Linden likes it when Max wears dresses. Not that she doesn't look stunning in her usual attire, mind you. Of course, Linden thinks she looks good in everything, because that's what good boyfriends do, right?

And yet every time he wants to take her out and says, "You should probably dress up a little", she always manages to render him speechless when she stumbles into the living room, tripping over small heels and almost tearing her dress on the door handle.

And she only ever wears dresses for him.

At least, she never complains when she's dressed up for him.

When it's the Force she never hesitates to say, "Is this really necessary?" and "Honestly, it's only going to be covered in some sort of food in the end," or "I can't fit anything in that pathetic handbag! And how am I meant to run in those shoes? What are they? What are you trying to do? Torture me?"

But for him, after she's fallen through the doorway and narrowly avoided any sharp objects, she doesn't say a word. She just smiles hesitantly at him, her eyes downcast.

"You look great," he says, after collecting his jaw off the floor and smiling at her.

And she does look fantastic, even if she doesn't believe it.

But for Linden, the best thing about it is that she's dressing for him. That she likes him enough to wear a dress and heels.

Because then...she must like him almost as much he likes her, right?