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~The Omen: Chapter Fourteen – Idle Wanderings~

Ichigo dearly wished he could burn his retinas to remove the image he had been subjected to not fifteen minutes ago. God that was something he had no desire to ever see!

Groaning aloud Ichigo ignored the snickers coming from beside him and continued to try, vainly, to remove the image of Shinji being thoroughly fucked through the mattress by the freakishly tall and rude man known as Nnoitra Gilga.

"Damnit I'm going to kill him!" Ichigo suddenly growled out the very last word coming out more as a whine of torment.

"What's wrong with him having a little fun?" Ichigo promptly glared at his leering brother.

"There is nothing wrong with it but he could at least have the decency to do it elsewhere!" Ichigo almost shouted hysterically only causing his brother to cackle at how much of a prude his little twin was.

"Oh get lost!" Ichigo growled and threw a punch at his brother's head. Shiro easily dodged the blow and still snickering began to walk in the opposite direction Ichigo was heading in.

"You are such a prude Ichigo but lucky for you I actually have business to attend to so you enjoy the few ridicule free hours gifted to you." Shiro wasn't a straight A student in high school for nothing. He knew his comment would provoke Ichigo into a violent response and so promptly vanished around the corner before his brother could get his hands on him, all the while cackling like mad.

"Asshole." Ichigo muttered, glaring at the corner his brother had disappeared beyond but a faint smile was on his lips, "You really haven't changed much have you? Grown up a little but still the same." And for that Ichigo was glad, he had dearly missed is brother and it was gratifying to know he hadn't changed.

So with that horrible image pushed into the back of his mind thanks to Shiro's teasing Ichigo was left to wander aimlessly with a peacefully blank mind. An hour later found Ichigo completely and utterly lost; he wasn't even sure what floor he was on, really the place bloody huge!

After staring down the same hall for the past fifteen minutes Ichigo decided to give into his curiosity and decided to find out where those three doors led; there was two on the right and one on the left, the doors all looked the same. The same deep mahogany wood, not hinting at what could be behind them.

Ichigo was by nature a very curious person, though not many people knew that about him because he hid it well but this was way too much for him to just dismiss so with caution Ichigo slowly moved down the hall to the first door on the right. Carefully looking left and right to make sure no one was around Ichigo slowly eased the door open, not all that surprised that it made no sound at all.

Casting another cautious glance down the hall Ichigo turned back and peered into the room. What he saw made his eyes widen and a gasp to escape. Within the room was shelves upon shelves upon shelves of books this was even bigger than the library Ichigo had spent plenty of time in over the days he'd been there.

Ichigo stared in awe at the dark mahogany sleeves not even noticing as his arm itched under the plaster. It was like Ichigo had died and gone to Heaven; if there was one thing Ichigo absolutely loved it was books and this obviously private library had more books than he could ever remember seeing in the same room.

Completely disregarding the moral of privacy Ichigo entered the room, the door silently closing behind him. Turning in a circle Ichigo marvelled and mentally debated where to start looking for something to read - he was lost anyway, he might as well just stay in one spot until he was found and what better place for him than a library?

Pushing awe aside Ichigo moved further into the room and began to peruse the shelves, searching for something interesting to read. About five minutes later found Ichigo gingerly holding a very old and very well taken care off copy of Shakespeare's entire works.

It was a beautiful book and it was also his favourite of all time. With a smile rarely seen Ichigo cast his eyes around the library catching sight of a cosy leather couch hiding behind another bookshelf. Making his way over to the couch Ichigo settled himself comfortably down to read, not to surface for quite a while.

Sosuke Aizen took great pride in his extensive collection of books, from mythical to crime to science to war, he had several books on every genre, there was even a entire bookshelf dedicated to children's books. Sosuke Aizen just love literature.

So it was with quite some surprise that he had been informed of Ichigo's frequent visits to his second library, he liked to refer to it as his public library. It was with even greater amount of surprise to find said orange haired man poking his head into his private library on the top floor of Hogyoku.

Now if one were to recall levels forty eight to fifty were out of bounds to their two guests however Aizen couldn't seem to muster up the irritation he should have felt, well that's a lie, he did feel it it's just that said irritation vanished upon seeing Ichigo's awed expression. So Aizen decided to watch him.

It was another surprise to see him pick up his complete works of Shakespeare, it was not often a book favoured by those of the current generation. Aizen watched how Ichigo handled the book so very gently like it was the most precious treasure in the world.

As Ichigo settled down to read Aizen found himself amused that he was so engrossed in wonder that he didn't realise he wasn't alone. He had walked right by Aizen's chair and didn't even blink, completely oblivious of deep brown eyes watching his every movement and continuing to watch him read.

It was strangely soothing to watch the orange haired man read; the way his eyes moved along the page, engrossed in every word and in some instances he even mouthed the lines, like he had read the book enough times to memorize it. Aizen himself had accomplished that feat and was able to keep up with the story as he watched those enticing lips move soundlessly.

Somewhere during his observations of his guest Aizen idly thought Gin would never let him live this down if he found out about it. Mindless staring was never a pastime Sosuke Aizen indulged in but it appeared that this intriguing man was going to change that.

Before either man knew it a full fifteen minutes ticked by, the clock tolling loudly informing the startled Ichigo and the now more alert Aizen that it was four o'clock. Ichigo who had jumped at the sound looked around frantically for the source, finding the grandfather clock situated next to a previously unnoticed fireplace but that didn't keep his attention for long.

Aizen watched with amusement as Ichigo's eyes widened in utter shock; it seems those beautiful brown eyes had finally noticed him. For a few seconds Ichigo was completely silent accomplishing a great impersonation of a gapping fish before his mouth shut with a snap and a hint of alarm shot through those eyes, now Aizen didn't want that now did he.

"I…I'm sorry I…I didn't realize I…" Ichigo was interrupted by a quiet but deep chuckle as the older man stood from his seated position, amused chocolate brown eyes locking with amber.

"Don't concern yourself Ichigo." Aizen purposely put a subtle emphasis on Ichigo's name and by the sudden flush in his cheeks he hadn't missed it; this made the corner of Aizen's mouth tilt upwards in a small gesture that was neither a smirk nor an honest smile but it was warmer than anything Ichigo had seen from this man before.

"While I am curious as to how you found your way up here, I do not mind sharing my personal library with someone who can appreciate it as I do." The man really was irresistible with that blush darkening and spreading to the tips of his ears and that adorable uncertain shyness reflecting in expressive eyes.

"I really didn't mean to intrude." Ichigo managed to get out without stuttering much to his satisfaction but mortification quickly squashed that feeling out. How had he just waltzed on in here without noticing Sosuke Aizen, the man who was sex on legs, sitting not three metres from him!

"That is quite alright, however," Ichigo looked up sharply at the however, worried he had done something wrong, "Do you realise you are on the fiftieth level of Hogyoku?" Ichigo's expression quickly turned into one of horror.

"I swear I didn't realise I…" Ichigo's frantic explanation was cut off abruptly by the sudden appearance of a slim calloused finger lying lightly against his lips. Ichigo's swore his eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared at the amused eyes that were suddenly far to close for comfort.

"Calm down," Aizen no longer hid the amusement in his tone, Ichigo was just too fun to unnerve, "I do not believe you purposely went snooping around," Ichigo's blush deepened if that were even possible at the word 'snooping' such was his embarrassment at being caught doing just that Ichigo almost missed Aizen's next words.

"I'm sorry what?" Ichigo asked now that the finger had removed itself from his lips.

"I said you are welcome to come here if you so desire, however you must take elevator 5, it will lead you directly to the hall outside, I'll arrange a card for you to allow you access to it." Ichigo couldn't believe what he was hearing, was this man, the man with more money that god and a fearsome reputation to accompany it really allowing him access to his private library.

"Oh and Ichigo," Ichigo startled out of his thoughts not even realising the man had moved away from him and now stood by the door looking over his should with a look that couldn't possibly be deviousness, "In case you were wondering the second door on the right leads to my personal quarters, the first belongs to Gin."

So leaving Ichigo blushing madly to contemplate that piece of information Aizen exited the room, a playful smirk upon his lips. Let him think of that what he will either way Aizen would find out just how curious Ichigo was and how far he would go to satisfy that curiosity.

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