The residences of Privet Drive were all taking advantage of the good weather. Most were either cutting their lawns or washing their cars. There was only one person out hidden under a tree, Harry Potter.

Harry Potter lay under a large tree, in the back garden of number four Privet Drive. He had jet-black hair, which was stuck up at angles and emerald green eyes. Upon his forehead lay a thin scar, like a lightning bolt.

There was something very special about Harry Potter. Something that everyone of Privet Drive thought was something children read in books. Harry Potter was a wizard. Harry Potter lay daydreaming, staring at the foot of a bench. Only recently, someone that was a second father, to Harry, had died by falling through a magical veil.

"Stop thinking about that!" thought Harry angrily.

Harry had been thinking about his Godfather's death all summer. He had to keep telling himself to stop thinking about the death. After the tragic death, Harry had been losing his temper more often than normal. He argued non-stop with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, though almost every time got into a fight with his cousin Dudley.

One night Harry laid awake in bed, this was a normal thing for Harry. He had not dared go to sleep, because every time he did, he would see the death of his Godfather. He lay forcing his eyes to stay open, when a flash of red and gold appeared in his room.

When Harry had focused his eyes from the flash, he found a letter and a single red and gold feather. Harry instantly knew that this was from his headmaster and that the feather was from a Phoenix, Fawkes.

Harry had fallen out with his headmaster. Harry had discovered a prophecy and the truth to his life. Harry had argued with his headmaster, who kept saying things that made it all worse.

Harry opened the letter grudgingly and once he read the words he threw it down angrily and punched the wall next to him. It read:

Dear Harry,
I understand that you are not in the best of moods with me. However, I quite understand your anger and I repeat that I am sorry for Sirius's death. I am going to give you some advice. Do not mourn Sirius's death; it will only make things worse. I know you will get angry for me saying that. Though I hope, you are more cheerful, when I say that I and some other Order members shall pick you up tomorrow. Have your things ready for noon, we will not be late. We have a few issues to deal with before we take you back to the Burrow.

See you soon,
Albus Dumbledore.

After Harry threw the letter and punched the wall, he thought back to the letter. He knew that Dumbledore meant well, he should not mourn Sirius. Harry knew he would not go to sleep, so he got off his bed and circled his room, collecting his possessions and placing them into his trunk.

Harry soon later dropped off to an uneasy sleep. He had the familiar nightmare. He watched Sirius fall, in what seemed slow motion. Then he suddenly awoke to the banging of his bedroom door.

"GET UP BOY. YOU HAVE BREAKFAST TO MAKE!" snapped Uncle Vernon nastily.

Harry breathed heavily; he did not feel much to another argument. He pulled on some fresh clothes and walked downstairs. Harry could hear the usual complaining voice of his Uncle.

"They're always saying someone is out their, who is a threat. Look at that Sisius or who ever he is. Look what he was, he was one of them. Had to be that boy's Godfather. You know Petunia we could hand them Harry and he can give them that murderer," said Vernon eagerly.

"They know Harry wouldn't tell them. Harry is a threat to them. It is because he is Dumbledore's right-hand man. The Ministry cannot place a finger on him," said Petunia slowly.

"If the boy is Dumbledore's right-hand man, does that mean he is as powerful?" asked Vernon curiously.

"Oh no, I don't think so. Harry is just a vital part of their world. He has to be at the right age before they can make him any more powerful," replied Petunia simply.

Harry was shocked to be hearing his Aunt and Uncle talk about the magical world. Harry pushed the kitchen door open and looked at one to the other. They looked back slightly nervous. Uncle Vernon tried to hide it by covering his face behind his newspaper and ordering Harry to work.

"The pan is ready. I don't want any burnt bacon on my sandwich and I want eggs!" snapped Vernon aggressively.

"I never burn it. I am probably a better cook than any one in this household. It's all down to you lot forcing me to cook!" said Harry sourly.

"YOU WILL WORK FOR A ROOM IN THIS HOUSE!" yelled Vernon dangerously, slamming his paper down.


This is exactly what Harry did not want to happen. He really wanted to know what the Dursley's knew about the magical world and Dumbledore. Harry stared dangerously at his Uncle Vernon and then walked to the kitchen, where he began to cook.

Aunt Petunia stared out onto next door's garden whilst washing the pots. Harry cooked some bacon and eggs, his eyes furrowed. Uncle Vernon picked up his newspaper and began to chomp into a bacon sandwich, which Harry had just handed him.

"Yet another mysterious death. Somewhere in Devon, no one knows the cause of death. They say that the person was discovered with an expression of shock," said Uncle Vernon, through a mouthful of egg.

"It's got to be something to do with their world." said Aunt Petunia simply.

"What do you two know about me and Dumbledore?" asked Harry instantly.

Harry watched as both their faces fell. He could see Uncle Vernon's face lose colour rapidly. Aunt Petunia covered her mouth with a towel and stared at Vernon. Uncle Vernon recovered from his shock and answered.

"Only what we need to know," replied Vernon hoarsely.

"Tell me!" said Harry firmly, staring directly at Uncle Vernon.

"All we know is that Dumbledore would die for your life. We know that if you died, then the world would fall under the power of an evil man," said Aunt Petunia hurriedly, then screaming as though she was in pain.

Her face had gone full of surprise. She looked at Vernon apologetically and turned back to her washing. Harry knew all of this; he had heard it in the prophecy. Harry knew he was not going to get anything else out of Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia, so he left the kitchen and retired to his bedroom.

Harry lay on his bed, watching his clock move slowly. He was begging it to hurry up. He wanted to leave this place; he wanted to be with his friends. Once it came to eleven thirty, Harry scanned his room for any forgotten possessions. As he packed the last of his things, he heard a soft knock on the front door.

Harry jumped out of his bed so quickly, he fell to the floor. He grabbed the handle of his trunk and dragged it down the stairs. As he stopped at the bottom step, he watched Uncle Vernon open the door.

Stood there was the elder figure of Albus Dumbledore and at least twenty-five other people, who were obviously Order of the Phoenix members. The Order of the Phoenix was an organisation of Dumbledore's. They fight against the Dark Arts.

"Ah Harry, so glad to see you. I must discuss a few things with you, before we head to the Burrow. If I am allowed to enter that is." said Dumbledore softly, looking to Aunt Petunia's nervous expression to Uncle Vernon's angry one.

Harry was sure he saw a few veins pulse in Uncle Vernon's neck. Then Dumbledore slowly strolled into the hall. Half the Order members followed whilst the rest stayed in their positions. Dumbledore watched the Dursley's and then breathed heavily.

"I take it I am not going to be invited into your household. I shall make myself at home, if that is alright with you?" said Dumbledore calmly.

The Dursley's eyed Dumbledore as though he was a piece of unwanted dirt. Dumbledore smiled and walked into the living room, closely followed by the Order members. As Harry, Dumbledore and the Dursley's entered the living room, the Order members surrounded the house.

"Well Harry, I am here to obviously take you for the rest of the summer. However, I must discuss some things. These things include Sirius." said Dumbledore softly, looking into Harry's eyes.

Harry moved uneasily and then stared down at his feet. Dumbledore sighed silently and then continued with what he was saying.

"After Sirius's death we found a will. It includes yourself and various other people. We must deal with the will before we go anywhere. There are a few other things that shall be needed to discuss, concerning the Ministry," explained Dumbledore calmly.

Harry said nothing. He continued to stare at his feet. Dumbledore opened his mouth to continue, however Uncle Vernon interrupted him.

"This Sirius bloke is dead?" asked Uncle Vernon bitterly.

Dumbledore nodded slowly and turned back to Harry. He looked at him apologetically and once again opened his mouth to speak. However, once again, Uncle Vernon interrupted.

"You know what that means boy? It means you cannot go to him when you disagree with something. It means you can't go to that worth-less murderer for help," said Uncle Vernon nastily.

Harry stood up aggressively and advanced on his Uncle. With one big sweep, Dumbledore had pushed Harry back into his seat and was now stood in front of Uncle Vernon.

Uncle Vernon cowered and curled up against Aunt Petunia. Dumbledore's face was nothing less than rage and danger. There was no twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes, just fury. Harry was sure that any man would cower at the sight of the elder man's face.


Instantly Uncle Vernon's mouth was sealed by a piece of tape. Uncle Vernon pulled at it with all his might, however it did not move. Dumbledore returned to his former seat and calmed at the site of Harry.

"Thank you. You do not understand how many times I have argued with them. I didn't think I would be able to keep it to an argument and not turn it into a fight." said Harry slowly, smiling weakly at Dumbledore.

"Well Harry, we shall start off with Sirius's will. We can get that out of the way. First, Sirius wanted you to have Grimmauld Place; he said that the Order is to use it until the war is over. The house comes with everything inside of it," said Dumbledore slowly.

"I-I d-don't want to g-go back there." stuttered Harry seriously, a lump appearing in his throat.

"I understand how you feel, however, once this war is over you shall be glad to have a place of your own. Secondly, Sirius wanted you to have half of what ever is in the Black Family fortune. The third is for you to take over anything that the Black Family were part of. I shall give you a list of things, all will be of some use to you." explained Dumbledore softly, his twinkle back.

Harry felt his tongue tighten and lock into place. At the sound of Sirius's last wishes, Harry felt like crying. All he could force out of him was a simple nod. Dumbledore gave a weak smile and then continued.

"The Ministry of Magic have realised they were wrong and now there is a new Minister. As of your current situation, you are permitted to use magic out of school. The Ministry have also issued you an Order of Merlin, for your notification of the world of the rise of evil." continued Dumbledore cheerfully, smiling wider.

"Okay, can we go now?" asked Harry hopefully, getting out of his seat.

"Yes we may. Grab my left arm and we shall go to the Burrow. Tonks will get your luggage," replied Dumbledore happily, sticking his left arm out.

Harry gripped tightly and waited for something to happen. Instantly Harry felt a squirmy feeling around his body. He began to spin and images zoomed in and out of sight.

Once Harry felt as though he was going to pass out, he felt solid ground beneath his feet. Once his eyes came into focus, he saw a familiar kitchen. The kitchen of the Burrow.

Harry could just see various people appearing out of thin air, including Tonks with his luggage. Then instantly a squeal sounded and a mass of brown hair covered his face.

Harry felt a tight hug from a teenage girl. Once Harry pulled away, he found one of his best friends looking back at him. However, this girl had changed a lot. There was no bushy brown hair like normal, but a more controlled set of curls.

A pair of hazel eyes were staring at him, glassy eyed. Harry looked over Hermione Granger and noticed she had changed an awful lot. Her dress sense had changed to fashionable clothing and a very slight bit of make-up was on her face. There was not a lot at all, though it made her look good.

Harry's mouth dropped at the site of her. She blushed slightly and eyed him herself. She agreed to herself that Harry had also changed, from a boy to a young man.

How was it, It took me forever to write