drawers, dumping every piece of clothing she had into the box. He wrapped his hands around a knitted scarf that was sitting on her dresser. It was the same one she wore that day they—Jack included—went to Cardiff. He brought it to his lips, feeling a tidal wave of emotions hit him in that very second. He sobbed loudly into it, cursing the Daleks, the Cybermen, and bloody Torchwood for making all this heartache possible. He's not even sure he could see her again. For all he knows, every gap could be closed, and he can never see her face or hear her voice again.

Doctor, the TARDIS voice made him look up, we should get going.

Did you find one?

Not yet. It may take months, but don't give up hope.

What should I do now? Travel?

I would suggest just travel on your own for a while. Keep Rose in your thoughts.

Forever and always.

The Doctor packed up any remaining possessions before lifting the box—which was actually very light—and leaving the apartment. Before he got into the TARDIS, he looked back at the buildings. The home of Dame Rose of the Powell Estate.

The TARDIS moved Rose's room closer to his as a way of comforting his troubled soul. He found a small extra room not too far to place all of Jackie's stuff before he went into Rose's room. He put away all her trinkets and clothing before realizing this was too much for him. He couldn't stay in there for long.

He sighed heavily, closing the door behind him.

Those apartment buildings weren't her home anymore. Dame Rose of the Powell Estate's home was right here in the TARDIS with the Doctor, just as it should be.

Author's note: I decided to add a second chapter to "The Powell Estate" after thinking that the Doctor probably would've, no matter how painful it would be, gone to Rose's apartment to get all their possessions following the events of Doomsday.