Spartacus vengeance- Cruel Fate.

Pairing: agron/nasir.

Summary: Agron finds out something very surprising about Nasir in the most unexpected way and has to decide severel important decisions.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of Spartacus. I only use them for fun =]

Notes: if you're a little confuse in this chapter- don't worry it would all clear out in the next one.
rating: pg.

Chapter 1:

"Spartacus! There is movement upon the path" someone called.

Spartacus got up and said "take position".

Everyone were on watch with their swords ready for any attack the Romans dared to lay upon them.

Only a single man approached the nervous group and everyone concentrated very hard on the fool's face.

"Ashur!" crixus snarled once he recognized the vial man. Everything that he dared doing to Naevia got back to him- and in his rage he turned to Ashur, wanting vengeance for his cruelty and participation in his beloved's cruel fate.

'Ashur?' Nasir echoed in his thoughts. 'that is not possible.'

Spartacus laid a hand upon Crixus to prevent his thoughts from forging to actions.

"I come baring a message from Glaber" Ashur rushed saying in effort of buying himself a few more minutes of life.

The soldiers pointes their swords on him while Spartacus said in a mocking tone: "speak it".

'it's him..' Nasir thought. He was shocked. 'wait, Glaber? How is Ashur connected to him?'

"he has gone weary of this conflict, he would to return home and see his child born in Rome." Ashur said trying to get Spartacus to listen to him, to have peace and most of all to see what a grave mistake it would be to kill him for he has proved himself as useful and he could yet help Spartacus and his… men to end it all – with their life still as their possessions.

Oenomaus laughed to himself.
'what has he done to gain Glaber's hatred for he sent him here to die..'

"a thing of no interest" Spartacus said with a smile and his people replied with mocking sounds towards Ashur.

"perhaps the life of your people hold more" said Ashur as he advanced two steps to Spartacus.

"he offers terms of surrender" Ashur shouted for everyone to hear.

'surrender?' Nasir thought. His mind was still in shock of his reuniom with his..'it couldn't be, could it?'
"lay down your arms, you'd be allowed to live." Ashur added with a confident tone. Who would refuse such generous offer?

Everyone looked like they consider his words and Spartacus didn't waste a second longer and asked: "as slaves? Beneath the heel of the republic? "

'no. Ashur wouldn't have done it. He would never condemn someone to live in slavery.' Nasir thought. This was the one thing he was sure of. Ashur despised people who tried to do such a thing to others. He couldn't stand the sight of such people'

"Yes as slaves. Yet you'd have your lives! Refuse and Glaber has sworn that torturous death upon the for all that survived the taken of the mountain" Ashur answered. 'when would they understand that they cannot win? When would they stop with all this shit of slaves?' he askes himself while glaring at Spartacus with a disbelieving look.

'it can't be. Ashur isn't this kind of person. Dear gods, what as happened to him?'

Everyone looked at each other with a look that begs the question: should we agree? Is living as slaves better than die as free man?

"and what of Spartacus' life?" Oenomaus asked.

Nasir looked at Ashur expectedly, waiting to hear something that would make the entire thing to more understandable but Ashur's next words took all kind of hope to that with them.

Ashur looked at Spartacus. "the cost of the bargain" he replied coolly.

Spartacus looked at him, he seemed like a man who gracefully excepted his unfortunate fate.

"I for one do not wish to die this day" Donar said.

Agron snarled. It kind of grounded Nasir. His lover's presence always had this kind of influence on him.

Ashur looked at the man who spoke and smiled to himself. 'a clever one' he thought, yet his gloat did not last long as Donar continued his words.

"yet if it's to be fucking so, I shall do it as a free man!"

'thank the gods' Nasir thought. He grabbed Agron's hand to calm him as well.

"yes" everyone cheered. They will not be cowards, they will not submit themselves for Rome's will and they shall fight until their very last breath for this cause. This is an oath that all of them did with themselves in this very crucial moment.

"fuck the romans!" a woman shouted.
"no surrender!" another man cried out.
"Syrian cunt!" another shout.

At this very moment Ashur knew he was doomed. He was to die on the fucking hill by one of Spartacus' men or Spartacus himself. This were his very last moments within the living world. 'fuck the gods' he cursed in his mind not daring to say another word out loud fearing it would only hasten his death.

Nasir, who watched him very carefully saw the understanding dawning upon his expression and he couldn't stand it. He looked away.
Agron felt his sorrow and looked at him with a raised eyebrow, his eyes shouting concern.
Nasir wanted to tell him that everything is wrong. That he doesn't know what to do with what he found out, that he desperately needs help but that wasn't the time to tell him his life story so he tried his very best to give him a careless look, which of course didn't fool Agron for one moment but he looked at him with an expression that says- talk about it latter- so Nasir was saved. For now…

Everyone laughed at Ashur. 'fuck you all' he supplied to himself, he couldn't tolerate people laughing at him, it's something he never lack of in his former ludus,unfortunately for him.

Spartacus looked at his people feeling proud. They resisted to Glaber's poor attempt at dividing them. "you have your answer" he told Ashur.

Ashur, knowing he has nothing left to do, nobody to persuade, smiled bitterly and said:
"very well, I shall deliver it to waiting ears."

He looked at Naevia and turned to go. 'maybe they'll let me go unharmed. Maybe they don't intend to kill me after all. Maybe…'

His thoughts and hopes died, as he shall soon be, with Crixus' words:
"I will not have us part so quickly!"

Ashur turned arouned and tried to sound as arrogant as possible, saying "Glaber awaits, I must return with a reply."

'please let him go' Nasir begged Crixus in his mind. In this moment there was nothing else he wished for any stronger, yet the gods as proven themselves useless once more ans pissed on him when he saw that Crixus doesn't intend to let Ashur go. 'no…'

Crixus shot Ashur a murderous look, pointed his sword towards him and growled:
"your head would serve equal purpose."

Nasir's heart missed a beat.

Ashur tried his last option. "Spartacus?"

Spartacus looked at him, he seemed amused. "I find no fault with his reasoning."

Everyone laughed. Again. 'what is their problem?' Ashur thought.

He laughed a disrespectful laugh and said:
"the mighty Crixus, forever in toning of the honor of the gladiator. Where stand such now with cutting down a defenseless man?"

"give him a sword" Crixus ordered and Spartacus threw one at him.

'not helping' Ashur thought.

'he doesn't stand a chance against Crixus.. he'll die.' He looked at Agron with a wounded expression upon his face. Agron was confused, what could make nasir look so broken?

"you once dreamt of honor upon the sand, make this your final arena." Crixus said to Ashur.

"you stand as champion but I gravely wounded" Ashur said pointing on his bandaged arm. "there is no honor in such context."

"to shit with honor!" Crixus yelled and was about to punch Ashur when he heard someone shouting:

Agron didn't understand. Why would Nasir defend this cunt?

Ashur noticed Nasir for the first time since he got to this cursed hill and he couldn't believe to his sight. Surely it was some sick joke or trick that the gods were playing on him? It sure won't be the first time. Except that as the time passed and he looked at The boy who spoke for him he realized he isn't being deceived. It's him. After all this time this is where he finds him? With Spartacus? He sure do hopes that the gods are having a good laugh at him, for he found the person he looked for most of his life moments before he was to sent to the afterlife?

"Nasir?" the name was strange to his tongue after not using it for so long but he had to ask, had to get a confirmation for what his heart already had known.

"you know him?" Agron asked Nasir, getting more and more confused by the moment.

He never expected Nadir's answer.

"he's my brother." Nasir said, lowering his gaze.

End chapter's notes: this is the first fanfic I ever wrote in my life. I'm quite satisfied with what came out and can't wait to improve my writing abilities.

The idea for this story came to me when I heard a theory saying that Nasir and Ashur could be brothers.

Thank you for reading it- hope you like it.

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