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Chapter 16 - We're on Your Property

Saint Jimmy was the first out of the car. "Right, come on!" Every one of them thought about telling Saint Jimmy to shut the hell up, but none of them did, instead they all followed his lead, then went round the back of the car to retrieve extra weapons. "Don't load yourselves down too much." Fun Ghoul said, looking to Kobra Kid in particular. "Our aim is to not get caught in the first place. We're here to get Poison, not to take down the place." Kobra Kid shrugged, not looking at Fun Ghoul, still rummaging through the trunk. "Doesn't mean we can't take the place down at the same time." Fun Ghoul grabbed him by the shoulder, turning him around, turning him away from the trunk. "Poison is our priority. Revenge can come later." A small hesitation, then Kobra Kid nodded, and Fun Ghoul tried to give him a reassuring smile, though, considering his own anxiety, he couldn't manage much.

Rave watched Saint Jimmy, who was standing a little way away from the car. He'd checked his gun (black, with a white lightening bolt going down it), which was surprisingly sensible of him. Then he'd checked the rest of the contents of his pockets, being careful about it. Rave knew why, she knew what he didn't want the Killjoys to see. She looked away just in time. "C'mon!" Saint Jimmy said, looking up at the others. "The fucks taking you all so long?" He was grinning, knowing exactly what he was doing. Though the Killjoys glared at him, none of them said a word. They were learning it was better to ignore Saint Jimmy with things like that. "Where are we heading,

Saint?" Fun Ghoul asked instead, as he finally slammed the trunk down. They had what they thought they needed, if they'd left something behind… They'd just have to be smart instead. Saint Jimmy smiled, "Follow me."

Saint Jimmy led them about halfway to the main entrance, then, abruptly, he took a sharp right and headed down the side of the building, keeping close to the wall so as unlikely to be spotted. The building was a lot less square than the front would lead you to believe, many parts of it jutted out or caved back in. Accommodating all the things BL/Ind contained. It was tall too. That much power needed all that room. Saint Jimmy stopped at one of the random indents in the building. He stood for a while, looking over it, carefully, running his hand along the surface of the wall. Just as Fun Ghoul was going to ask what he was doing, Saint Jimmy proclaimed, "Uh huh. This is it." Then his fingers found and dug into an almost impossible to see split in the wall. He tugged on it, then, as it came away slightly, moved one hand to the top, tugging on that too, until, finally, an entire rectangle opened up into an almost full sized door (just a little short). Saint Jimmy turned around, beaming, obviously pleased with himself. "What did I fucking tell you?" The Killjoys frowned, and Jet Star voiced their concerns, "How come we never knew about this?" Saint Jimmy shrugged, "Guess you're not as fucking smart as I am." Then, "Alright, c'mon. Can't stand here all day admiring my brilliance." Then he headed through the door, Jet Star followed next, then Kobra Kid (who was muttering something about 'kill him when this is over'). Fun Ghoul went to follow the rest of them, but then he noticed Rave had gone perfectly still, looking up at the building. The BL/Ind logo was high up the wall, and huge, for people to see miles around. "Rave." Fun Ghoul said, gently, placing a hand on her arm. She jumped slightly at his touch, but didn't look away from the logo. "I'm scared, Ghoul." She admitted. It was the first time she'd let the thought enter her mind, and she knew it was the worst time to do it. But suddenly, all the memories of the last time she'd been here had come flooding back. "The last time I was even close to this place… I was outside, out of sight and I… The last time I was here I… I saw Poison… I saw him die, I saw you all die… I… I can't-""Rave!" Fun Ghoul snapped, both hands on either side of her face now, forcing her to look away from the wall, forcing her to look at him. "We didn't die. I am not dead, I am right here, in front of you. Kid is not dead, Jet is not dead, and Poison is. Not. Dead! We're alive, we survived that day, just like we survive every day. Just like we'll survive today. Now… If you tell me you can't do this. That you can't go inside, that's fine, I'll understand." Rave shook her head. "No. I won't let him down like that." Then, with something trying to be a confident smile. "Killjoys never die, right?"

"Exactly." Fun Ghoul agreed, taking her hand and then leading her to catch up with the others.

They hadn't got far.

Though they'd all had to duck in order to get through the doorway, the passage Saint Jimmy led them down was almost immediately tall enough for all of them. Eventually they got to another door, more obviously a door on this side, but once Saint Jimmy opened it, leading them all out, then closing it behind them, they all saw it blended as well into the wall as the one outside had. They'd found themselves halfway down one of the many off-corridors. They were inside BL/Ind now. No turning back.

The Killjoys paused for a second, trying to get their bearings, where they were in this hated place. Saint Jimmy saw their hesitation, and told them, a little too loudly for their liking, "We're on the level known as -1, which, as you know, is nowhere near the lowest level. We're roughly… Six corridors down from the main elevator and two down from the primary Scarecrow holding. Questions?"

"Yeah." Kobra Kid said, scowling. "Why do you have such a loud fucking mouth?" Saint Jimmy grinned, "Well… If you can think of a better use for-""Saint." Fun Ghoul interrupted. "You said you had a better plan for finding Poison, a quicker one, now might be the time to share it." Saint Jimmy winked, "Ah… Watch and learn." He said, then heading further down the corridor, until it met up with the main one, the others followed. Saint Jimmy paused, looking down both ways of the corridor. Then, apparently having seen something, he smiled. "You all wait here. This won't take long." Then he stepped out, walked a little way down, with a proclamation of "Gentlemen!" Fun Ghoul edged as close to the end of the wall as he dared, looked around, and saw two Dracs standing in front of Saint Jimmy. Oh God, what the hell was he doing? Fun Ghoul slipped back, turning to the others. "Dracs." He whispered. Everyone's eyes went wide, but just as they went to say something, Fun Ghoul put his finger to his lips. For now, they had to trust Saint Jimmy. Fun Ghoul's eyes strayed to the posters on the wall opposite. Posters they were so used to seeing, that he'd even collected as a joke for a while. Each of their faces, big, red crosses through them and the words 'exterminate'. Only, he noticed, there currently was a space between every three in the sequence. Fun Ghoul didn't need to look any longer to know what was missing. All the posters of Party Poison had been taken down. A horrible feeling in the pit of Fun Ghoul's stomach. They were just being cocky, now they had Party Poison in the building, that's why the posters were down. No other reason.

Saint Jimmy was just getting started. "I'm looking for someone in particular. Name's Way. Gerard Way." A confused silence from the two Dracs, and a shocked silence from the rest of the Killjoys. Fun Ghoul winced, why had Saint Jimmy said that? He looked back just as Kobra Kid turned an accusing glare to Rave, before either could say a word, Fun Ghoul cut in, "She didn't tell him, Kid." That glare turned on Fun Ghoul now, "What the fuck, Ghoul?" Fun Ghoul rolled his eyes, trying to hide his indignation at being accused. "And neither did I." He continued. "Look, I'm not explaining this now." Or ever, Fun Ghoul added, mentally. It wouldn't matter how many times they asked him, Fun Ghoul was not going to tell them. Deciding it was best, he encouraged them further back down the corridor, just in case something else Saint Jimmy said caused an outburst. Meanwhile, Saint Jimmy continued, apparently completely unperturbed by the silence, "Y'know, leader of the Killjoys? Calls himself Party Poison. Got bright red hair, can't miss him." The Dracs turned to each other, if emotion could've been played out on the rubber faces, there'd be a sceptical look, as it was, they looked the same as they ever did. Still, Saint Jimmy got the idea. "Oh, I'm sorry, of course!" Then he dug into his front jeans pocket, pulling out a smallish, black wallet and producing a laminated piece of card. It was a (very) well faked BL/Ind ID card, a high ranking one at that. Saint Jimmy had had it since the second time he'd snuck into Better Living, after the first time he nearly found himself in a very difficult situation. He'd never had to use the ID until now though, something Saint Jimmy was quite proud of. The Dracs inspected it, then, handing it back, both appeared to stand up a little straighter. Well, that'd worked, hadn't it? "We didn't recognise you, Sir." One of them said. Saint Jimmy shrugged. "Been on a long haul mission." He replied, confident as ever. "But, well, y'know… Soon as I heard who we had, needed to see if it was true." The reply from the same Drac was equally as confident. "Surely you've seen the broadcasts?" That gave Saint Jimmy a second to pause. Broadcasts… Oh. That was good, even for Better Living, that was good. "Of course." He said, quickly recovering. "But, well. Nothing like seeing it yourself, is there?" A small stretch to the masks, they were smiling, they agreed. "You want Information and Transmissions."

"Naturally." Saint Jimmy replied, "But, c'mon guys, give me a break. I just told you, I've just got back from a long ass mission. Gonna need a bit of a pointer here." Saint Jimmy knew a lot of the ins and outs of the Better Living building, but only ever what he'd needed to know, the rest of the building he'd never bothered about. He had his way in, he had his route to what he needed, and he had five different ways back out. None of which had ever touched a place called 'Information and Transmissions'. He was simply told, "Level 2."

"Level 2. Yes! Of course! I'm so forgetful, thanks guys, you've been a big help." Saint Jimmy turned, about to head back down the other way. Then he paused, turned back to the two Dracs. "Oh! Damn. I said I was forgetful." Then he pulled out his gun and shot both Drac's, one after the other, killing both.

As soon as Fun Ghoul heard the shots, he dashed out into the main corridor, pausing only to signal to the others to stay where they were. He soon saw Saint Jimmy, casually replacing his gun, and he saw the two dead Dracs. His eyes wide, he stared at Saint Jimmy. "Are you fucking crazy?" Fun Ghoul demanded. Saint Jimmy just shrugged. "Got rid of a couple more of the enemy didn't I?" He really couldn't see the problem. "Anyway." Saint Jimmy continued. "They more than likely would've reported back, they'd figure out I wasn't really part of the company, and then they'd know you were here, they'd know why and-"

"Yeah, yeah, Saint. I've heard the speech before." Fun Ghoul cut in, not caring to listen to it again. "They would've raised the alarm." Saint Jimmy repeated. "You don't think this might raise an alarm?" Fun Ghoul demanded, pointing at the dead agents. Saint Jimmy rolled his eyes, is if he thought Fun Ghoul was over reacting. "Do you want to know where they're keeping Cherry Top or not?" He asked. When he received a tense silence from Fun Ghoul, he took that as a yes. None of the Killjoys had heard that part of the conversation. "Well. The good news is, he's easy to find." Saint Jimmy began. "He's on the second floor,"

"What?" Fun Ghoul interrupted, he hadn't been expecting to hear that. There was a lot of places he'd considered Party Poison might be, but not there, "Isn't that-"

"Information and Transmissions." Saint Jimmy continued, cutting off Fun Ghoul in the process. "The bad news is… He's on display. Like a prize kill. Only he's still alive." Fun Ghoul's stomach turned. "On display? What the-?""They have the leader of the fucking Killjoys!" Saint Jimmy snapped, annoyed that this was taking so long to get through. "He's their ultimate fucking prize, the ultimate rebel. They are using him as an example, a fucking extreme example. Showing everyone what happens if you do not fucking conform. They will be using their worst kinds of torture, their strongest damn drugs, all on him. Test subject and warning all in one." Fun Ghoul listened, taking this all in, feeling sicker and sicker the more Saint Jimmy went on. "Now." Saint Jimmy finally concluded. "Do you want to keep fucking arguing with me, or do you want to go and save him?"

Not a seconds hesitation. "I'll get the others."