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Pairings: Aizen/Ichigo, Shinji/Nnoitra, Shiro/Tensa, Grimmjow/Ulquiorra and many others

Genre: Romance, Adventure, Action, Mystery

Summary: Ichigo works at Benehime's Down and Dirty working a night shift when he meets a mysterious dark eyes stranger who gives him a lift home, an uneventful never again occurance so why oh why dose Ichigo find himself kidnapped? And who is going to save Shinji hell who's gonna save him?

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The Omen

~The Omen: Chapter One – Life as Usual~

In hindsight Ichigo should have recognized the signs, should have known what those dark looming clouds meant, the lightening that pierced the air and the thunderclaps that vibrated within his being and the rain that made him shiver uncontrollably. He should have foreseen that something terrible was about to happen, should have seen that when he accepted a ride from the gorgeous dark eyed stranger that he was in far over his head just from that simple meeting…

The day was bright and sunny when Ichigo left his apartment that morning, waving a farewell to his cheerful friend and roommate as Shinji hung out the window to remind Ichigo to call into the book store and grab Shinji's order.

Ichigo was in rather good spirits as he walked down the street, his long strides quickly eating up the distance between his home and his place of employment. Benihime's Down and Dirty was a decent if shady bar owned by the ever mysterious and ever freaky Kisuke Urahara.

Despite knowing the man for most of his life due to the fact he was an old friend of his dad's and had a hand in helping to raise him when Ichigo's mother was killed, Ichigo still found him freaky weird and a little creepy at times but the green clad man was one of the few people Ichigo really trusted.

As such when Ichigo had approached him about a job after he had finished collage with a shiny medical degree he didn't really want, Kisuke had immediately given Ichigo a job as a bartender for that Ichigo was glad. He didn't know what he wanted to do with his life yet so working at a bar in the meantime seemed like a good choice, in fact he enjoyed working.

After a twenty minute walk Ichigo found himself in front of the bar, pulling out a set of keys and unlocking the front door before pushing it open and closing it behind him, turning the lock again as he slid the shades he was wearing off his eyes to sink into his vibrant orange strands. Moving further into the still dim bar, the time only being seven in the morning Ichigo cautiously made his way towards the back room, eyeing his surroundings.

It had become a quick habit every day he worked. The reason why came in the form of a furry, black and feisty two pounds of cat, its gold eyes creepy and claws eager to sink into his skin. The name of this dreaded beast was the inspiration for the bar, Benihime.

Benihime was Kisuke's violent and disagreeable cat that hated everyone, choosing to scratch and bite people or she simply looked down on everyone from a high perch, her eyes disdainful and menacing. Really that cat was freaking scary Ichigo had no clue how Kisuke could pick it up without getting covered in blood.

In Ichigo's opinion the cat was feral and evil, the only people who were never hurt was Kisuke himself and his partner Zangetsu. Zangetsu was also a friend of the family and a prominent figure in his life. The two men had been a constant in his life and were basically Uncles to Ichigo, the fact that the pair were in a romantic relationship led Ichigo to have an open mind about that sort of thing, so much so that from an early age Ichigo had suspected that he was gay.

It was funny actually, the amount of propositions he got from women he turned down in a single night were well into the two digit numbers. Ichigo still wasn't entirely sure he batted for the other team, he had a girlfriend in high school but that only lasted a few months before they had split.

Orihime, a busty orange haired woman with sparkling grey eyes had a crush on him all through high school, an attraction he hadn't noticed until his final years and when he did he decided to give it a shot but it just didn't work out. Orihime had been a little upset but accepted his feelings, she was now with another of their classmates, Uryu Ishida and they were going strong, he was happy for them.

Now if only he could have such luck in his own love life. Sighing at the thought Ichigo was thoroughly distracted and didn't see the green clad arm until the last minute as it curled around his shoulder and pulled him into a well toned pale chest a sing song voice making his eyebrow twitch.

"Good morning Ichigo!" The voice sang from above him, ignoring him as he tried to squirm out of the older mans grip with little success.

"Damnit Kisuke let go!" Ichigo grumbled loudly and punched the grinning blonde in the stomach in another attempt to free himself. It worked.

"Ichigo you're so mean!" Kisuke had pulled away and was clutching his side with a pout on his face, "Is that any way to greet your boss?" The blonde questioned mournfully. Ichigo only sneered at the older man.

"I don't appreciate being attacked in any way shape or form every damn morning." Ichigo retorted moving away from his boss and friend, heading to the back room to grab an apron, his boss following with a forlorn expression on his face.

"I was just saying good morning." Ichigo snorted at Kisuke's reply, throwing a glare over his shoulder.

"You can do that without touching me I'm sure." Ichigo told him, turning back around and entering the staff break room.

"Aww but you need a hug!" Kisuke sang happily jumping out of his morose mood to pounce on the orange haired man, wrapping both of his arms around his shoulders and pulling him tight against his chest again, grinning as Ichigo's struggles had no effect.

"Damn you Kisuke your insufferable!" Ichigo growled and kicked a foot at the other man but he dodged the kick and chuckled in his ear.

"Remember not to scowl at the customers, you'll scare them off." It was the last thing Kisuke said before his arms suddenly released Ichigo, said man spinning around fast preparing to punch the crazy loon only to find himself alone in the break room.

"I hate it when you do that." Ichigo said to the empty room frowning in frustration. Kisuke seemed to thrive on annoying and antagonizing Ichigo just for the hell of it.

Ichigo shook his head shaking off his frustration at his boss and the admiration he would never admit aloud for the man's unnatural ability for disappearing and appearing out of nowhere. Even after all the years he had trained with him he had never figured out how he did it.

Yes Ichigo was trained in all styles of martial arts curtesy of the blonde and Zangetsu…he supposed he could count his father but that is quite different. His father had had the habit of attacking Ichigo at the most random of moments throughout his childhood ever since he hit thirteen. So his childhood was an assortment of kicks, punches and the like generally followed by training with Kisuke and Zangetsu after school.

The training had allowed Ichigo the ability to repeatedly beat the hell out of his father every time he tried to jump him with a sudden kick here or fist there. He wasn't the only one trained though; his twin brother and his close friend were also trained alongside him.

Shirosaki, an affected nickname due to Hichigo's pale appearance was Ichigo's albino twin brother and Tensa, Zangetsu's son were trained with Ichigo. His brother was a replica of himself just white even his hair was white the only colour he had was his intense gold eyes shrouded in black, it was some eye condition Ichigo couldn't remember the name of.

Tensa had wavy black hair that hung just below his shoulders and deep grey blue eyes that could be considered to look mournful if you didn't know him well. Ichigo and Tensa had become close friends and both worked as bartenders at Benihime's.

Ichigo wasn't sure what Shiro was doing though, he hadn't heard from his albino twin since he walked out at sixteen and never returned, Ichigo was twenty four so that was eight years ago without a single word from him.

Ichigo's scowl suddenly became vicious as he thought of his good for nothing twin. Ichigo had long since sworn to himself that the next time he saw Shiro he was going to beat the crap out of him, preferably including a kick to his smirking face because there was no doubt in Ichigo's mind that he would be smirking.

Sighing Ichigo shook off the unwelcomed thoughts like shaking off water before walking back into the bar and proceeded to open up and prepare for the first customers of a very long day.

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