A.N.: I learned about sonnets at school, so I decided to try my hand at one. What you need to imagine is your favorite couple (it doesn't matter) sitting in the diner together. Tell me if it's good!

I sit there and take a careful glance there,

Where he sits innocently by my side,

I try to move to be closer to him,

As I try to get over my dumb pride.

He glances to the guy behind the bar,

And mouths words he doesn't dare to speak,

I wonder vaguely as we; the young; spar,

What on earth he's been hiding all this week.

As I sit by his side I wonder why,

Can't we have feelings together today,

When he has to go I wish I could cry,

I can only hope I soon get my way.

What are you hiding from me; my dear friend,

Please; I hope soon; it will come to an end.