Chapter 10:

Notes: Warning: There is some torture going on, it's not so brutally described but it's there.
You have been warned.

After spending long moments trying to think of a plan to escape the Romans, Agron couldn't prevent himself from falling asleep any longer.

It was a peaceful sleep, considering the last days' events.

Agron knew he was dreaming. He was in the arena once more, except there was no crowd. No people shouting out for blood and glorious death.

There was someone in the far end of the arena, he walked towards Agron. Something about him looked so familiar.

"Duro?" Agron asked. Disbelief coloring his words. He kept reminding himself it was all just a dream.

"Brother." Duro called, smiling. Once he was close enough to Agron he wrapped his hands around him in a warm embrace.

Agron couldn't move. He was in shock. Even knowing it was all a dream didn't change anything. That was his brother. His dead brother. He couldn't help but smile as he asked "I missed you. It was I who should have died in that day."

Duro looked at Agron with amusement in his eyes. "I told you it was my turn to save you."

Agron shook his head violently "No. I'm supposed to take care after you, not you after me. I'm the older brother, not you."

"What is done is done. Stop torturing yourself you stupid fuck" Dure teased.

"You are worst than I remembered. I missed it" Agrom said softly.

Duro laughed at him, and hugged him once more "I am happy for you Agron. You found your reason to live, didn't you?"

Agron knew what Duro was referring to and he answered immediately "He's my everything, Duro. I won't survive without him and I'm losing him."


"Don't you already know? We are captives by the Romans and eventually we would be put to death. I don't know how to escape. I don't think it's possible."

Duro looked disappointed and asked angrily "You forgot something important, brother."

Agron tried to understand what Duro was talking about, but he just couldn't. "What am I forgetting?" he asked, confused.

"Your friends. Spartacus. They'll come for you!" Duro explained slowly, like one would talk to a child.

"They will not come, they think us dead."

"You really are a stupid fuck! They will come!" Duro shouted, starting to get angry by Agron's lack of faith in his rebels friends.

"If you say so…" Agron said, not believing a single word.

"You will see I'm right."

Agron didn't have it in himself to tell Duro he was wrong again. Even though it was all a dream, he still couldn't take the thought that his brother is angry with him.

"Nasir, is what he's being called?" Duro waited for an affirmation from Agron and then continued, "He looks good. Loyal, too. I like him brother. You chose well."

Agron smiled to his brother and said, "I was lucky that he returned my feelings. I don't know what he saw in me but I'm glad it made him believe I'm worth it. Worth him."

"You love him" It wasn't a question.

"I do. And he loves me back. He has doubts sometimes, but we are working on it."

"Doubts?" Duro questioned.

"He does not feel worthy of love. His past makes him feel like he's lower than the rest of the people. "

"If anyone can make him see how wrong he is, it's you." Duro said confidently.

"I will. I love him too much to let him think such thoughts. He will see reason."

"As shall you, when you're rescued, and I'll be there in my heart calling you in names that will never be close enough to how stupid you are."

"As always, brother." Agron grinned.

"As always." Duro said and then disappeared.

Nasir watched his lover sleeping. He couldn't stop to admire him. He was so beautiful, even in his sleep. He seemed so in peace and Nasir envied him for this. He himself couldn't find comfort in sleep for so long. All he had waiting for him, every single time he closed his eyes, were nightmares.

Two of those nightmares have come true: being captive by the Romans and losing Ashur.

Everything happened so fast. He didn't even have time to mourn his brother and he was already facing torture by the hands of the Romans.

And now, Nasir's greatest nightmare, the one he can barely admit to himself excites, may come true in any moment. He might lose Agron in a blink of the eye and he won't be able to do anything to stop it. All he could do is watch. That thought made him terrified.

Nasir tried to think about what he'd do without Agron and the very thought sickened him. He realized that without Agron he really didn't have any reason left to keep fighting. He needed Agron like he needed air to breathe and in order to keep him he had to find a way to escape. But how?

The answer to his unvoiced question came as he heard shouting and fighting from the outside. Spartacus. It had to be him.

Nasir kicked Agron lightly, trying to wake him from his sleep. After a few moments he succeeded.

"What?" Agron asked, still half asleep.

Nasir indicated outside of their cell, smiling, and said happily "Spartacus."

It took Agron a moment to digest that information, and once he realized he couldn't stop a grin from spreading upon his face. Duro must have been laughing at him wherever he was, calling him stupid fuck and all kinds of other creative words to show how stupid Agron acted.

The fight between the rebels and the Romans seemed to have last forever but eventually there was silence and then cheering.

Agron and Nasir strained their hearing, trying to pick up any clue as to who was victorious, but they didn't have to guess for long since not long after the penetrating silence, their cell opened and in there stood Crixus.

Agron never thought he'd ever be so happy to see him in his entire life.

"Crixus!" Nasir called, relieved.

Crixus wasted no time and started releasing them from their bondages immediately. After a few minutes they were free.

"Gratitudes" Agron said honestly.

When the left the cell they were soon joined by their rebel friends and everyone seemed very surprised seeing them.

"You yet live" Spartacus said in amazement.

"We do" Agron replied and shook his hands. "Did you kill them all?"

Nasir knew exactly what Agron was thinking about. Verro. They still had some unfinished business to settle.

"Those who are not dead are mortally wounded" Spartacus assured him.

Agron started checking around the bodies, loking for the bastard who dared laying a hand on his Nasir, and soon he found him, choking from his own blood.

"Please, show mercy" the fucker begged for his life. Agron couldn't help it. He laughed.

Nasir knew that laugh. Verro may have been dying but he would not have a peaceful death, that is for sure.

"I need a sword!" Agron shouted and to his surprise, it was Crixus who gave it to him.

Agron dragged Verro to the very cell that he and Nasir were in just moments ago, not caring for his wounds, like he did not care for Nasir's wounds.

Agron started by punching him, careful to hit the wound he had in his stomach every time.

When his knuckles started hurting he grabbed the whip that was laying there, the one that was probably used on Nasir and he started hitting him with it, not caring where it landed as soon as it hurt flash. He was mad with rage and lost track of time. In those moments all that existed was him, his uncontrollable rage and the person who hurt what was his. His screams for help were music to Agron's ears. He kept hitting long after Verro's useless pleading stopped.

After a while, Agron felt hands touching him, a familiar voice calling his name.

He turned around and saw Nasir.

"I believe the man is dead" Nasir said, and those words made Agron smile. Those words were the exact words Donar told him, only weeks after they escaped the ludus, when he beat a Roman soldier long after his death in his blind rage. He laughed then as well, but he didn't stop. Now, he did stop. He stopped because Nasir asked him to stop and that was enough for him.

"I told him that if he would hurt you, I will kill him. He should have listened." Agron said coldly.

Nasir smiled softly. He loved that Agron was so protective of him. "He should have."

Something changed in Agron's eyes as he turned to look at Nasir, "I don't know what I would have done if something happened to you" he said as he held his lover desperately, his strong hold forming bruised on Nasir's body.

"You don't have to be without me. I will never leave you, I promise." And then Nasir kissed him and all that Agron knew was Nasir. His taste, his heat, his body. That was all he had been anle to think about and in those few moments it felt like that they were all that existed in the world and nothing more. There were no Romans, no rebellion, no death. Just Agron and his Nasir, who was his heart and soul.

"I love you." Agron said as they broke the kiss, the need for air finally conquering their hunger to each other.

"And I love you." Nasir said simply, like it was a fact, something written in a stone that nothing, not even the gods themselves could change.

"When this is all over, I'm taking you to my home" Agron promised. Imagining Nasir and him in Germany, living in a small house together, growing old together.

"I would love that." Nasir said, not a shred of uncertainty in his voice. Not even the slightest doubt that they won't make it or die.

Agron smiled and together, holding on to each other they left the cell. It might be the hardest thing Agron would do in his life, but he'd find a way to defeat the Romans and keep his promise to Nasir, because he knew with every fiber in his body and mind, Nasir was his fate, and fate conquers all.

The End …?

Notes: if there is any requests i might make a sequel :D